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Eminem – Recovery (Production Credits)

blame it on Shake June 9, 2010

I’ve been getting hit up quite a bit about the production credits to Em’s upcoming album. So hit the jump and learn something.

01 Cold Wind Blows (Just Blaze)
02 Talkin’ 2 Myself (DJ Khalil)
03 On Fire (Mr. Porter)
04 Won’t Back Down (DJ Khalil)
05 W.T.P. (Supa Dups)
06 Going Through Changes (Emile Haynie)
07 Not Afraid (Boi-1da)
08 Seduction (Boi-1da)
09 No Love (Just Blaze)
10 Space Bound (Jim Jonsin)
11 Cinderella Man (Script Shepherd)
12 25 To Life (DJ Khalil)
13 So Bad (Dr. Dre & Nick Brongers)
14 Almost Famous (DJ Khalil)
15 Love the Way You Lie (Alex Da Kid)
16 You’re Never Over (Just Blaze)
17 Untitled (Havoc)

Spotted at the house that Paul pays for. Recovery in stores June 22nd!

  • This album is stupid dope. Some of the hooks at first had me confused but when you just listen to the songs as a whole they are incredible. This album has some deep shit on it.

  • OnlyRecoveryFanOn2dopeboyz

    Only 1 Dre track huh? (Kanye Shrug). Shouts out to Havoc & Boi-1da! June 15th! June 28th!

  • PACO


  • waldo

    weird Dr. Dre only had one song.. least favorite song on the album!

  • Rubief

    I was right with every Khalil and Just Blaze beat, Script Shepherd, Boi-1da & Alex da Kid did a great job.

  • Boomerang Slang

    I thought “seduction” would have been Just Blaze. thats my fav song on the album. i gotta new appreciation for Boi-1da, hope he keeps that shit up.

    Khalil is that dude he all over this joint. Em knows whats up

  • Ynot?

    Listened to it 3 times through. DOPE. Gets better and better. Way tighter than relapse. I’ll be purchasing as soon as it hits the shelves.

  • Boomerang Slang

    why are all u guys surprised Dre only had one song, he did the whole Relapse album and his beats werent that great.

  • Rympul

    Almost famous might be the hottest shit ive ever heard. I was skeptical after relapse. To hear him kill it like is just on some fuck outa type shit.

  • dopeman

    the album is great…….really great!

  • H2H

    who the hell are Script Shepherd and Supa Dups?

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  • slutskydakid

    question? who is the guy/girl on the chorus for Space Bound?

  • dannym254

    i thought it was pretty sweet for Just Blaze to produce more than 2 songs for Recovery, DJ Khalil killed some beats, Alex da Kid did a pretty god job, and I hope Boi 1da did something great as well… i know the whole album leaked already but i’m going to wait till it drops… RECOVERY!!!

  • chef

    this album fucking sucks.

  • Fugg That

    DOPE ALBUM, fuck PACO, buy that shit!

  • dannym254

    what’s funny is that many people were surprised by the tracklist and at the end everyone says the album is dope… i knew it was going to be dope the whole time… RECOVERY!!!

  • I keep trying to like this album but I just can’t do it. Khalil & Just Blaze were dope tho.

    I may really be the only one in the world that thinks Relapse > Recovery. Relapse’s wordplay and flows are insane and the production’s more cohesive.

  • My fav records here are Talkin 2 Myself,On Fire Havoc bonus Joint,Cold Winds Blow,25 to Life,Seduction

  • dope to see Khalil puttin in so much work, but WHERE THE FLUCK IS THAT PREEM TRACK?!?!

  • well, Em said he wanted to do this album without Dre beats… i mean, thats cool cuz its somethin he never did… but I gotta admit that im def lookin foward to another Em with Dre album… either way tho, u cant say that most of the beats on recovery didnt have that eminem sound to em anyways, nah meen!?

  • Els

    Love The Way You Lie is my favorite track, loved Airplanes, love this. I wonder if Alex Da Kid has produced anything else..

  • @PopCatalyst

    Dope name BTW, I think Relapse production flows were solid too but for content material and lasting appeal,he had to get a little more serious and thats why he went this route w/ this album.Yeah it’s more mainstream in ways but it’s not so “Insane” crazy like Relapse. I can’t really play Relapse around chicks too much because most of it is pretty violent towards them if you think about. But I did kill Relapse around the boyz though!!

