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Peter Jackson – Do That Boy f. Royce Da 5’9″ & Crooked I

blame it on Shake June 8, 2010

It’s a T-Dot x Detroit x Long Beach connection as Pete Jack nabs half the Slaughterhouse machine for a joint off his debut album, In My Life, dropping on June 22nd.

DOWNLOAD: Peter Jackson – Do That Boy f. Royce Da 5’9″ & Crooked I (prod. T-Minus) | Mediafire

  • Smurf Justice Bandana

    Ayo, I think it’s become abundantly clear that them SH niggaz will do a song with any ol bum ass muthafucka. Ke$ha holla while u can. This shit made my heart hurt like watching Snoop posin for flicks with Game. Who the fuck is Pete Jacks, and why he got Jadakiss’ voice and flow, B? That shit ain’t G. Fuck these niggaz. I put that on the hood.

  • Gio

    Who? Peter Jackson?

  • go getta

    sounds dope as hell

  • Marcel J

    OK!!!!!!!!! I like this right here , i saw Peter Jackson and Slaughterhouse on tour together in Canada !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smurf Justice Bandana

    Marcel u sound like u let them niggaz get they dicks wet n run a train on you, B. Contain yourself, cuz. U sound way 2 happy bout that shit. I put that on the set, fam.

  • Undercrown

    Slaughterhouse is more like a pile of nonfunctional metal than a machine.

  • Gio

    ^^ I agree LOL

  • Smurf Justice Bandana

    Slaughterhouse more like a fuckin Toyota Camry than a mcahine, B. Fuck them niggaz, minus Crook. He get a pass, homie. Needs to stop fuckin with these pussy niggaz, tho. I put that on the set and the fuckin hood, homie.

  • GotBeats.com

    This is Tight , dope verses , great record

  • Mind Control

    ye i like this record alot! , herd P Jack when he did that paper boy video with royce before. T Dot what up

  • Mixtape Mass

    this is a hard ass beat , the kid who made this did How Low for Ludacris .

    Paper Boy Royce and Peter Jackson – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRlqRmu6HqY&feature=PlayList&p=9987EA29EEEFB909&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=43

  • Lorenzo_Miguel

    SH is nice when they’re together but this guy is ass as fuck lol. I put that on the AP classes and the freakin suburb, bro.

  • trentonSolider

    SH is the FUCKING SHIT!!!!! Jersey City Trenton GOT CHU KIDO !!! BANG BANG I PUT THAT ON MY MA

  • East 9

    Thats My Dude right there , i gotta lotta respect for this Kid PJackson! Keep pushing it homie , didnt know about this track till right now ill be copping that album come June 22nd!!

  • BX bomber

    WEAK sauce..shame on slaughterhouse for this..

  • DJ Steady Hands

    whats with the hate ? Ive never herd of P Jack or Peter Jackson Before but any one who can stand up like that in between two Monsters gets my Aproval any day of the week.

    His verse was crazy and actully about the game , seems like he is a young kid though.

    Very Big Beat & Very Big Verses

  • 90nickel


  • hiphopjudge

    SHIT IS DOOOOOOPE!!! Mad Props to Peter Jackson….dont know much about em but keep putting dope shit out like this

  • hollyweird


  • changesforlife

    Crazy , fire , melting lava

  • ForceMusic

    that photo above is incredable , the song is hard> im guessing hes canadian tdot

  • doublex

    glad to see Peter Jackson with more SH features, its sick, even better that he’s Canadian !

  • ForceMusic

    HUGE RECORD < massive feature royce loves the white boys

  • FreshUnionz

    Peter JAck?! this guys a disgrace lol royce verse dope..crooked cool…peter poop lol

  • El Diablo

    was looking for the guy that made Lord of the Rings

  • sally


  • lawd

    its hard for any rapper to drop in betweem to giants and P Jack did it , where can i find this album or mixtape or something haha

  • TV Musiic World

    WOW thats a hard ass record…

  • danny

    Crooked: “I wanna see you disappear so I’m here to steer your career into a deer, then flip it off a pier, then have your baby mama smear lipstick on my ear while she whisper, “Crooked, slap me on my rear””

    If you said Slaughterhouse sucks, then you can eat my tin of dip you fucking faggot.

  • truestory

    haha this guy must have brought the alias out to big himself up or something or hired some flunkies to do it . In the words of Ed Lover “Cmon son”…gahhhbage. Minus crooked and Royces verses of course.

  • Pilled

    I F*ck with this hard beat , verses r on point , SH my favorite , PETER Held it down tuff.

  • Faber

    Beat is Hard your right , raps are tough. tracks hella hot

  • Never thought PJ could spit until I heard this..he stepped up. Dope track, people don’t get mad cause SH is more globally connected than u are

  • OhSyx


    stfu man no one cares

    …anyways 1/2 of Slaughterhouse killed this track and that Peter Jackson definitely held his own. Torontoooo!!!!!

  • Shout outs to Canada on this one. T-Minus kills the production as always and the homie Peter Jackson puts out another great record. June 22!!

  • GotLyrics?