Hip Hop


blame it on Shake June 4, 2010

Arworkt: Black-Marmalade. Click to enlarge.

As promised.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

CATCH UP: TiRon – Ketchup (Mixtape)

  • Solroc21


  • Joker

    been waiting for a minute this is bound to be dope

  • jacob.

    finally!!! :]

  • DannyRodrigueZ


  • Yes!!! Str8 to track 8!


  • drm


  • Paul P

    only reason im online

  • Mr Sol91

    A day late but still a bday present

  • I wonder if LIL WAYNE has beat his dick yet since hes been in prison? Just curious…Also I wonder what the other inmates be thinking when they showering next to him…would be interesting don’t you think?

  • plex_simplicity

    thanks shake :D

  • Burnie Goetz

    Finally. What the fuck is up with TiRon not dropping this shit himself though?

  • drm

    Courtney Lasen so what does lil wayne have to do with mstrd? ill wait.

  • when i execrated it it says track 10 is corrupt anybody else got this problem?

  • “Finally. What the fuck is up with TiRon not dropping this shit himself though?”

    he sent to me to post.

  • Joker

    track 10 is corrupt, FUCK!

  • link works perfectly fine for me. ill re-zip and re-up just incase.

  • Burnie Goetz

    @shake That’s good. I know he said it was gonna be on thecafeterialine first and he was ambiguously whining about not being able to post it yesterday on twitter. NMC premiere?

  • doodler


  • @Carter, yea track ten is corrupted. And 8 & 9 are out of order, but I’m not one to complain. Just glad to be bumpin’ this right now. Summer… has finally arrived.

  • DannyRodrigueZ

    track 10 is corrupt for me too.

  • yea @ Carter. I was gonna see if anybody else had that same problem.

  • Cameron

    Anybody having trouble un-archiving this on a Mac? The file immediately came up as a quicktime document and now it wont open.

  • mR

    good look, shake.

  • YoGabbaGabba

    it’s about fucking time. sheesh.

  • JD

    #10 said it was corrupted when i extracted it but it works just fine

  • Strange Famous


  • Track 10 is corrupt

  • Snagz

    All the tracks work for me.

  • bf

    Oh my shit!

    Just made my lunch that much better!

  • well can somebody upload track 10?

  • track 10 isn’t extracting for me too

  • Felipe C.

    track 10 is corrupt for me too, could somebody upload it?

  • OrNaw



    I think I found your problem.

  • illkid

    re-up track 10 shake!

  • i hate to be a complainer… but track #10 is corrupt

  • track 10 https://www.yousendit.com/download/YWhQV295d0lOQnhjR0E9PQ i know some of ya’ll were sayin it wasn’t workin. let me know if that works for you.

  • bfp501

    Finally what I’ve waited for

  • Felipe C.

    thank you very very much

  • ron

    shake has a gay lip ring

  • Joker

    thanks to the guys who posted take a bow

  • jacobm15


  • Snagz

    @Cameron I have a Mac and I don’t know what you’re talking about. I downloaded it and everything is perfectly fine.

  • time to bump this all day throughout the shop.

  • Blackfoot

    FUCKING FINALLY! AH! I’ve been waiting for months! TiRon is 2DOPE! I love this New West Movement! Blu, PacDiv, Tiron! DAMN!

  • reeflex

    MSTRD is not a mixtape.

  • ron

    rapping over paul mccartney…….lost points…disrespectful

  • good looks for tiron, his manager mario, the Cafeteria Line and Shake the Hand. support good music. yeaaaah

  • illkid

    daniel lee…got it! peace.

  • LEX

    I didn’t realize this was gonna be a free release. Good looks!

  • AJA


  • 501DON

    Finally, been waitin on this for a min.

  • Mac Mic

    first track I ever listened to by dude is “60901” and that shit was bangin. gotta Ketchup so I can MSTRD these bitches!!

  • Pooch


  • This better be good
    Shake and Meka been suckin this nigga dick for the longest

  • BAunique

    Dammit!I’m not at home to dl this !!

