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Fashawn – Ode To Illmatic (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka June 9, 2010

Fash’s tribute to one of the greatest albums in hip hop drops this Friday over at the house of Harris, and they’ve let loose of the cover art and tracklisting, which you can see down bottom.

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  • Haight

    fuckin dirty cover

  • Iodine

    Fashawn is a beast. I still listen to boy meets world at least 4 times a week

  • billkill


  • Wrapaporter

    Dope! I guess we didn’t need tge tracklist tho but the feature list. It’s same listing as illmatic rite? Nice one fash!

  • Boomerang Slang

    why do we need the tracklist? lol

  • Mike

    been waiting for this…

  • jay

    cant wait to hear it fashawn is a beast CA all day

  • i can’t wait. illmatic has been on repeat all summer

  • monroe

    nice, hope the dj keeps quiet. im liking the ;ack of features tho. @Iodine hell yea Boy meets world has longjevity, i listen to it quite often too

  • KJ

    Looking forward to this. Great to see an ode to illmatic.

  • Johnny Dinero

    Wouldve been doper to spit over it was written in my opinion

  • People really gassed this cat. Who is he to be rapping over Illmatic? Thanks but I’mma wait til Elmatic.

  • Gio

    It took all this time just for 10 songs? I mean I am excited about it but 10 songs? Seems like Fashawn and a lot of other people have been talking about this tape for way too long for there to be only 10 songs on it.

  • Gio

    ^^ Elmatic is never coming and it’s sad to say that. Elmatic was suppose to drop like a year ago, it’s a dead idea dude.

  • ChRiS.

    hmmm… Ive been waitin on Elzhi’s forever but I Guess I could settle for Fashawn.

  • @Gio….dude hes rapping over the Illmatic beats, if he added more tracks it would kill the concept. Plus dude was talking about how he was having trouble finding some of the beats

  • Y3K

    Dudes can’t even pay homage now without people crying. Boy Meets World was hands down the best album of last year and I’m hyped for this.

  • D. $cience

    I’m glad Fashawn didn’t put up a baby picture of him superimposed with Fresno in the background. No more biting Nas’ Illmatic cover…LOL!!!

    Anyways, I’m really looking forward to this mixtape.

  • sik

    fashawn deserves to really blow up dude is th truth

  • Rio$

    fashawn baby yes>

  • yougotrondo’d

    People do realize Illmatic had ten tracks (including the intro) and only one feature right? Then why are yall asking such dumb fucking questions? This was the only way you can do it.

  • the deal

    fuck this shit wheres ELMATIC

  • awesome, been lookin forward to this for too long… i def dig the concept no doubt… i only expect somethin ill considerin the artist, his work ethic, and what hes tryin to do (remake a classic!)… def madd interested in this…

    but LMAOOO @ Gio sayin:
    “It took all this time just for 10 songs? I mean I am excited about it but 10 songs? Seems like Fashawn and a lot of other people have been talking about this tape for way too long for there to be only 10 songs on it.”
    ^^^^wtfs wrong with you!? (no hate) dont you realize hes remaking illmattic and illmattic obviously only has 10 tracks?! HAHA, step ya game up!!! go listen to illmattic man n youll see why hes remakin this album of all albums… n if you still think he took too long wit it, its def cuz he wanted to make it as best he could considerin hes spittin over a classic of all classics!

  • PS… im pretty sure that was by far the longest comment i ever wrote =D

  • Ervin440

    Fashawn is one of the best young MC’s today and the tribute to Nas is cool and all, but I don’t know that Illmatic should be touched. I’ll give it a listen though once it drops.

  • Recovery

    Well now I have some good music to look forward to.

  • Matt.Beezy

    smh ppl act like Fashawn aint worthy to do this. yeah, Elzhi is on another planet but Fashawn is dope nonetheless. Boy Meets World is gonna stand as one the greatest debut albums as well as one of the greatest west coast albums of all time.

  • Sorry Fashawn. Your dope, but I’ll wait for Elmatic.

  • 1

    this gonna be dopeand props to qvali who got the bonus track, that shit sounded bananas in the video

  • Was feelin his version of Life’s a Bitch but wasn’t feelin his Memory Lane…especially cuz Memory Lane is my faverite Nas song of all time…so far telling from the 2 tracks he’s leaked so far, Ode to Illmatic def won’t be on the level of Illmatic

  • beanie

    i say yes

  • BLU19

    i just hope he dont bite on nas punch lines and trys to sound to much like the original songs.. he does it alot in memory lane

  • Rhymesayers#1

    Caught him with Brother Ali. He was pretty good,but ILLMATIC? I bet you he uses most of the same flows/same lines and flips it a little which is kinda a losing idea. Maybe he was too young to know what this album meant to the people who were there.Or maybe he is aiming at his peers who will think he came up with this all on his own.

  • NoLin41510

    Should be good. I think he’s better for an ode to illmatic than Elzhi. Don’t Get Me wrong Elzhi is insane lyrically, but the leaks i heard off Elmatic was elzhi spittin what sounded like freestyled battle raps over Illmatic beats. To do a tribute to Illmatic you gotta write some deep shit. I’m sorry but slick wordplay, and witty punchlines just isn’t enough. You need some real deep thought to pull this off. Then again this is Illmatic we’re talkin about I,m not sure if either of them can pull it off.

  • olliekid16

    Hell Yea….been waiting for this for a while..Only rapper out right now that could have done this..plus isn’t Green Lantern Nas’ DJ? I bet Nas fucks with Fashawn after this.

  • xastey

    was expecting to see elzhi drop this first.. o well Fashawn is dope as well

  • devon

    fashawn = hip hop!!!

  • jay coal

    cant wait…listened to boy meets world again in the car today, just renewed the fact that fashawn is a monster

  • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

    To all of you disbelievers, ELmatic is still coming. http://twitter.com/eLZhi/status/10043235704

  • dontworryaboutit

    i vote yes on this project. its good for hiphop. especially CA.
    pure unadulterated rap.


  • dj6807

    @olliekid16 yeah dj green lantern is on tour with nas & D. Marley thats why the mixtape drop got pushed back to friday.

  • Ryuk

    Fash is dope. fuck if you feel otherwise.

  • OGEazy

    If you’ve got something negative to say about Fashawn you don’t love hip hop as much as you pretend to.

  • TonyDee

    Fashawn’s Memory Lane was a B- Version of Nas’s Original and that was the best song on Illmatic. I love hip hop “OG EASY” ^^^^ But you can keep this one.

  • kam

    this is dope…. How manny new jacks pay homage to great artist n a classic albums… Most of them never hear illmatic or even know what that album meant for hip hop fans in 94… That was nas take over from the god rakim.. Like the mic was pass from 1 great artist to another.. Props to fashawn..