Murs - iHipHop Interview (Video)

After talking about Fornever, veganism and dating porn stars, Murs talks about LA's rap scene. Props to Sam.

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  • shuunu

    Hes not dumb , he lied bout the weed...I think , but daium , that haircut iz fcked up.

  • DJ

    I thought he had a vid recently with Slug where they were smoking hella weed before making Felt 3....

  • Bill Clinton

    wow...i cud never get "romantically involved" with a porn star. and u never really know if sum1 is clean cos u get tested every 30 days in between that time u can catch something.

  • ruthless

    Murs is the biggest lame ever who dates a porn star? Like yo fam THEY SUCK DICK FOR A LIVING!! they do something strange for a piece of change but thats as far as it goes Max B was probably fucking Roxy Renolds but he kept it moving like he should. When Murs was on Lip Service around those porn bitches he was acting like a shy kid and fix that hair for real no wonder you have to date porn bitches no self respecting women would look at you twice with a fucked up wig like that


Jabee - "Don't Love Back" (Video)

Off the OKC spitter's 2013 release, Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt.

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starRo - "I Will" f. Jay Prince

The LA producer and London spitter get together for some quality summer vibes.

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