  • gram


  • dj

    wassup wit track 10? apparently there’s some time of error on it. all the other tracks are fine

  • FINALLY! Been looking forward to this for a minute!

  • notnathan

    bout time!

  • max

    says take a bow is corrupted…another link maybe??

  • max

    okay got it. take a bow makes it soo complete now. fucking dope ass music

  • YoGabbaGabba

    does anybody know sample on track 5?

  • my bad yall i meant to put up the link to track 10 but i see its already been accomplished lol dope shxt tho

  • TheREALSlim64

    good shit

  • I Nick All Week

    He kinda sounds like Kanye

  • Dexter

    shit is okay. stuff i already heard minus blu and asher which was only reason for me to DL. not as dope as it was built up to be. >>>>goes back to spreadsheets and cubicle. >>>>

  • Dexter

    shit is okay. stuff i already heard minus blu and asher which was only reason for me to DL. not as dope as it was built up to be. goes back to spreadsheets and cubicle.

  • chris_martian


  • vlado

    dope tape…

  • sik

    this is nice too short but i can deal is it just me or does this guy sound like yeezy bak in 02

  • this material is kinda boring.

  • Els

    The Richers>

  • Leah

    I’m so happy to see this right now

  • Yes, He sounds exactly like College Dropout Kanye…I mean exactly. tone and everything. Tracks that are worth listening to include “Go Ronnie Go” “Cigarrette” “Down” and of course “The Richers” and “Take A bow” He makes smooth laid back music

  • J

    Finally, something that gives this day some promise.

  • YESSS!!!


    I don’t mind him sounding like a young Kanye too much cause Ye fucked up himself.. that Power BS aint cuttin it IMO

  • Co$$

    peace to Tiron, had us waiting forevvvva, but it was worth it…respect.

  • ^^^ Co$$ need to drop an album ASAP… waitin son!

  • Good shit

  • j.

    where’s she?


    THOUGHTS? Whats everyone saying? I think its solid. Im not sure it lives up to ‘the most anticipated project of the year’ but whatever. I liked it.

  • gambit

    Finally, been waiting for this all week.

  • s1oop

    VLC worked track 10 fine, broke bitches

  • Dexter

    Yea I gave it a solid once through during break and it definitely ain’t living up to the hype. bumped U-N-I for the ear freshening after.

  • That The Richers song is dope

  • overrated trash, i fucks with his old shit but im not really feelin this at all, seems like he tried too hard with this one

  • Benny F

    Woooooh! Been waiting for this ish!

  • iKill

    ketchup >> mstrd


  • Chipz

    lol at not liking this and then in the same breath mentioning the lyrically handicapped UNI..props to Tiron, even if you dont like it, dont dare compare it to some shit that is beyond the realm of wackness, lol….

  • I’mGayForJ.Cole

    i heard one of the tracks dont work, somebody up it right quick.

  • bigswoosh

    Thanks for the MSTRD drop. Can someone post a link for KETCHUP? I missed out on that one…Thanks in advance.

  • Did Paul McCartney really produce the track “Down”?????

  • jjones
  • tunji

    this shit is awesome. TiRon should be proud.

  • Does TiRON have any other projects besides Ketchup and Mustard?

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    MEH……..ITS OKAY but not as good as y’all were hypeing dude up to be…6/10

  • illMattic

    He has another mixtape called Handshakes and Pounds you can get the link off his myspace page.

  • TIRON is that dude! Congrats to the whole Cafeteria Line!

    Bumping this good music in Japan as I type!

  • D. $cience

    I’ve seen dudes name all over blogs, and he was on alot of joints with different upcoming artists like Blu, Ayomari, Pac Div, Buff1…but this is the first time I’ve downloaded a mixtape of his and actually paid attention. Honestly, it’s pretty nice, I don’t think he’s as good as people hyped him up to be, but he’s solid.

