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The Boondocks: The Fun-Raiser (Preview)

blame it on Shake June 11, 2010


I’m about to click play on the episode now, but y’all can catch it this Sunday on Adult Swim. Oh, and thanks for the candy bar Riley!

  • Y3K

    How you seeing it early you connected bastard?

  • bobbysworldjbk

    share that link man!

  • AirRaid

    Well fuck ya very much for rubbing that in our face, Mr. Shake. LOL it’s all love tho. Can’t wait to see this episode.

  • from da Go-Go

    this looks epic!!!

  • JerseyDrew

    I hate damn edited expletives but I’ve already got it set to record on the dvr.

  • LV

    You and me both lol. I’ma hunt this thing down right quick though cause I’m an impatient ma’fucka.

  • moolaguap

    he prob lives in korea or some shit

  • Cage

    Yo the past 2 weeks have been the best episodes of the new season.. This one comin looks like a classic too

  • YourSupplier

    DOPENESSSS…takes me back to high school. Had the 700 hall on lock. lol

  • yo shake where you get that candy bar…i dont want one but i just think thats dope and im assuming you know some people in high places if your already watching the episode? unless im sleeping cuz i didnt know they leaked upcoming episodes?…please someone correct me if im wrong haha

  • Musikfiend

    So this week their parodying Blow or Goodfellas, lol.

  • Blackaristocrat

    I’ve been waiting for this episode since they showed the Season 3 trailer before this season began. I think it’s safe to say that this will be THE BEST episode this season.

    I can see the meesage of this episode is going to be when you take advantage of people that are giving money to something that’s supposed to go towards a good cause, you WILL suffer the consequences.

    Shake I’m going to you to drop this episode earlY. You do it for songs. Think of it as “For Promotional Use Only.” LOL

  • bon

    post the vid up!!!