WordSpit - Hello, Good Morning f. Cocoa Sarai (Video)

WordSpit performs "Hello Good Morning," featuring Coco Sarai, at Crash Mansion in NYC.

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  • Zero

    stop fucking posting this nigga. its much more talented cats that could use the exposure.

  • Damn.

    Damn man stop hating on wordspit. You should see this cat live, on a cypher. He can spit circles around a lotta of rappers out there. Let the man try to achieve success man.

  • Gawge Cooney

    is this nigga actually rocking a permed pony-tail?? no offense but you better be pretty damn gangsta to pull that off and have it work

  • wordspit

    Wash and set no perm ... all dominican...

  • Big Pugg

    Wash and set no perm … all dominican…

    wordspit said this on June 10th, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    face it your hair looks like shit dude.....all fact

  • LiCKS

    WordSpit is the real deal man , dude has been putting in the work for years, finally getting some shine on.
    Support man .

  • dunno shit about wordspit but sarai is the truth google the mixtape

  • we on

    This dude can spit point blank! Go see em live or down the coolest bboi stance! Check out poet's Haikue.

  • krs juan

    this is like the oil spill in the gulf coast if the oil transformed the animals into demonic mutants that molested every child in a 1000 mile radius.

    cool hook, though


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