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Jay-Z Live at Bonnaroo 2010 (Video)

blame it on Shake June 13, 2010


I’ve seen this dude perform atleast 10 times in my life, and I must say his live show never gets old. Anyways, up top Hov performs his verse from Diamonds Are Forever and On to the Next One. While down bottom is 99 Problems, A Dream, Swagga Like Us, Jockin’ Jay-Z, Dirt Off Your Shoulder and more.







  • I have been to 12 concerts and Jay by far has the best shows, it’s not even close.

  • I watched this stream live last night on YouTube. (By the way, that’s really cool how that’s becoming more common now; streaming concerts online and what not. I hope they do more of that, because it lets people who couldn’t be there be a part of the moment)

    I thought the set was dope. It’s crazy to see no matter how old Jay gets or has been around, he always seems to have a sincere care about his live shows and puts ’em on like it’s his first. It’s like he’s been in his prime for his whole career…lol.

    Real ill set and good sincerity to the fans and supporters at the end.

  • okay

  • @DerekJeter

    I’ve never been to a Jay concert live, so I need to go…but I can say the dopest I’ve been to was Kanye West’s “GLOW IN THE DARK” tour, and something tells me that just might MAYBE compare to a Jay concert in dopeness factor…

  • uzi

    damn thats dope n im not even a jay-z fan

  • YeWe

    Damn Jays swag is out of this space u can rly see how diffrent from errbody else

  • Bill Clinton

    i can genuinely say…DAMN i wish i was there.

  • ive seen jay my fair share… 8… you know whats missing through all this… damon dash as his hypeman

  • as far as hip hop concerts… the best are the beastie boys… hov has nothing on them

  • Burrr


  • Bill Clinton

    who the hell was that who came out when IZZO was played.???

  • sDotCarter

    jigga kills everything.

  • mellow

    Ive seen Hov live once, but Id have to say that the Kanye’s Glow in the dark show is my favorite so far. Then Hov.

  • Dragon

    Burr, why would you even compare them ?

  • tatties

    I saw his Madison Square Garden concert on TV, brought out Cudi and stuff. It was just awesome. You don’t have to be a massive fan to appreciate dude stage presence.

  • am

    mos def has a dope show

  • djSTO

    I saw the entire thing last night live on youtube, such a good performance.

  • Nolan

    @mellow seriously Glow in the Dark??? that tour was horrible. awful show. you got to get to some real concerts

  • mellow

    @Nolan, yes Glow in the dark. I dont know what SHOW you saw, but I saw something better than a concert. Fuck rhianna, Ive seen nerd and lupe outside of that tour as well (both pretty good) but Kanye’s show is on point. I dont know how thats debatable. Jay has the best concert tho. Busta Rhymes puts on a great concert too, and Im not even a huge follower of him.

  • northeast215


  • Speaking of Lupe, I went to his concert in Minnesota up here on April 17th as well. That’s also one of the dopest shows I’ve been too. It wasn’t as epic as GLOW IN THE DARK of course, cuz it wasn’t as many musicians or graphics and stuff, but he puts on a dope show and his band is well. I’d compare Lupe’s more to Jay’s performance, cuz he works right with the band on stage and just has a lot of energy. Things like lighting and stuff are semi-important, but not as important as like at Kanye’s shows, where he does crazy special effects and stuff to add to the experience.

  • that dude.

    that hard knock life performance gave me the chills.

  • yessir

    hov turned this motherfucker out.. awesome!

  • pillsbury dopeboy

    glow in the dark wasn’t bad…i thought the story was kinda wack but it definitely had good energy going on

    butttt…doesn’t compare to HOV even tho i’ve never seen him live only through streams/videos

  • philadelphia born and raised

    hard knock life and forever young were cool. fuck they were all cool but run this town was by far the best!

  • darryle

    That’s why they call him the GOAT

  • Bath Water FTW

    I saw Jay Elec perform drunk for 10 minutes in Boston.

    It was up there with me rapping submerged in hour-old bath water.

  • poo

    I was there, trippin my balls off on some crazy chocolates. Supposedly Mclovin (from Superbad) was right next to us in the press section because my friend got some pics of him. All I know is everyone at Bonnaroo must have been at What Stage for Hov. Dude shut it down.

  • Dave Chappelle

    I just got back from Bonnaroo and Jay-Z put on a hell of a show…my favorite stretch of songs was PSA to Heart of the City to NY State of Mind. The crowd was insane for Jay

    Kid Cudi on the otherhand….damn dude is absolutely horrible live, I dont give a fuck if he had just been arrested the night before or not. He lost me as a fan


  • d.will

    The thrill..to have everyone cheer and reach for your pants must be the best feel in the world

  • juds

    i was there too, jay killed it
    also got to go on stage with jay elec the day before AND see nas, so i can’t complain

  • Ayy-Sheets

    Yea I was there aswell. I’ve been to Many shows, and Jay might have the top slot with that one. it was incredible!