  • O

    cant wait to get a mastered copy the 128 bootleg does it no justice IMO

  • Brandon Towles

    Anyone have any info on the Eminem/Jay-Z concert tickets? As in how much or where to get them for the best seats? And what time they come out Saturday.

  • @realtalk82

    I lucked up with my wife because she LOVES Relapse. She hasn’t listened to Recovery yet though.

  • Ai


  • Dilla = GOAT

    Khalil….top 3 in the game right now real talk !


    why are all u guys surprised Dre only had one song, he did the whole Relapse album and his beats werent that great.
    wow really? my ears must b clogged!! im sure theres a dozen rappers (that already have hit records) that would LOVE them beats

  • Nous

    This album… I have no words. The lyrical tracks show that he’s more than back. The deep tracks… wow. Very personal. Very emotional. The lack of Dre is actually a beautiful thing, as it allows his lyrics to have a new life over Dre’s “keep it simple/head nod” style. Khalil is out of his FUCKING MIND, btw. I don’t think “W.T.P.” is his worst song ever, just stands out as the only bad song on this album.


  • khalil went in lol


    I may really be the only one in the world that thinks Relapse > Recovery. Relapse’s wordplay and flows are insane and the production’s more cohesive
    i agree but not 2many ppl wanna hear about serial killers who take pills and gets molested as a kid…but the rhyme schemes, multi’s,doubles r on point BUT thats we we kno Em for doin (thats why hes arguably the best rapper ever) but his subject matter over the yrs (with exception to Eminem Show) has been non-appealing for sum.this album is a wayy more matur Em. thats why IMO its better than Relapse,Slim Shady LP,MMLP,Encore and even Eminem Show!!

  • Mort

    different em album, but dope. But for now i actually enjoyed relapse a bit more. But this shit is still dope and maybe it gets better then relapse when i listen to it some more.

  • DefyLogic

    anyone have the bonus track by itself?

  • keV

    I’m a the only that thought that going thru changes is one the hot tracks off this album. This is the first I’ve heard a ozzy sample used perfectly!

  • tatties

    Nice. I’m actually glad Dre ain’t all over it. he diversified and is benefiting from it. Good shit em.

  • Casso

    It seems Em’s spent his career since the Slim Shady LP and the Marshall Mathers LP trying to find a balance between the two. On the Eminem Show, he did it masterfully. Encore and Relapse had ill tracks, but as albums, they fell short.

    I’m not gonna rush to judge Recovery, but my reaction as I’m about halfway through a first listen is he still hasn’t found the sweet spot.

    Anybody feel me? Or am I alone in this?

  • tatties

    on the whole, Khalil did the best.

  • chris_martian

    why dr.dre is now a bad producer¿ shmrrgg

  • beccouiusd

    This album is a classic.. Em did it again.

    And yo Emile beasted with his production.

  • RavRav

    Recovery > Relapse/Encore imo.

    I’m kind of glad Dre didn’t produce too much on this album… seriously… and the topics and whatnot are easier to relate to on Recovery. Khalil, Bo1da and even Jim Jonsin killed em beats… I loved each single beat on that album… Seduction is BANGING!

    There are like 6/7/8 tracks I could bang on repeat for DAYS from this album… Relapse had only parts of a few songs that I personally liked… [I liked the first verse on ‘Insane’, ‘3 AM’ was nice and ‘Underground’ has its pluses…]

    Shit is all obviously subjective since it’s my personal opinion… but… trust me. This album is dope as fuck. I was kind of disappointed when I first saw the track-list… but I shouldn’t have judge the book by its cover/name. I even think Lil Wayne did a fucking amazing job with his verse and ad-libs… really.

  • Vato-to-Mato

    @Casso Yup. You’re alone. :P

  • b_lett

    So relieved to find out that Jim Jonsin didn’t do You’re Never Over. That hook is so corny, I just assumed Jonsin did the poppish beat. Space Bound is my favorite song off the album, never saw that coming that Jim Jonsin did that one. Alex Da Kid came through on Love the Way You Lie. DJ Khalil was easily the top producer on this album. It’s no wonder Eminem picked so many tracks from Khalil. I was waiting for those two to collab. They mesh so well. Worst song to me is Cinderella Man. And W.T.P. has a good beat, but the content is lame. 25 to Life will probably go down as one of the best rap songs of this decade though, because it is the new generation’s “I Used To Lover H.E.R.”

