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Big Boi – Lookin’ For Ya f. Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown (prod. Boi-1da)

blame it on Meka June 7, 2010

This cut may end up off of Big Boi’s album, depending on if Jive will play fair or not (explained in he quote below).

DOWNLOAD: Big Boi – Lookin’ For Ya f. Andre 3000 & Sleepy Browm (prod. Boi-1da) | Mediafire

GQ: This morning, the tracklist for the final version of Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty hit the internet, and none of the songs you’ve recorded with Dré are on there. No “Royal Flush,” and no “Lookin For Ya.” What gives?

Big Boi: Well, basically it boils down to Jive Records. That’s how they do it. Jive Records told me my album is a piece of art, and they didn’t know what to do with it. So I moved it over to Def Jam. And now Jive is trying to block Dré from being on my record. We can’t be on songs together now.

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  • keBin

    need more A3K here .

  • Pssssst

    should be removed from the album. shouldnt exist altogether. wheres max b?

  • Chuck

    max b is in jail, hopefully he doesn’t drop the soap in the shower so no one violates your favourite part of him.

  • tatties

    recovery leaked. em sings too much so far, but its good shit.

  • Chuck

    on the track: too much sleepy brown and not enough big boi or dre. beat was nice and bars were good though short.

  • I love this track….. Jive can’t stop leaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DatNikka

    i cant find recovery..

  • blahpownigg345


  • CP



  • damnright

    oh shit haha. i wonder if em will;push it up to compete with drake…

  • CP

    nahh its releasing june 18 in europe. so basically 11 days before not TOO bad..


    recovery >>> sslp, encore & relapse

  • G

    i remember when the snippet was put out of this last year of just andres verse. ive been looking for this song since then.. good shit!

  • CP

    no one’s better than 3 stacks

  • Lotlan

    been waiting years for the full version of this joint lol

  • DredScott

    finally, but now we need the full version with 2 verses each from dre and big boi…i hope he quenches the thirst of the fans with that one.

  • mALiZ

    Why does this track only have 16 comments while a medicore Em/Wayne song got 100 plus? Sigh what has happen? Sigh this track is hot. ITS F’ing Outkast!!!!

  • wow… fuckin wow…

  • outkast

  • DodgyC

    Well i’m adding this as a bonus track to the Album as soon as it comes out. Track is great. Odd that a 3 Stacks feature doesn’t gain more attention on here…

  • omg


    what the fuck man…STOP KILLIN IT!!!!

  • lakeshow

    a 3 stacks feature itself should warrant hundreds upon hundreds of comments. I hope that the lack of attention is due to andre’s verse floating around the internet since last summer and not that people are dumb

  • Bakke

    ^^People are dumb, they’d rather discuss and listen to Eminem SINGING sob ballads..

  • lakeshow

    ^ see homie…that’s why I don’t blame andre from staying away from hip hop.


    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! outkast records always feel right to me!

  • datsexxymaria


    http://usershare.net/8ex5lowbc6iu REAL HIP HOP

  • jimbo

    Been waiting for this since the snippet

  • billy

    Heard that dre verse last year

  • Chemist

    “Why does this track only have 16 comments while a medicore Em/Wayne song got 100 plus? Sigh what has happen? Sigh this track is hot. ITS F’ing Outkast!!!!”


    This shit is bangin! THYat beat is ridiculous. And why isn’t it on the album??

  • These guys are beyond all of us

  • This has been on repeat all night!!! WHEW!

  • qp

    ….Glad to hear this track in it’s full form. This is amazing. I wonder why Jive don’t want this on the album.

  • Pudge

    NO Comments…maybe because this only a year old

  • Dope! my fav rap duo ever!!

  • real talk

    Can’t believe this has so few comments while people ride Em’s nuts all night

    3K is the best to ever do it

  • b_lett

    This track isn’t getting any attention, not only because of the Eminem/Lil Wayne track, but for the fact that everyone on this site now knows the Eminem album leaked. I don’t care who you are, an Eminem album deserves more attention than an Andre 3000 feature. After listening to every song on the album at least twice, and this song multiple times, it’s no wonder the new Eminem post has so many comments. There are many legit songs on this new album. This song right here is strangely feel-good for a Boi 1-da beat. Yeah this song deserves attention, but come on, Andre has been out of it for awhile. Of course everyone’s eyes are on Eminem right now.

  • *wipes cold out the eye* Gotdamn. Everyone else caught up in the Em hype. This is crazy right here. Jive is lame for that sucker shit.

  • chris_martian

    this track >>>>>>> eminem new tracks
    this album >>> em album


  • chris_martian

    why 2dopeboyz don’t put nothin new from krs one or lupe fiasco,or iyaz¿ lol or lil jon

  • JamesSpeaksTruth

    finally released a full…..hip hop NEEDS MORE OF THIS…..boi 1 da is killin the game right now..producing for everybody.im jealous.

  • runbaby

    The kings of hip hop right here.


  • atlien

    All of Boi 1 da’s beats sound way too similar. Am I the only one hearing this!?

  • Kuniva

    fuck em

  • PJK

    there is NO way this is a Boi-1da beat, too complex for him.

  • DAME

    woww! the snippet of this leaked soooooo long ago! i dig it though. whether or not its on the album.. its gonna under this album on my iPod.

  • [patient waiting for andre3k stops] g’yeah!!

    ps it ain’t cool being no jive ass turkey so close to thanksgiving.

  • Tizzlybear

    “Sorry to the fans but them crackers weren’t playing fair at Jive..” – Pusha T. Man Fuck Jive they don’t care about an artists vision they just want to piggy back the current trend. They screwed over UGK, The Clipse, Outkast, E-40, and Too Short. They need to set free all their rap acts and just do pop music cause nobody has a good story about Jive. How you gonna stop Big Boi from putting a song with him and Dre on it. That could of got a great buzz started for a demand of an Outkast album


    I don’t understand peoples, more than 400 comments about the average emeniem lil wayne collabo and few about this track.

    Andre is back daaammmmmm

  • spottieottie

    hearing that people want to keep big boi & dre apart makes me want to cry.

  • Rahim the Dream

    Eminem has completely lost touch with reality, his new shit is weak and trite compared to Sir Luscious… probably one of the best Outkast albums in it’s own right. Good stuff!

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