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Fashawn – Ode To Illmatic (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka June 11, 2010

The house of Harris has just premiered Fashawn’s latest outing, a tribute to one of the greatest albums in hip hop. Tracklist and link down bottom.

  • ChRiS.

    Can’t Wait to hear this!

  • Dolo

    Gor The S.Africa vs. MEX Game Goin & Now This Mixtape.Great Way To Start Off The Day

  • ck47


  • RavRav.

    Mexico ftw. Both did well… 1-1 [for those who give a shit].

    But yeah, this mixtape is nice… maybe this will inspire those who haven’t got illmatic yet to go and cop it… cause word, it’s one of the G.O.A.T. albums.

  • fuck. yeah.

  • *in special Ed voice* Yaaaaay!!!

  • Bandit Beats 559

    who gives a fuck about mexico and south africa this shit is about Fashawn’s Ode To Illmatic Mixtape dropping out. Can’t wait to his these dope tracks again. I got to listen to them a week earlier at the listening party. So keep it up Fashawn.

  • j

    That was a good game, but I’m downloading it now can’t wait to bump this he killed the life’s a bitch joint so I expect the same from every track.

  • mmkayy

    Mexico got lucky with Marquez..

  • BLU19

    fuck the world cup… mixtape is dope but dude bites nas flow too much and uses some of the same lines a lot, i know your tryna pay homage but be original

  • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

    Should be dope. Still looking forward to ELmatic though. Both Elzhi and Fashawn are super dope! http://twitter.com/eLZhi/status/10043235704

  • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

    Also fuck anyone saying fuck the world cup!

  • iginlafire

    Awww damn, the dope shit came early this weekend! Surprised no one has done this yet, and happy it’s Fashawn who stepped up. You could argue that you don’t fuck with a classic record like this, but I think it’s a neat way to pay homage to the best hip hop LP of all time. Been a great couple weeks for hip hop!

  • Rio$

    mexico tied it. and now i come on here to find new fashawn, it’s only 9 n da morning what else is there?

  • pillsbury dopeboy

    i don’t think anyone reading this site does not already own illmatic…if so thats a travesty
    anyway, lookin forward to bumpin this tape all weekend

  • Snagz

    Nobody gives a fuck about soccer in the United States unless you’re an immigrant living in the United States or you have family who are. No hate, that’s just a fact. Soccer is huge around the world, but in the United States nobody gives a fuck.

  • Snagz

    @Don Cornelius you’re stupid that tweet was from March 5th! lol

    Elmatic isn’t coming out, I don’t know why dudes can’t understand that. I am a huge Elzhi fan but that tape is dead and never happening. It was suppose to be released a year ago.

  • George Clooney

    Dudes on this site seem to hate on shit if they don’t know anything about it, more than likely due to their own feelings of inferiority. Apparently, that also extends to the World Cup. That being said, I’m pretty sure England is going to slaughter the US tomorrow.

    Fashawn’s cool, but I’m looking forward to the ELmatic joint more.

  • George Clooney

    Snagz, shut the fuck up. Just in general.

  • Veezyy

    Argentina for the win!

  • Yes glad to see this came out like he said it would!

  • cantino

    hopefully yall learned how to upload by now, so i can extract the songs

  • cantino

    lol of course yall didnt. cant wait till this goes on livemixtapes

  • Campeche

    World Cup > NBA Finals….and that gringos is a fact!



    ^wtf are you talking about…im pretty sure it’s downloading for me

  • olliekid16

    HELL YEA. So far Fashawn is killing it and im only on World is Yours. Top new MC in the game.

  • J_EaRLy

    Neva gave fashawn a chance…seems i should off the strenght off illmatice..

  • Maya

    is this any good?

  • ChasingFadingDreams

    This shit is dope. Nuff said. I got this shit on Loop right after the Nas original. A DJ needs to remix both of them together and drop that in a week or 2.

  • Rezo

    ^^ No, not really. This dude is very overrated. There is many rappers who could have made an average mixtape with Illmatic beats. Now if that Elmatic tape would drop you would hear a rapper actually do justice to these beats.

  • Hernandez,Julio

    why would anyone want to be second place? nice try fashawn

  • Hopefully they drop a tag free version of this shit

  • MJD

    Im 12 wat is this

  • mmkayy

    @snagz i can tell.. u just called it soccer

  • olliekid16

    just finished it. Wow. He truely crushed this. I bet kids 18 and younger all over the world now know of this album because of Fashawn. Props to him. Old Rappers are just old. These young kids today need to be exposed and rappers the age of their dads aren’t cutting it.