  • DefyLogic

    @ casso
    i agree that encore, the eminem show, and recovery were the type of middle ground attempts you described, but people need to realize relapse was just a more recent themed character driven album like the SSLP. I can understand the insane ravings of the serial killer slim shady character arn’t for everybody, but if you are able to get past that and accept it as a totally themed piece (not every album has to be totally introspective work about the artist) you will realize it actually contains some of ems sickest flows and rhyme schemes ever and some SERIOUSLY underrated dre beats. Relapse > Recovery IMO and it pisses me off that em is so self-concious he has to dimiss it as eh because most people don’t accept the creativity

  • J.J.Devon

    yall sayin Relapse was GOOD niggaz?! umm..one thing i gotta say 2 dat.


    gawd damn i hated em all with such a passion yo… relapse < recovery ftw son

  • LV

    Even though I think Recovery is better than Relapse I have to agree with DefyLogic. Relapse was a damn good album. But Recovery was incredible. Going Through Changes, Seduction and No Love are my 3 favs (I also like Cold Wind Blows’ chorus).

  • b_lett

    I agree that Relapse was great creatively. Like on Baghpipes from Baghdad. Blending Irish/Scottish and Middle Eastern cultures on the same track. A white man, doing black music, in that accent. I don’t know about y’all, but it was genius to me. It’s like Eminem is making music for the world, while the rest are just making music for their place. Eminem’s music feels like he’s reaching out to everyone.

  • Casso

    @DfyLogic – I actually agree with you about Relapse being underrated (although it sold tons of albums, so I can’t feel too sorry for him). It was definitely creative, experimental and his flows were brilliant. But as a whole, it wasn’t a cohesive package of flawless brilliance like I believe the Eminem Show was.

    @Vato Tomato: LOL!

  • knowtheledge05

    glad dre aint all over it. this shit is dope n deep. glad to see em finally back as a mc and not a cartoon character.

  • Arjmoney

    who is script shepard? whoever he is, he went in on cinderella man… how come no one is talking about that song?? I think it’s awesome! Space bound is still my fav tho…

  • DefyLogic

    relapse was definitely a cohesive package but not flawless brilliance i would agree. There were definitely a couple underwhelming tracks IMO my mom, medicine ball, same song and dance, and we made you could have been better, but at its best (deja vu, stay wide awake, underground, old time’s sake, etc.) it is better than the best from recovery. Beautiful, which is basically the foundation of every song on recovery is much better than them too.

  • nason

    where the fuck are the premo tracks and the relapse 2 tracks he had done already when he decided to change the theme i mhonestly feel that recovery n relapse are lyrically his best albums marshall mathers was his rawest encore n slim shady were his sillyest with the most shock value n encore was the best beat wise

  • nason

    sorry eminem show best beat wise

  • hold on wait on 25 to life em is talking about hip hop like common did in i used to love H.E.R. omg thats so crazy i thought he was talking about kim damn that song just even better

  • GameOver

    track #17 is called You Don’t Owe Me

  • @ gameover i think track 17 is called here we go

  • craigDshit

    faves: 25 to Life, Seduction.

  • Recovery is here

    I’ve listened to Recovery 2 times thru so far. Can’t stop listening to Talkin 2 Myself, On Fire, No Love, Almost Famous, You’re Never Over, the bonus, 25 to Life, and So Bad. 1st time thru made me feel wierd as it didn’t have the skits but I’m definitely coppin. 4 1/2 years away from the game and 2 straight great albums in my opinion. Hopefully he gets another album ready after hearing the bonus track. That shit was bananas.

  • BKS

    Khalil on the boards for almost all of my favorite tracks, not surprising. Great album by the way. To be honest, I thought Em fell out and couldn’t construct another good album like “The Eminem Show” but he proved me wrong. Good shit.

  • David

    The album is fresh, and dope. I love the sober Em. But in imo, this needs more Just Blaze and More Khalil. Em should just replace Dre for those two.. The other producers did great as well.

  • track 17 is called “Here We Go”

  • EBrew

    This album is nice. “You’re Never Over” is one of my favorites this year.

  • EBrew

    BTW, I wanna see ALL the samples he sed. I’ve only seen 3 listed in most places.

  • shade

    Can’t get enough of Talking To Myself.


  • DatNikka
  • White Mike

    6 Things:

    1. I really like the album a lot. Very refreshing. My favorite Em album after MMLP. Only bad thing is all the singing, but every verse is murder!

