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Trademark Da Skydiver – Issue #2: Super Villain (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake June 11, 2010

The Jets are in the building as Trademark hits us with Issue #2. Featuring the likes of Curren$y, Nesby Phips, Smoke DZA, Fortunate Ones and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01. Opening Credits
02. Dead Fool
03. High Life f. Smoke DZA
04. Ova ‘N Out f. Curren$y
05. SuperVillian
06. Oxygen
07. N.O. & N.Y. f. Hybrid
08. Techno-Flo f. Fortunate Ones
09. Lameguage
10. M.C. & F.W. f. Dee-Low
11. Flash f. Street Wiz
12. 10th Wonder
13. Pre-Roasted f. Curren$y
14. 15¢ f. Young Roddy & Nesby Phips
15. Closing Credits

DOWNLOAD: Trademark Da Skydiver – Issue #2: Super Villain [via OS]
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  • JonnieHayward3

    worst name ever. won’t listen because of how whack his name is, yes… i’m that shallow.

  • OGEazy

    Bout damn time, I’ve only heard 2 songs off of it so far, no real verdict.

  • beenflyy

    Can I get a mediafire link or usershare?

  • first tape was dope will check this

  • johnmarsblkmon

    somethin new to smoke too

  • JohnDank

    ahhh he used the munsters theme sample on 10th wonder

  • JohnDank
  • moolaguap

    JonnieHayward3 <== nigga you gay.

    i've been waitin on this shit to drop.. the few tracks i've heard are stupid dope

  • empty

    definitely good shit to smoke to…dude has some serious bars


    if you listen to curren$y, you should know this dude can spit

    dope shit

  • Manxter

    this guy is dope. check this out

  • Random Dude

    Just want that new Currensy!

  • billy stink

    someone up the currensy features

  • MF Doom is the only super villain…that is all

  • Deeee

    co-sign. ^^^

  • AirRaid


    Ain’t ya rap name MC YoungMuchacho? And dudes still listened to your tape. Don’t be a dick.

  • This tape is sick don’t sleep on it! Good chill music right here.

  • JonnieHayward3

    I am not JonnieHayward, I’m JonnieHayward3… and yes MC Young Muchacho (LOLLLL) is almost as bad as Trademark Da Skydiver (LOLLL x2)

  • james dean

    trademark outraps Curren$y on a lot of the records they do together….and Issue #1 was dope soooo..

  • Mr843

    @JonnieHayward3——-u crazy as fuck if u not gonna download this just bcuz of his name. I been listening 2 this since Trade dropped it on his Twitter & it’s stupid dope cuz. JETS FOOL!!!!!

  • BZO

    jets in the house

  • jet li (wherehaventwebeenyet?)

    JET SET BITCH , This shit is $hit is a official. Trademark shit better than niggas albums!!

  • jet li (wherehaventwebeenyet?)

    Bad Bitches Good weed we keep it in excess foooooooool

  • gonzoboards

    damn this tape was dope to smoke to just now,.. chilllllllllllll as fuck fool.

  • this tape is suprisingly hot, not sayin trademark aint nice, but this tape go xtra hard

  • Tony Soprano

    cotdamn this tape goes might mouse hard

  • kay

    this shit is a bangga …i get 4 joints out of 5

  • Monroe

    this is really good. i knew it wouldnt be whack, but damn. this is fire.

  • ImGood

    This tape is dope….

  • AnT

    this tape is some real ish.. All the free music that came out this years has been better than the radio shit.

  • Melo15

    im into chillin to weed songs, but this dude cant spit for his life. curren$y is dope though lol

  • Man this shit is dope the beats are off the wall and Trade stepped his game WAAAAY up from the last tape. Glad to see this shit finally drop all the $pitta tracks are ill too

  • burnonedown255

    I need another link to download reel bad but assuming this goin to be fire jus by the tracklist….

  • loxy

    MF Doom is the only super villain…that is all


  • pretty boy paul

    i dont get it

    his voice is wack as fuck, no charisma

  • uh, I think we all know that Trademark isn’t fucking with MF Doom, so why are y’all on here with those fuck ass comments?

    just listen to this dope shit and enjoy it for what it is without all the bitching

  • AnT

    MF Doom may be the only supervillain but track 5 is dope.

  • fsspitta

    dope ass tape dont sleep on trade jets foo

  • andosca

    @melo15, how can’t he spit. i bet you couldn’t even lay down a decent 16 bars. so shut the fuck up. JETS FOOL (JUST ENJOY THIS SHIT) …….fuck the haters man

  • I fucks wit it and I loved the first one, too.

  • this is soo dope

  • sahlay

    this cd is hot than a mofo! Ive had it in heavy rotation since it dropped

  • RogerRabbit

    every beat is fire… they need an instrumental version to this tape

  • steven

    sweet baby jesus this joint hot as fuck.. i wanna know the producers on this, its better than production on most niggas albums

  • Ay dis shit is Fly… Fly Society Hoez!

  • Make sure yall check out track #4 “Ova N Out” Produced by me B.Corder @bcorderbeats on Twitter! Hit me up!

  • AnT

    I can understand if u hated on this shit if you paid for it, but goddam… its fucking free dope ass music.. half the haters are the ones whose hoes get taken by niggas that listen to the JETS.

  • damier

    jets in the housssee

  • CEC614

    this fool betta come out with issue 3 this shit goes hard

  • SlaugherdUP


  • b gale

    non of these links work does anyone have this

  • daethiopianking

    anybody have a link to the first issue?

  • evilstunts-mox

    daamn i been sleepin on my nigga. i been waitin for issue 2 to come out n now they talkin bout a 3. wtf yo

    this shit fiya