  • jay

    why fuck is people talkin about soccer this ode to illmatic fashawn im excited to hear this fashawn paying homage to a classic album

  • markeith504

    the reresent remix s sick as fuck, this tapes sick. but im sure if elzhi drops it this is behind it

  • cantino

    @quicheforlunch im talking about extracting the songs AFTER the download. all 2dope boyz posts have an extra folder within the zip, dis-allowing you to extract so u can listen in itunes after u close the folder

  • markeith504

    snagz your dumb as fuck

  • Rio$

    ^ because this is america where we have the freedom to talk about whatever we want? meka mentions soccer in his R.Kelly post do you not like that? plus the asoccer game was on when this was posted

    Nobody gives a fuck about soccer in the United States unless you’re an immigrant living in the United States or you have family who are. No hate, that’s just a fact. Soccer is huge around the world, but in the United States nobody gives a fuck.
    Snagz said this on June 11th, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    you must get your facts from glenn beck. i see plenty of white people who got to u.s soccer games? does it bother you when people mention soccer that you have to get all racial about it? pathetic

  • Rio$

    ^ intended for jay

  • monroe

    @Rios hate to make all that typing u did worthless. but i have numerous black and white american friends whos parents also came up in america, who are huge soccer fans

  • monroe

    oh my bad rios didnt realize u quoted that. yea snagz is a fool

  • Tom

    Fashawn is the best new rapper right now..hands down. This is dope.

  • Derrty-D aka Top Cat

    Man, What the fuck happened to Elmatic? Riddle me this…

  • cityofdevils

    lol get the fuck out of the house man, you do realize the USA has it’s own league right?

  • chris_martian

    Snagz, shut the fuck up. Just in general.

    George Clooney said this on June 11th, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    looooooool hell yeah

  • Aight Fash you up!! if u gon do the illmatic over, u gotta kill it!!!!! is fash ready to step up to the next level? lets roll up, light up and find out

  • olliekid16

    man his story telling on “One Love” is fucking dope.

  • loujss

    This is hip hop.. Kweli screwed up big time.. but still.

  • AnT

    oooo weee

  • BAunique

    it was mentioned earlier that this mixtape was somewhat controversial, does anyone know why?

  • Terrance NC


  • dashboard

    ^^^ lol why would anobdy touch such a thing kill urself 2x for disrespecting the best album made

  • Rezo

    I don’t know what is worse this dude trying to tarnish Illmatic or you cornballs above me co-signing this bullshit. Fashawn, Green Lantern, and anybody else that supports this tape should get a lifetime ban from anything hip hop. Paying respect or not there is somethings that need to be left alone. Illmatic is the bible to hip hop and it’s a sin what this dude did to these instrumentals. Fashawn and Illmatic should never ever be used in the same breath.

  • D. $cience

    You know, I think Fashawn is a good emcee…and I was actually looking forward to this…but after listening to this, I don’t think he should have touched Illmatic. Not saying that this tape wasn’t dope, but it made me think that paying homage like this is a huge task to follow, especially by re-creating the energy of a classic. If you ask me, I thought Fashawn already paid homage to Nas with Boy Meets World. *shrugs*

  • Purp Franklin

    this compares to the dumb fucks that re-made the karate kid…why???????

  • Boomerang Slang

    Im a big Elzhi fan but yea Elmatic isnt coming out. those old snippets he released are over a year old. and Elmatic definitly isnt comin out now that Fashawn’s tribute dropped. even tho Elzhi had the idea first, Fash beat him to the punch

  • Boomerang Slang

    @ Rezo Illmatic is one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever but to say its the bible of hip-hop sounds retarded. hope u dont get down on your knees and pray to Nas before u go to bed

  • Brutally Honest

    Bout to burn this shit and blaze in the whip!!!!!
    Thank You!

  • cantino

    nice. for those who wanna extract the songs after u download, this is on datpiff . com

  • lmao @ snagz. i’m usa born and raised. 95% african american (or negro as the census calls me) and i definitely give a fuck about futbol. get your head out of your xenophobic ass.

  • mubz

    Like the idea, too bad Fashawn is a weak ass rapper and these tracks aren’t well mixed. ELmatic should’ve dropped ages ago

  • eebo

    Everybody cuttin up Snagz. Gotta love it. Probably won’t see him postin on this thread anymore bc he would just get torn apart.

  • Truth

    I like Fashawn and havnt listened yet.. but Idk if Im cool with the idea or not. Illmatic is the goat album by far

  • djaqt88

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  • Rav


    Spain all the way… I’ll be also supporting Argentina and Mexico as long as they do not come up against Spain >:P


    Lol, you have NO idea how wrong you are cabron. Dick your xenophobic dick outcha ass and go do your research. lol… I just wanted to add some hate xP

  • Rav

    Take* your xenophobic dick outcha ass…****


  • mexico

    stop idolizing rappers, just listen. don’t hate on other styles. this shit is dope, most of your favorite pot head “rappers” use classic instrumentals but most of yall don’t realize it… yet. NAS isn’t and will never be the best, but you do have to respect what he did and is still doin for the game. you gotta do wat you gotta do to get that shine.

  • ace*

    fckin sick. fashawn and blu just FCK shyt up!

  • Idiots

    @quicheforlunch im talking about extracting the songs AFTER the download. all 2dope boyz posts have an extra folder within the zip, dis-allowing you to extract so u can listen in itunes after u close the folder
    cantino said this

    If you knew anything, you would have just highlighted the tracks, right click, and extract. Also, Im sure there are other ways to do it, as I have before. But its ok, keep dappin garbage live mixtapes or whatever and not knowing how to do simple computer functions, thats cool too.
    Just had to point that out, Snagz has already been taken care of haha

  • risen357


  • M.smalls

    Yes Boss!!