    2. After the tracklist came out, Just Blaze tweets that he had 5 records on the album, WTF?

    3. I heard that Jimmy and Paul took off a lot of the harder, boom-bap joints. Just and Em did at least 7 records together for this album. Hopefully some will be released maybe on a bonus disc or later on. I’m very dissapointed Just Blaze only got 3 beats.

    4. Em needs to work with Alchemist. His last two Tim Westwood freestyles have been crazy, and he sounds so dope over ALC beats. He has the most underrated producer ever as his DJ and won’t work with him, WTF Em?

    5. DJ Khalil and Just Blaze have the best beats on here. Emile, Mr. Porter, and Havoc also did their thing.

    6. Once again, I love the album, but I want soe more Just Blaze and Em damnit! ALC too!

  • This album is better than his previous albums, but still I don’t think its GREAT he can do much better…

  • White Mike

    MICHELBEATS, no, it’s called “Untitled”, read the last jpg link I posted. It’s from the album booklet.

  • White Mike

    So no one else is even a little aggrivated that after ALL the Just Blaze/Em collab hype, Just only ended up with 3 beats?

  • eSo

    This albums is amazing. Thats all. Space Bound got the best production IMO. Normally don’t like Jim Jonsin either.
    W.T.P. doesn’t really fit with the rest of the album if you ask me. But it’s still lyrically insane.

  • truexile

    i cosign white mike…a lil less of em singing and its a classic….but his best work since his 2nd album….nice work em…

    no more of him murdering and gay shit like that

  • I just finished writing my review of the album if anyone is interested…


  • b_lett

    Great review Grant.

  • P

    Almost Famous is crazy

  • LV

    Probably the first album to go Diamond in a long time.

  • NYCityREP

    Great production on this album. “Seduction” is my favorite beat; Boi-1da absolutely killed that beat.



  • b_lett

    The beats on this to me are the best beats he has ever spit over. They are all just so crisp and clear. Everything just works so well on this album. Eminem killed Almost Famous and Won’t Back Down. No Love is fire, and so is Space Bound. DJ Khalil, Just Blaze, Alex da Kid, and Jim Jonsin all came hard on this album.

  • MadMike

    The beats are dope. The lyrics kill. The hooks work perfectly. I can’t stop playing this cd. The beats are great and I never knew Ozzy copuld be mixed into a rap song so perfectly I like the way the tracks are laid out too. It starts and ends with crazy, nasty and insulting songs like you recognize him by and inbetween those songs it shosws you the pains and issues berhind it. Even though hes a rich famous rapper i find myself relating to a lot of stuff in a lot of the songs. Again.. AWESOME CD

  • Relapse better then Recovery? Keep listening, this album is much better than Relapse…on every level. Em himself admits Relapse was trash.

    I thought Relapse was better than most people give it credit for, but was too inconsistent…only liked about 5-6 songs.

    I’ve got so much new music I’ve been trying to listen to lately, but I can’t seem to take my ears away from Recovery.

  • This album is nice yo…I listen to every track word for word, its like an old Em album lyrically, Beats are very nice…BTW jus heard info that Em & Jay will be doin a album togther FTW!!!!!

  • J

    I thought there were like 5 great songs and 12 really bad ones. There’s some awful shit on here.

    His subject matter is still boring. He’s completely introverted, all he spits about is himself. He’ll always be able to flip crazy syllables, but he’s never really broadened his outlook on the world. You would think someone at 35 would be able to rap about more than at 25, but he’s actually rapping about less.

    That being said, Almost Famous, No Love, and Talkin’ 2 Myself are all great.

  • iginlafire

    Thx for this Shake. I thought TML was pretty fucking solid, but Recovery is on some other shit. I can see this being not only my favorite Em LP, but one of the best LPs, PERIOD, of 2010.

  • stan lee

    cosign PopeCatalyst. rhyme patterns were some of the best ive ever heard in my life. dres beats were beast and cohesive. stay wide awake is one of most technically advanced eminem songs ever.

  • Script Shepherd is a BEAST of a producer.
    Check him at http://www.CapitolScript.com. He did some Chris Brown joints and some other dope stuff. This is his biggest so far though. I think he’s singing on Cinderella Man 2

  • stan lee

    cosign DefyLogic. THANK YOU !!! I’ve been saying this for the fucking longest. It’s his best album lyrically !!

