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Ya Boy – Run This x P*ssy Anthem

blame it on Shake June 5, 2010

Before I head out to Cali for the next couple days, here goes two new joints from Ya Boy and the Black Card Boys.

DOWNLOAD: Ya Boy – Run This f. Cik.Money & Yung Slap | Mediafire
BONUS: Yung Slap – Pussy Anthem f. Ya Boy | Mediafire

  • 2012

    how come your using filezee instead of usershare?

  • ^^ does http://usershare.net/ work for you? its been down since yesterday morning.

  • 2012

    ^^ will it be back up soon?

  • it’s cool

    Check out Detroit’s own KING WOODZ – “GOLD RECORDS”

    & “YAWZ BOI” – Over 13,000 views on Youtube

  • Rio$


  • Gordon B.

    Need YB to drop that album soon, one can only be happy with mixtape stuff for so many years.

  • I’m from the bay and YB is like Jesus to us. YB is the only new cat out of the bay to get a record deal by a respected group like konvict..dudes gonna do big things with akon riding the hooks

  • PersonPeoples

    Hope Akon doesn’t do him wrong or make him release bad music

  • Rap Bandit

    Akon hooks are done

  • @Plushmitten

    I wouldn’t brag about “13,000 views”. I’d keep that shit a secret.

  • dude

    i just can’t take him serious anymore. every time i see ya boy i picture him chillin with spencer pratt

  • C-Geezy

    What ever happened to ushare? It’s all this file zee now

  • ya boy been fell off for a minute now..dude used to be raw as fuck a year and before…dude been puttin out subpar shit tho as of late…smh

  • Game

    Thats cause Dudes probably banging away in the studio dropping his heavy shit and the rest gets out on the mixtapes and web for free, just watch his official release now hes signed up to Konvict, dude will drop heat

  • ^^^he better cuz for now im agreeing 100% with fulltimeboss