DJ Spintelect - Spin City (Mixtape)

After a few leaks, the West Coast-based turntablist drops his first project sponsored by the dopehouse, featuring some of your favorite (2)dope mainstays.Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Spintelect - Spin City (Mixtape)

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  • Smurf Justice Bandana

    Ayo, despite the exceptionally wack cover, this shit look like it could be promising. Jay Rock a fuckin transvestite, though. I am however able to look past that shit if the zigga ziggaz on this muthafucka happen to be on point. I put that on the set, god.

  • Salutes to the homie Spin. Peace on this one King.

  • Rezo

    Another hipster nigga posted on 2wackboyz and I am not surprised at all....

    Btw does his cool red watch glow in the dark? SMH....

  • robertTHEallen

    red watches make you a hipster?
    i thought doing a bunch of doofy intentional eyesore shit just because you saw someone famous do it first [skinny jeans] did.
    theres nothing wrong with matching your clothes...

    calling people hipsters is like the new hipster move

  • Smurf Justice Bandana

    Fuck a red watch, nigga. U could get killed for that shit in my neighborhood. Don't trip.

  • BlaqINK

    so does visiting the "2wackboyz" site AND talking about how wack they are also make you wack?...i think it does

  • Shouts to Spin. SD fux wit you


  • Mgmt

    I'll give this album a spin.

    And pay no attention to Rezo. He's like the ankle biting lapdog that get's punted across the room for yappin on the regular. Another day, another L for Rezo.

  • keNyCuhh(LBC)

    all these song are on different mixtapes

    not worth it

  • hextechs

    im fuckin with this....good to see these cats hatin on you son.....spins comin up ...peace.....


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