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Royce Da 5’9″ – The Bar Exam (Mixtape) [NoDJ]

blame it on Meka June 14, 2010

Many folks were waiting on the DJ-free version of Royce’s latest mixtape, now here it is for all to enjoy. Tracklist and link down bottom.

01 The Most Interesting Man
02 Go Hard pt.1 f. Kid Vishis
03 On Fire f. Crooked I
04 Skit
05 Real Hip Hop f. Black Milk & Elzhi
06 A capella
07 It’s Over
08 Nobody Fucking With Us f. Bun B, Crooked I & Joe Budden
10 Skit 2
11 Beamer, Benz Or Bentley (Shady Mega Mix)
12 I Hate Your Pants
13 Forever
14 In the Club
15 Skit 3
16 Go Hard pt.2 f. Kid Vishis
17 Vagina
18 Psycho (Skit)
19 Psycho
20 Drama f. Trick Trick & Junes Flow
21 187 (Saigon Response)
22 Skit 4
23 Taxi Driver
24 Iceman (Skit)
25 Lyrical Hitman f. MarvWon
26 Skit 5
27 Spark Yo Brain

DOWNLOAD: Royce Da 5’9″ – The Bar Exam Mixtape) [NoDJ]

  • It’s only 27 tracks fam….not 29.

  • JonnieHayward3

    Lame mixtape, another homophobic 30 year old rapper talking guns/bragging about his dick/booze… DJ or NoDJ this shit is trash.

  • This tape really sucks. I know there is a lot of Royce stans that will call me a hater but I am actually a Royce fan. This tape is not even close to as good as BE 1 and 2.

  • whoever the 2nd commenter is…you MUST be an offended faggit. You Mad????

  • roots

    i agree, i love royce, but this mixtape is nothing compared to older material. I see this as a step backwards with the immature material thats scattered throughout

  • Yeah I kind of got bored about halfway through. There were a few good tracks but a lot of it just seem like the same shit. His last album was pretty good though.

  • Oh and Royce really needs to stop talking about how big dick and balls are. I been a fan of his for many years and now with his obsession of talking about his dick 5 times in every song it’s making me ignore his music.

  • The Bar Exam 1 is the best and will continue to be since Royce is an alcoholic and doesn’t give a shit anymore.

  • dashboard


  • robertTHEallen

    i guess you posting this free after i bought it is karma for bootlegging the shit out of royces early work. fuck it, ive got one for the camarro

  • WTF

    I can’t believe you bought it LOL

  • And Won

    Yeah I’m a Royce fan but not impressed by this offering, I’ll try it again w/ NO DJ.

  • robertTHEallen

    @ WTF
    im a huge nickel fan, whoo kid gets on my nerves, and i just graduated, i had money to blow. plus i thought i t had extra songs for some reason

  • Drake Hater

    i loved street hop, but this isn’t very good. a track named “vagina”? fuck outta here, sounds immature as hell.

  • WTF

    I feel you on the bonus songs…but this mixtape (BE3) is a complete left turn from the first 2 Bar Exams. Royce wasn’t smart for abandoning/or bullshitting the series that got him so many fans (especially since Street Hop was mixed horribly). I guess he doesn’t give a fuck now that he’s back with Eminem. This mixtape is filled with OLD songs and retarded ass skit material. Congratulations on graduating too fam, word up!

  • JonnieHayward3

    lol at the dude who called me a “faggit”… I’m actually not a “faggot”, i just get tired of listening to music of people who are scared of “faggots”, and portray it through their insecure music. Homophobes come across mad funny to me… like who is scared of a gay dude? Is he gonna come force himself upon you? LOL LOL… BE 2 was fire btw, this one is just mehhh.

  • Mr. 26

    The last two tracks are missing

  • Phaji

    Anybody know if the T.I. tape’s gonna drop nodj?

  • Jack Daniels

    Worst Royce CD ever!

  • Yaz

    @ Phaji No, it won’t.

  • maybe

    i somewhat agree there was less banging tracks then the previous thats UNDERSTOOD but the track with Elzhi and black milk is really the feature,,and the bun b one, he really needs to go back to the Royce -Taxi man days

  • Granted it’s not as ill as BE2 is but what is? I’m glad to see Nickle enjoying him self. Since BE2 he’s constantly been putting out strait heat, stop hating on his ‘dick, pistol, pistol grip’.


  • ck47

    Also the track list is different on DJ 3 new songs, they added Royce on Nobody Fucking With Us and the acapella is a little longer.

  • yaowa

    Top of the World >> *

  • robertTHEallen

    @ wtf
    i still prefer BE1 to mostly everything else he’s done (and mostly everything else ive ever heard period) but this isnt bad, its got fire its just not wholly consistent. i still planning on copping the deluxe version of street hop though. and thanks bro, its fucking awesome not having to worry about shit for the next few months.

  • boopoo


  • Rocye is just clowning with ya’ll.

  • Kerma

    For a new fan that wasn’t around when 1 & 2 dropped, this is fucking bonkers.

    And Jannie Gaywad here enjoying calling everyone a homophobe must be insecure himself. Not that it matters to me.

  • Drake Hater

    I don’t want artists clowning with me, I want some dope shit. One the whole, this is not.

  • @Wtf
    Never Not. I’ma cop this just to have a physical copy just like I’ve done with every other Bar Exam, only make sense.
    @Drake Hater
    You want dope shit? Then go listen to BE2. Or go listen to all the shit he’s been putting out since Bar Exam 2 that’s not even on any album or mixtape. Or you could even go through this tape and listen to; The Most Interesting Man, Go Hard Pt.1, Nobody Fucking With Us, *Airplanes, Beamer, Benz Or Bentley, Forever, Psycho, 187, Taxi Driver, or Lyrical Hitman because their all some “dope shit”.

