The Boondocks: Smokin’ With Cigarettes (Video)

blame it on Meka June 7, 2010

Inspired by the tale of Latarian Milton. Props to yardie, as always.

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  • thanks… i am about to watch this and go back to listening to this…


    Such a great episode. The new season is starting to get on a roll.

  • Satan

    Latarian that nigga, fo real.

  • Stephanie

    Good ass episode.

  • db

    this shit reminded me of tht halloween remake by rob zombie

  • mistertwol

    Oh shit Riley finally won a fight. Damn he beat that ass.

    Anybody know the name of the song when they started fighting?

  • ‘riel

    omfg cant believe this latarian is from out here in palm beach, fla!!!all my friends still quote his lil punkass hahaha gotta love the boondocks thanks mr. aaron mcgruder lol

  • MakaveliTheDon52

    “Riley pull me up i’m trying” but you fat lol love the juice references funniest episode i seen this season

  • MakaveliTheDon52

    @mistertwol the original song by Rakim is called “Know The Ledge”
    I don’t know who made the song in the episode though

  • Uncle Ruckus got too many jobs

  • toxic

    Anybody know the name of the song when Riley and the kid throw hot sauce at people and doing stuff on the freeway?

  • Uptownanthem

    Now Riley got the juice.

  • Mrcrockett

    Love the juice scene

  • chad

    yeah i’ve been trying to figure out the name of the song, someone update please.

  • Roscoe Jenkins is that nigga

    that little fat nigga cant fight.. riley beat that ass. good episode like usual, needed more Ruckus but it was good.

  • Bdub

    i see traces of halloween and juice lol.good shit



  • kingdarius

    best episode yet, nuthin but straight classic references in this shit……they had that fat nigga super creepy in this shit lol

  • robertTHEallen

    @mistertwol the original song by Rakim is called “Know The Ledge”
    I don’t know who made the song in the episode though
    probably metaphor the great.

    “just to niggas killing each other, proceed”

  • MyyyyyNigga

    He’s in the system! Oh how I love the system! Let’s hope they keep his ass in the system forever!

    “System, system stay in the system…yeaaaaaa!”

  • hahahahhah one of the best episodes in this season. the end was wack tho

  • Now my insane brain, My 32 teeth & two feet creep like it’s Elm Street

    Riley finallywon ah damn fight lol

  • White

    Go get my shutgun and my silver bullets !! :D

  • White


  • CJeezY

    He’s Gone!!!!…… Oh Wait, there he is. Lol at the Michael Myers reference.

  • Lotlan

    great episode

    lol @ the 1 uncle ruckus appearance

  • Y3K

    The Halloween and Juice references were dope! That fake Dr. Loomis dude sounds like the dad from Fallout 3.

  • This is by far my favorite episode of this series!

  • Lil’ Fresh Boy of the best.

    Another show that comes on sundays..breaking bad..anyone watch?

  • Teddy

    Yo Man! You got a Cigarwette?

    I like doing bad things.

    You got the Juice Now.

  • Classic Juice scene when there at the lockers

  • lol..”What’s going on here?” Oh! Just two niggas killing each other…proceed”

  • Clint Chudyk

    Dr. Doomis sounds so familiar goddamnit it’s killin me

  • moolaguap

    “go grab my pistol with the silver bullets”
    “he’s not a werewolf granddad”
    “shh hush little nigga”

    i hope this ain’t the last season of the boondocks.. show is mad funny

    “hey hey what’s goin on here? what’s goin over there? oh jus 2 niggas killin each other.. proceed”

  • ad9esr

    you got the cigawettes now lol

  • Musikfiend

    Dr. Doomis sounds so familiar goddamnit it’s killin me


    That’s supposed to be the doctor from Halloween. The one who was following Mike Myers around everywhere.

  • Jedi

    the face juice song was hilarious. great ep


  • ProjectZero

    Oh Just two niggas killing each other proceed LMFAO I love this show.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    “He’s gone!! Oh, there he is. The lil kid limping away that shit was funny.

    My favorite joke, “Oh man, now we have to kill him before he kill us.”
    “Exactly right!”
    That doctor was buggin.

  • dat_kid

    yo whats that song they playin when riley and lamilton are throwing stuff into the high way?
    “You my nigga dont you never forget it”

  • Jabari Manwarring

    this episode was classic

  • michaelthesaint

    It was even funnier once I watched an interview with the real little fat kid

  • ahahahahhaha the part where ruckus interupts but then leaves had me dying

  • philadelphia born and raised

    whats the first song? the one at 8:11 ?

  • WAGZ

    LOL @ every time they say “smokin’ with cigarettes”
    funniest episode of the season thus far in my opinion

  • maurice

    riley: man we do what we want to do..”we got the juice” man this shit is genius..

  • Anyone know the song that they played in the middle of the episode when Riley and Lamilton were fooling around? I know that the fight song is “Juice”. Thanks in advance for any help…

  • Latarian Milton = micheal myers, bishop and doughboy as a kid. thats funny

  • anyone catch the numbers he was holdin up @ 3:19 lmao?

  • drm

    the dr dude sounded like liam neson

  • AFish

    8:11. What’s the song? Anyone know?

  • dopeSir

    shiiiit that wuz some classic shit. foreal laughed my ass offff

  • mostknownunknown

    is that actually malcolm mcdowell as the parody loomis?

  • mt

    yeeeah somehow we gotta find that song from at 8:11 when they’re throwin shit on the highway.

    someone on the Sony boards said they got confirmation from Metaphor the Great that it was him, but still no luck with the track.

  • MiMik

    Has anyone found the song?

  • Boobcock

    Yeah that song is dope! The one that says you
    my nigga!

  • Nicholas


  • Rasheeed


  • needzzz

    someone please find that first song and post back

  • Sony

    been looking for that same song for a while now, just heard it was from Metaphor the Great but whats the name of it?
    help anybody?

  • Kimberlass

    Anyone find the song yet?

  • Kammyboo

    Someone has to know where that song came from; out of the millions of people that watch the boondocks across the country, someone has to know. Its bothering me that I cant find it, lol, the difficulty is just making me wanna hear it more.

  • evxinus1838

    Oh my gawd looking for that song like crazy!!! Plz someone anyone if you know the name of the “you my nigga dont ever forget it” song plz post. I need to hear it n driving me nutzzzzzzz

  • fdf

    Man I need to find the full version of that song at 8:11.,, Anyone know where I can DL it??

  • nukkas

    I know the ‘you my nigga though’ song is by Metaphor the Great, but I can’t find the actual song ANYWHERE! D:

  • jifjd

    Man it’s killing me. Ive been looking for days!