  • fashawn is hit or miss

    this misses

  • D

    People are at a ten when they need to be at a two. Fashawn killed this shit. Niggas hate like shit. This shit is like a breath of fresh air in the world of music we live in today. You ungreatful ass niggas need to be grateful for this shit.

  • Never Listened To Homey Before This Tape.
    Ima Fan.

  • Maga D

    Fashawn’s been one of my favorites ever since BMW came out. Glad this came out because now a new generation can get into the original Illmatic via Fashawn’s. Up to “Halftime” this is a nice tape, haven’t heard the rest, but this is gonna be nice.

  • jigga

    Really digging this on the first few listens.



    I guess he found he “Represent” type beat , which I think was the last thing he was looking for to complete this ‘tape.

    I haven’t heard it yet, but regardless of my feelings towards Illmatic (Very Positive), I think this is so chancy. You don’t want to come off unoriginal or like you swinging from NaS’ balls. Hopefully this is good, because it won’t erase the memory of the original, but if it’s good, it’ll be a nice alternative view. If it’s bad it’ll be tough to live down.

  • London

    sounds good so far on half time right now.. hopefully it will put ppl on to illmatic who might have listened to it.

  • Melo15

    Whaaaat he killed this whole album! Halftime is dope cant wait to hear elzhis tape probally ill too

  • London

    yea this is a really good tape. cant front on it..

  • JackDiesel

    I had Halftime on repeat 4 about 30 mins. I think he killed the whole tape, but u shouldt look at as if he’s tryna one up Nas or sum shit. It was a admirable effort and it’ll be in my rotation along with the og Illmatic. Besides Green Lantern is Nas’ tour DJ and he got a cosign frm Large Professor. The only thing he didn’t do is have a YouTube vid of Nas himself signing off on it… And if he did, it wouldve made the whole project seem kinda corny IMO

  • JackDiesel

    And 2 those on Nas’ johnson so hard, nothing in hip hop is sacred. Hip hop production is almost always sample based anyway. Jackin peoples shit is part of the culture

  • Yall needa chill. He is paying homage to Nas by hopping on the beats but he is spitting the West Coast perspective. It’s dope as hell! Dead Ass. Shit is fire. Fashawn is (2) dope

  • olliekid16

    this is gonna be on repeat for the summer. can’t wait for Grizzly City 3.

  • Dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

  • Eli

    shits nice, i’d still like to see elzhi drop elmatic but it’s doubtful now.

  • BlaqINK

    @contino after you download the mixtape open up the zipped file then drag the inside file to itune folder then after it drops down drag to itunes media then put it in the music folder…then you have to go to the mixtape and play each song on itunes after that it should be straigt took me a long time to figure that out too lol

  • Wrapaporter

    Damn you are mad. I don’t know. Elzhi spoke on this version for a while n while Elzhi is nicer I ain’t mad. I think elzhis maybe better received. Either way illmatic is kinda rough to try an redo so there’s a ? In regards to originality of the idea and move as well.

  • olliekid16

    why do people think elzhi is doper than Fashawn. Fashawn is younger, spits harder and the masses can relate to what he says. Boy Meets World is a classic. What has Elzhi done by himself?

  • Digitek

    ^^^ just a little album called ‘The Preface’ ..please check it, one of the dopest albums of ALL TIME.

  • Daboss

    boy meets world >> preface

  • Digitek

    Both classic albums, but NO lol. respect though.

  • OB_5

    damn, my dude Elzhi dropped the ball on this one…

  • STLAllDay

    Don’t see why people have a problem with this. The dude said what his intention was. Even if he sucked on it I don’t see why people would have a problem.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say this guy spits as hard as Nas, but god damn this kid came correct. If this wasn’t all Illmatic shit nobody would be complaining. He does this thing way more than justice.. and it’s not like dude hasn’t done it on his own.

    Fashawn gets respect here. One of my favorite newer MCs.

  • daGOD

    some idiots on this website forreal. especially REZO. talkin about this so called sacred album-cant touch it-Fashawn sucks bullshit. i see you hate on some wack ass music, and then hate on this?? damn. you lost. FASH IS A BEAST!!! GRIZZLY CITY 3!!!!

  • olliekid16


  • dooooopppeee!!!!!!! fash held it down for the o.g (original god) nas. p.s let the haters hate thats just what they do real ninjas reconize it

  • pj

    Fashawn is the best young emcee right now i love how he wasnt afraid to do this sorry

  • NYisHome

    ELZHI’s elMATIC is Better!!! eventho we may never hear it….LOL. and I have not even heard Fashawn yet. Trust me elzhi’s is better! Fashawn is a good MC My squad gives him his props. But he can never match up to Elzhi. ELZHI Please come out with Elmatic!

  • 1Tym4yourMind

    Can’t believe all the haters on this site! Fash showed this record respect and at the same time dropped a classic of his own. I’ve played this album twice a week since it dropped. I don’t think many so called ‘MC’s’ would have the balls OR the skills to take on what Fash did.