  • hui

    WORST Eminem album ever unless you like Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album ppl in my block all where like dat shits wack tonight no one feelin this shit in the streets. Relapse was more Em like wtf pink shit bullshit wack album Em is done he needs drugs to rap!

  • dbreezyLSU

    ^look at this guy

  • ahhha

    recovery is a double cd

  • laker

    this album is too soft/pop/alternative for me
    way too many corny hooks
    verses are mostly on point though

  • laker

    production is pretty bland too

  • pumpFakE

    RECOVERY DOUBLE CD!!!! EMINEM = GOAT w/ nas hangin by a thread.

  • DarkStar


    Recovery- album of the year

  • Em’s not the GOAT but this album is nice

  • and how yall gon say this the album of the year? the Year aint over! J.Cole aint even drop his album yet…man ima Em fan jus like the next man but yall dick ride him jus a lil too much

  • Brian Tratner

    Anybody that says Relapse is a good album is just an Eminem dick rider.
    Even Em talks shit about it and says it was a disappointment.
    Recovery’s pretty good.

  • Ifty

    I agree with White Mike, Em needs ALC!!!!
    I know AL has something cooked up for his new album so watch this space

  • David

    I honestly didnt expect the album to be this good after Relapse and the track with pink but he suprised me lol, 25 to life and you’re never over are my favourite tracks off the album, i like 25 to life coz i thought the song was about kim but then i realised it’s about hip-hop, it was suprising like the royce da 5’9-part of me video haha, and youre never over is great coz its a real heartfelt song about his relationship with proof and the beat is upbeat so it’s celebrating what him and proof had rather than mourning

  • The album is definitely a plus over his recent releases but still way off, he’s lost it. This shit isn’t even worth a download. I guess this is what happens when you listen to Binary Star, the Doppelgangaz, Five Deez etc.

  • Doug

    I thought there were like 5 great songs and 12 really bad ones. There’s some awful shit on here.

    His subject matter is still boring. He’s completely introverted, all he spits about is himself. He’ll always be able to flip crazy syllables, but he’s never really broadened his outlook on the world. You would think someone at 35 would be able to rap about more than at 25, but he’s actually rapping about less.

    That being said, Almost Famous, No Love, and Talkin’ 2 Myself are all great
    Then every rapper sucks casue every rapper has a wheel house. Bottom line, most of rap follows similar patterns. For Eminem, rap is his outlet about his real life problems. When has 50 cent rapped about whats going on in current times? When has jay-z stopped making radio friendly joints?

  • Casso

    @Doug: I’m not trying to speak for J, but your argument doesn’t really address his post. You say every rapper has a wheel house, then you cite two of the most successful artists’ formulas as proof. 50 and Jay are from from representing “every rapper”.

    And broadening your subject matter is not the same is changing your style. Like what if Em used his skills to make a song about how fucked up this BP spill is? That would be expanding his horizons, not giving up his wheel house. (Plus it would be way iller than that wack ass Pink song.)

  • Man I’ve Been Hearing About These Other Leaks And I Only Heard Like No Love, 25 To Life, Won’t Back Down, Not Afraid & Love The Way You Lie…Where Are You Guys Hearing These Leaks From?

  • b

    Well looks like a vast majority of people are calling this one a classic, and I have to agree after about 8-9 listens through. Hard to form an opinion until at least 3 or 4 listens. But I am now hooked. Love the production, love the feel to the album, love the lyrics, the emotion, the honesty, the story telling, the lyrical dexterity, the sycronization to beats like cinderella man, no love, talkin to myself…amazing stuff by this guy…it is full of gems that many have yet to understand or hear until they continue to listen…including myself.

    I love when he is talking shit on cinderella man and that line about getting the posse behind him like “WHOOOOOOOOO”…hilarious comment.

  • Arjmoney

    cosign b ^^^

  • Casso

    Ab and Arjmoney: Even the Pink song? Fa real? C’mon, that shit is nails on a chalk board.

    Rest of the album is fire.

  • Hong

    dre is still crazy

    listen to tha beat, it’s insane

    so fucking gorgeous

  • KRB

    I loved “relapse” although I agree that it was much darker and sinister. The beats got sicker by each listen though! Dre is very underrated on that album. You have to listen to it a few times before it hits you.

    Recovery is much more accessible, both in content and beats. I agree with the dude that mentioned “Cinderalla Man”! Love it! It’s sick! Also loved “So Bad” Classic Dre. Wish there were more beats like that on Relapse! Recovery is much more mainstream. Relapse more insane.

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