    I can’t get over the fact that dude sounds dead on Kanye West, though. I mean, his tone of voice and everything, he even says “damn” like Kanye. His flow, though, is definitely different from Kanye because he’s not doing that horrible double-meaning metaphor sh** like Kanye, Drake, and Big Sean be doing, which makes TiRon dope.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Maybe I need to give this a couple more spins but it’s not really impressing me right now. Still a good, solid project but nowhere near my expectations, folk.

  • Magdiel

    THANK YOU!!! 2dopeboyz, always on time with it.

  • bf

    @ D. $cience

    Yeah, TiRon has become one of the more talked about upcoming west coast rappers. I give a lot of that credit to the recent west coast rap movement (PacDIv, Ayo, Dom, Blu, etc.) THEY ARE ALL WORKING TOGETHER AND HOLDING EACH OTHER DOWN. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING!

    But honestly, Ayomari and Tiron should just become a group and shut the game down. Seriously, there isn’t a single track with those two on it that doesn’t slap. Those two make pure magic together.

  • @vigilante. no.

    and I’ve been waiting for this one… tracklist looks sexy. plus every time the comment section says a mixtape isn’t as good as it was supposed to be, I always think it’s amazing.

  • Thomas

    My file isn’t extracting track 9 and 10. Need link to them.

  • This mixtape after a few songs is already one of the best of 2010. TiRon really impressed me with this. And yeah, did Paul McCartney really produced down?

  • Nash

    Listening to it now, so far so good. Waiting to hear Blus verse on Richers. Dope shit dopeboyz…thx

  • derrik

    shit worked alright on macbook. dope ass tape. love the music TiRon puts out

  • Manxter

    this is so good. wow.

  • Lav

    RETARDED!!! Good look

  • Hoes on my dick

    No McCartney didn’t produce Down, its an old song.

  • Hoes on my dick

    Very dope though. He reminds me of a young Kanye with the style that Blu/Fashawn style.

  • PRalines


  • Dizzy

    This is a reward for finishing all my term papers on time.

  • NoLin41510

    Pretty dope, didn’t have to skip through any tracks, so no complaints here.

  • monroe

    hell yea, cant wait till another site uploads this. yall folders never extract. shit ill give it a chance

  • monroe

    damn. why yall zip files always fucked up? learn how to upload fools

  • droppinEs


    after a long day of work I come home to MSTRD??? Nice.

  • caliban

    @bf- peep the dubcnn interview. He mentions a collabo w/ ayo in the works called sucker for pumps

  • Cappa

    any links to the last two songs? the zip file is fucked

  • Angels

    YES! this is good to come home to

  • jay coal

    downloaded. so far so good…

  • 1woRd

    the compliment to a dope condiment

  • Tru School

    I’m feeling this shit. There has been a shit load of dope hip hop that has dropped this year, and it’s not even halfway over. Go Ronnie go!

  • Tru School

    Not sure how he hooked up w/ Doom, but those 2 tracks are on some next century sounding shit. For Your Smile has been on damn near every mix I’ve made since it dropped, and now he has topped that w/ Boys & Girls. Honestly, I see why he only put 10 cuts on this. This is something else.

  • lososway

    @Chipz U-N-I lyrically handicapped? You must be out of your FUCKIN mind. Die 10 deaths. They are the best group in Hip Hop by FAR

  • @moet_martine520

    This album is incredibly dope, & whats more incredible then the music is tiron is giving this away for free! This shit is like a tic tac hitting the eardrum..FRESH. Really feeling that wings sample on “down”. WAKE UP SLEEPY MUFUCKAS TIRON IS NIIICE! “I done hit to many hoes to ever pause that shit”

  • JJ

    Asher kiiiiiilllleeedddd that richers track WOW!

  • tnbczero

    Skated all day to come home to MSTRD dropping; day couldn’t get any better

  • monroe

    this is insanely dope. That richers is way hot. wish u “dope boys” uploaded correctly so i could extract them, but least i can listen to it until i close the folder

  • monroe

    @Vigalante yea, he has the “Handshakes and Pounds Mixtape”. ill upload it for u if u need me to fam.

  • Yeaah!

  • JaySole

    I slept on this cat. Dude is Nice!
    Im really diggin this mixtape!

