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Naughty By Nature – I Gotta Lotta (Video)

blame it on Meka June 8, 2010


Here are the visuals to Naughty By Nature’s new single from their upcoming album Anthem Inc, directed by The Wonder TwinZ & Jessica Ardito.

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  • Ummm… this song is cool and all… but in this new hip-hop climate, I can’t help be feel this is… ummm… irrelevant? Misguided, even? Maybe I’m wrong… if you think so, please elaborate. Intelligently, please.

  • @ A.J.

    I personally like the old school vibe but I agree, it will be tough to pit a track like this against what typically goes for “single” material these days.

    Good to see NBN back regardless.

  • hhfh..

    this wouldve been cool during the 50 cent era 03-05….not so much now

  • hiphophooray

    the beat sounds old school i like how they still have old school style…most def. different from the shit thats out right now …good to know naughty by nature is back

  • Personally, I love the fact that it does not sound like every other swagger-jacked joint out now… I think the game needs something different from hip hop. There’s a generation being raised on thinking that hip hop literally is Nelly, Soulja Boy, Weezy and Plies. No disrespect, because I respect any mans hustle; however, Someone has to stand up for and demand more out of this culture that we love.

  • HiDEFF

    Sounds to me like real hip hop. I like it, definitely feeling the beat.

  • dIBS

    What in the da hell are yall talkin bout ..This shit is REAL!! this aint that Waka Waka BS..THIS IS thats that old skool Hiphop vibe ..joint is Niceeeee ..

  • MalMoe

    I for one welcome this old school feel. I see & hear so much of the same people on sites and radio stations that the old school actually sounds refreshing. At one point there were so many different styles co-existing that it gave everyone a chance to like all the music. Now everything is forced on us. HipHop is the only form of music that gets sick of itself after two weeks and dosent let itself grow old while still sounding dope. Props to any site that still gives the “old school” a chance to be heard and seen. We need more of this. Good Looks 2DBz

  • mohaha

    Anyone hating on this is gay. The beat is sick

  • Undercrown

    Naughty By Nature are legendary.
    Just put on Yoke the Joker yesterday.

    Redman & Treach still reppin NJ better than anyone (fuck is a Budden?).

  • 3l

    Treach and Vin are old enough to not be making such a video, now. Put your chains away, man.

  • “Sounds to me like real hip hop. I like it, definitely feeling the beat.”


  • LB

    Hip Hop hooray, the instrumental is dope….however, from this 80’s baby speaking, they are sooooo middle school.

  • Curtis75Black

    This shit is blazing !! A happy return for Naughty By Nature. The lyrics are on Point and the beat is fierce !! I guess the ones who feel this is irrevelant can go listen to what’s pushed down your throats. I’m glad it doesn’t sound like what’s on the video and radio stations. Hip Hop IS suppose to be Original. You want them to sound like Wacka and Gucci ? Negro Please !!

  • Bitch I’m Buying You An Ounce Of This Game

    Oh yeah this works. Good to see NBN still puttin it down.

  • kuda

    if america aint fuckin with naughty..europe will!this is quality from legendary cats,what more can you ask for..youngens front..the headz that grew up on nbn like myself will cop the album!

  • Bakke

    Smh @ at these people acting like this isn’t worthy because it’s 2010..

    Good music is good music, and it’s definitely time to change the bandwagon mentality of today’s Hip Hop! We NEED this type of rap, and this is fucking FIERCE! Hip Hop hooraay, hoooo, heeeey, hoooo!

  • Kno

    Are there really people in here complaining about NBN sounding like NBN? This shit is grimy and dope, fuck you want? Tight jeans and a corresponding dance move?

  • dfdf

    shit is straight. Peace to Naughty. Yall no nots go back to your effing Justin Bieber! Peace

  • Re.Awoken

    This beat was already Sampled by Del Tha Funkee homosapian

  • Re.Awoken

    To follow up on my last comment the Song that Del does is Virus off of the Deltron 3030 album

  • sally


  • Rogue

    you can tell none of yall haters ever seen naughty on stage… they make all these billboards kids look like jokes… still old ass or not

  • just some nigga

    *smh* first MC 8 now them too… *sigh* wowww