M.I.A. – XXXO (rmx) f. Jay-Z

blame it on Shake June 10, 2010

Maya and Hov link up once again for a remix to her latest single. Shouts to Illy.

DOWNLOAD: M.I.A. – XXXO (rmx) f. Jay-Z | Mediafire

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  • Unxpekted7

    Ill take the cameless version. Thanks Shake Budden

  • Cipher Knowledge

  • cwilliams134

    HOV is the best…..!…

  • Jimbo

    She recently was talking about how Jay-Z sold out and such in a complex magazine interview. Then she gets him on her track. I love how hypocritical M.I.A. is all the time…

  • Eminem

    Where the f-ck is Kanye when you need him?

  • Bill Clinton

    really jay wasnt needed for this no hate..but if anything ill just listen to the original. meh

  • Photo Caption

    T.I: No one on stage want a swagger like that!
    Jay: You know it ain’t my kid right? B already think I’m creepin.
    Ye: Is anyone looking at me?

    But anyway, dope song.

  • @ Jimbo

    I’m sure that this was recorded before then, and even if it wasn’t I mean I’m sure she has reasons for feeling that way, this track is for the charts tho.

  • what a useless verse


  • That_Dude

    Photo Caption

    M.I.A: XXO… you want me… XXO…you want me… XXXO… you want me be somebody who I’m really not

    kanYe: Yo Yooo MIA…. im really happy that you want to be somebody who your really not and im a let you finish but Alicia Keys is the best pregnant female singer of all time. ALL TIME

    Jay-Z:Kanyeezy You Did it again!

    T.I: Hmmmmmmmmmm o_0 ?

  • kariba

    european hov. SWEET

  • Lol

    “She recently was talking about how Jay-Z sold out and such in a complex magazine interview. Then she gets him on her track. I love how hypocritical M.I.A. is all the time…”

    Who said she approved of this remix? Anyone can remix a song.

  • Lol @Slickg_ZKC Post…. Dope Track.

  • B.E.H

    Hov said he was gonna be on some different shit and these songs that been comin out…yea it really shows that he is focused on somethin new

  • “Who said she approved of this remix? Anyone can remix a song.”

    it’s official. here’s the artwork http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/5119/mixremixes.jpg

  • john

    this sounds like lady gaga or some bad pink b-side. who produced this shit?

  • That_Dude

    ehhh i could vibe to it, why not? Jigga hasn’t been the same since early 2000’s so you just have to accept his new shit but i still listen to old jay more than the new one.

  • Harry Maria

    You guys realize M.I.A. never said Jay-Z sold out. Read the interview over my dudes. She praised Nas and Jay-Z on that interview and said that Jay-Z wanted to take Hip Hop to the next level along with Kanye.

  • Yeah she just said that Nas and Jay-Z took different paths. And Jay-z just took himself to a different level.

    Someone’s not reading their interviews w/ a grain of salt. :)

  • grap

    Shake, you’re not gonna post Steppin Up by M.I.A? It leaked bruh, step it up.

  • Webster


  • T-Dot

    weakkkkkkkkk ass verse, wtf jigga?

  • JF

    Nah, she definitely insinuated that he sold out.

    “I don’t wanna say Jay-Z sold out, but I just feel like we have to wait another 10 years to see what happens.”

    She pretty much alluded that Jay represents the wrong side of hip hop, and she hopes “people don’t think that that wins.”

    Even though she married a billionaire’s son, and sells t-shirts for $70 at her concerts. That’s DEFINITELY not selling out.

  • JacquesMorel

    This shit is hot

  • Bill Clinton

    fuk it u know wat at the end of the day its the music INDUSTRY..they wanna make money most of the time..so MIA and her save the planet shit is taken with a grain of salt jigga not selling out is taken with an even bigger rocks of salt. fuk it imma just listen to wat makes me happy but im not putting mia jay z or any of these other niggas on a pedastel as REAL. FUK THAT.

  • PACO


  • Of course ppl hate on HOV….if this was Em yall be dick ridin lol stupid niggas, Keep killin em HOV

  • Photo Caption

    TI: If that baby pops out I’m getting ready to catch it….

    Jay Z: I wonder if I can make money selling baby clothes?

    Kanye: This girls nickname is minivan

  • computeruser

    Did Jay just sample a little of Drama-Left, Right, Left? Oh yes he did! Ha. Classic SIU song.

  • Dia

    i thought she thought jay sold out

  • FuckHating

    Fuck outta here this song was dope as fuck. MIA >>> Lady Gag.. Jay was being Jay which is one of the greatest to ever do it

  • Lorenzo Middleton

    Some of you idiots need to learn how to understand what people say better.

  • chris

    What is this pregnancy swag? It’s not sexy at all…..someone tell her to stop.

  • T

    What do you like about hip-hop today?
    M.I.A.: I think Kanye is trying to take it into a new realm and he’s sort of putting the artistry back into it and sort of taking it in that direction. I was having a conversation about Jay-Z and Nas and how it was really crazy how they were having this Nas vs. Jay-Z moment 10 years ago and no one really talks about it now.

    M.I.A.: Jay became the biggest representation of rap music who’s still alive, started dating Beyoncé—everything was so much bigger and better with Jay-Z. I hope people don’t think that that wins. The fact that Nas didn’t become all this sort of stuff changes people’s perception about the music and the work he achieved in his lifetime. I don’t wanna say Jay-Z sold out, but I just feel like we have to wait another 10 years to see what happens. Jay-Z’s ambition was to become like Frank Sinatra, a household name all over the planet, and own a casino in Vegas and stuff like that. And I think Nas was really sticking to knowledge. I still think the biggest point about hip-hop is in there somewhere, what happens to those two artists.


    Not so much a “He sold out” but that there were two different goals. The two sides of hip hop that always existed. There has always been a conscious side and a bravado side. Both Jay and Nas can do conscious and bravado but Nas does conscious way better and Jay figured out that bravado sells records. He can educate after he gets the money. Nas goes out to educate up front. He can’t link up with Bono to create water wells in remote areas though. So she’s like wait 10 years and we’ll see how they both pan out and then take the temperature of who was really better.

    She had just came off of talking about how she wanted her kid to see both the slums she came from and the high society his dad come from so he can learn both sides of life and get the lessons that can be learned from both. To see that money isn’t as important as we make it out to be most of the time or as the be all end all achievement.

  • X the servant of God

    @ T said this….good job! Understanding.