  • AMV

    Who is commenting on this cat and not saying this guy is nice. I promise some people need to stop listening to music period…I cant believe some of the shit I hear in the c-section. This is classic shit..boom bap..slow grown man rap…Peace to TiRon for the hard work and quality music…keep pushing my brother…keep pushin!

  • derf72

    this is 2dope! keep it up fam

  • antiGAB

    damn this shit aint DLin for me…I wanna listen to this shit already.

  • droppinEs

    the richers


    ’nuff said

  • 214Reppin

    I didn’t wanna listen to the new ish first because I had to catch up. So I listened to ketchup and thought it was great. Real smooth ish with ust enough hard hittin mixed in.

    But twhen I listened to this, It made me wonder why the hell people like TiRon and XV are barely signed. This is clearly a standout of 2010 thus far. this is just damn near perfect forreal…I could go on & on, but the music speaks for itself.

    Damn this is some good shit…

  • othug

    MSTRD > Ketchup

    not to hate on Ketchup

  • Tiron is a special artist. Thank you for the music

  • Rawky

    ummmmzy how old is tiron. 20+ year old rappers trying to reignite jr. high memories = to catch s predator style…this is not dope. Paul mcartney Idea sweating blu and taraach from CRAC.
    You don’t Jack for beats if you take your music seriously. No lyrics or anything. Not one oh, crap what’d he jus say. Unintelligent stuff. I mean I shouldn’t be so harsh as a non rapper but y’all hyped this tape way tooooo much

  • FreshSwagger

    hope kanye scopps dis talented dude up to make sum songs wit john legend & common dis tape is ill

  • wtf


    people jack for beats all day!! sampling in my honest opinion is jacking for beats…just cause you throw some drums on it dont make it original. and the idea you are referring to “blu/taraach” was actually “hold on jon” which was johnson and johnson…who if im not mistaken did pretty much the same thing. please dont be a new jack.

    i guess thats the issue with new jacks….you buy into the hype. either you hear the hype and go against the grain in order to “have your own opinion about it” or you go with the hype of some shit simply because the people you “respect” fuck with it. nonetheless allowing the hype to corrupt your opinion of the music.

    hip hop loses with you involved.

  • wtf

    in other news….
    i fucks with this, I just wish it was less about the sing songy shit and more on some rap shit…IMO

  • This is dope!!! He’s got some standout tracks on this …Seriously.

  • hahah yo.. he brought out the chi-town flow.. thats dope..

  • I’ve been listening to this non-stop since yesterday. Great music.

  • @moet_martine520

    “people jack for beats all day!! sampling in my honest opinion is jacking for beats…just cause you throw some drums on it dont make it original. and the idea you are referring to “blu/taraach” was actually “hold on jon” which was johnson and johnson…who if im not mistaken did pretty much the same thing. please dont be a new jack.

    i guess thats the issue with new jacks….you buy into the hype. either you hear the hype and go against the grain in order to “have your own opinion about it” or you go with the hype of some shit simply because the people you “respect” fuck with it. nonetheless allowing the hype to corrupt your opinion of the music.

    hip hop loses with you involved.” -wtf

    Bravo sir, very well said.

  • society

    Society – Follow The Bike

  • Rawky

    Uhhh. No dick I meant what I said crac knuckles Paul mcartney cover. Step your game up sucker.

  • thetruth

    how can you not like this project? There’s something for everyone. Those who don’t like it are just being bitter heads.

  • Allen Bounsouk

    TiRon is from chicago you dumb dumbs.

  • mmkayy

    *dwnlds* finally my internet speed back up……….

  • Princer

    If Tirons from Chicago I’m from watts. His music has suburbs written all over it.

  • xx

    this project is a classic to me. definitely one of the best things to drop this year.

  • OGEazy

    Princer if you listened to his music 60901 is about not being from Chicago but that’s where he lives now.
    Either way this is pretty amazing. My first download from TiRon will not be my last.

  • G

    this is STILL one of the best projects of the year!

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  • Anon

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  • Duh

    ^^^ it works perfectly fine

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