    Granted Royce didn’t come through with 29 out of 29 dope tracks(like he usually does) there are still at least 9 tracks that go hard off of this mixtape. I have issues finding anyone putting out more then 9 dope songs in a damn year.

  • Tay

    I enjoyed the mixtape as a whole. the majority was good or hot! And he was jus having fun and doin him. All that little shit that bothers errybody jus seems like yall let it get to yall 2much. And skinny jeans was funny as fuck and pretty much truthful lol. I guess that’s y alot of younger guys r offended

  • BigBearsDoingThangs

    An entire song about skinny jeans. And people dare to call this tape less than pure shit.

  • lot of people feel the need to comment on how much they hate 5’9″ or that this shit is trash… well, Royce must be doing something right for ya’ll “faggots” (haha) to be taking the time to write that bullshit. GOOD LOOKS @DOPEBOYSHAKE!

  • Rio$


  • Thworldisyours

    Thanks for the no dj…

    BE3 > Recovery

  • Themboyz

    The mixtape is funny as hell. Between Street Hop and this I’ll be bumping him for a long time.

  • Themboyz

    And it’s much better without the DJ. At this point I won’t even listen to the music if it has one, all they can do is ruin it.

  • Thworldisyours

    Tracklisting is wrong above by the way… And Nobody Is Fuckin With us HAS the Royce verse now…


  • deanmurdoch

    after listening to it again, its actually pretty good, and vagina and i hate your pants were hilarious… best songs: most interesting man in the world, go hard pt. 1, on fire, nobody fucking with us, beamer benz or bentley, and spark your brain

  • BE3 > Recovery

    Thworldisyour said this

    ^^ You win at life. I agree 100%. I don’t know why people can’t see to understand that even tho this is called “Bar Exam 3”, this tape wasn’t suppose to be a lyrical assault 100% of the time. If you take this mixtape in the context of this tape alone it’s pretty awesome and I’ve been a Royce fan since about 2001.

    I guess rappers can’t have fun anymore. *Puts “In The Club” on repeat*

  • tyler

    Wasn’t there supposed to be some extra tracks on the nodj version and a full version of “nobody fucking with us”?

  • bob barker

    I swear these dudes wake up to hate on Royce. This wasn’t a bad tape at all. Y’all want Bar Exam 1 and 2 material, go listen to Bar Exam 1 and 2.

  • red

    Too many pre-leaks fucked it for me. Plus, the pre-leaks were going over nigga’s beats that so so many peole were/are using. It did have some gems on it though (real hip hop)

  • Thworldisyours

    I never get tired of On Fire…

    Crooked murdered that shit despicably…

  • Thworldisyours

    To tyler above, yeah theres some extra tracks and the full version of Nobody Fucking With Us is on it…

  • dee zee

    personally i think its DOPE!

    not its not be 1 or be 2.. but its dope

  • Keats

    alright first of all you fags who keep saying this mixtape sucks and it isnt anything compared to the BE 1 or 2. You can’t compare any of the mixtapes there are different styles. The BE 1 is nothing at all like the BE 3. Royce is clearly just playing aorund for the most part of this mixtape, just really having fun giving out free music. This mixtape is great if your truly put it in perspective.

  • Keats

    and if you can show me any signs of him being a homophobe show me. cuz in skinny jeans he says you are gay to me BUT THATS OKAY TO ME he just dosent like thier pants.

  • L

    Airplanes and Forever are fantastic. Definitely a lot of gems that any hiphop fan who love flow/delivery/ or lyrical technicality would enjoy. Tight Jeans aside…

  • $pitvicious

    It’s only 27 tracks fam….not 29.
    Dannie said this on June 14th, 2010 at 1:03 am

  • Jack

    this tape is humorous, and you guys are losers

  • Kelly D.

    This tape is as good as it needs to be. A couple whack tracks but you’d be hard pressed to find an artist who has never put out a whack song in his life. Just stfu and listen to it, if you dont like it don’t listen. What the fuck you expect for free? I’m just ecstatic that Whoo Kid isn’t anywhere on this one, it was the same deal with BE2. I didn’t even listen to that shit until the No DJ version came out. BE1 was nice though, Statik and Preme have a way of tagging a song and making it flow, not random gunshots and rewinds.

  • Taxi Driver isn’t on this but overall, it’s solid.

    And thank GOODNESS Whoo Kid is nowhere to be found. I can’t stand DJs that scream or play lame sound effects over tracks.

  • created619

    i’ve been a fan of royce since forever, and if you’re going to tell me that this album isn’t an improvement from his earlier work, you don’t know hip-hop. just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it can’t compare to the old shit, that’s such a misconception! this mixtape is better than almost anything he’s put out. after Rock City, royce fell off. sorry but that’s the truth. he’s a lot better now.

  • Kelly D.

    @created619 You’re an idiot because if you ask any REAL Royce fan, Death is Certain is his best album to date. It’s one of those CDs you can listen to all the way through. I’m sorry but Rock City was so-so, not a bad CD but when you have songs like My Friend on an album, it doesn’t really go in anyone’s top lists. Death is Certain has been in my top 10 since it’s release date and I’m sure it’ll be there for years to come. Not many people can be that real with their music.

  • ruthless

    any chance of getting a re-up on the link

  • L

    The problem with Rock City is how weak it starts off. It doesn’t get hot til track 9 and then it’s classic to the finish.