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Bring It Back: Jay-Z – Where Have You Been f. Beanie Sigel [2000]

blame it on Shake June 15, 2010

Despite their current relationship, there’s no denying the amount of classic material these two have worked together on in the past. Like this introspective joint with Beans that closed out The Dynasty album. And while I know a lot of people wrote it off as a bad compilation, I still say some of Jay’s best songs are on it. Or at least some of my personal favorites. I also included the follow up record they did that ended up on Beanie’s Sophomore release, The Reason.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – Where Have You Been f. Beanie Sigel | Mediafire

BONUS: Beanie – Still Got Love For You f. Jay-Z & Rell | Mediafire

  • FuckHimAndFuckYouToo

    always wished they woulda made an album together

  • Kandice

    what idiot could have thought it was shitty

  • “what idiot could have thought it was shitty”

    i know SO many people who hated that album.

  • $pence

    these songs are dope, and Dynasty was dope too, but Beanie has always been overrated.

  • JL

    The B. Coming is such an underrated album, even a classic in my honest opinion.
    It’s on ft Hov was a monster cypher with these two.

    an entire album together might be a but much, though.

  • Yatti

    Definitely agree! Beans first two albums were great albums. What Ya Life Like was and is still one of his greatest song!!

  • dynasty is a great album _

  • w.b. mason

    The Dynasty album was definitely a dope album. To me it was better than Vol. 3 even tho Vol. 3 had quite a few bangers on it as well

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z – “It’s On” >

  • George Clooney

    This may have been when Jay was at his sharpest lyrically/stylistically. He’s on his brash shit all over this album. Nobody does that arrogant, aloof shit like Jay does, but he was just feelin himself so much by this point, he knew nobody was fuckin with him. The Intro features probably his tightest verse ever, too. The Dynasty album was the perfect precursor to the Blueprint. You could tell he was coming back with a classic.

    Also, Where Have You Been….Beanie delivered some truth. That shit gave me slight chills when I first heard it. (No Drake)

  • no need to tell yal

    I’m feeling this post.. It’s very rare for me to comment on post on here. But I been going thru that father being gone shit heavy lately.. Nigga called like a week ago for the first time in years n moms pressuring me to call him back. As if I should rush to talk to him. Been bumpin these 2 songs heavy last couple days tho

  • beanie overrated??? underrated if anythin… he dont really get props like that…

    but word, two dope tracks… beanie n jay were def nice together…

  • Dynamics

    Ok Shake I see you! Props.

  • ck47

    Dynasty album was great.

  • Ryuk

    Beans doesn’t have a bad alb under his belt, while the work he and jay put out together is some of Hov’s best work. No question. That whole Roc era had hov at his best. And as far as the dynasty, it’s my personal favorite in jays catalog.

  • always appreciated

  • And Won

    I support Bring It Back!

    That ‘Where Have You Been’ track was really power and meaningful to me growing up….for real!

  • Musikfiend

    The B. Coming is such an underrated album, even a classic in my honest opinion.


    Hell yeah i listened to that album for like 2 years, lol. Definite classic. My dream collab album would’ve been Jay, Beans, & Scarface.

  • Shawn

    Jay, Beans, & Scarface have collabo’d.. look it up.

    Amd Beanie is underrated if anything.. not even close to over.

  • “Jay, Beans, & Scarface have collabo’d.. look it up.”

    he said dream collab ALBUM.

  • Jeremy
  • David

    Man.. These joints still get heavy plays on my ipod. Classic shit

  • MakaveliTheDon52

    This was definitely his most personal album to me anyway

  • Love this joint. Shit really hit home the first time I heard it. Man.

  • JL

    yea, i mean, NO ONE mentions that album when the conversation about classics comes up and it’s like his Me against The World

  • yessir

    Where Have You Been.. Shit is crazy. Good lookin on the throwbacks!


    happy to see no hate bullshit comments or all that absurd shiiiiiiiiiiiit that goes on in the c-section all the time! lets take a step back and appreciate the music
    dynasty album definitely was sicker than vol 3. IMO everyone talking about beans being underrated how bout JUST BLAZE at his primo skills making the sick beats around this time with roc like freeway album etc.


  • Drake Hater

    Jay – one of the greatest, no question about it. No one has ever been as prolific for such a length of time.

  • Truth

    I had been sleeping on this back in the day. Don’t forget This Can’t Be Life, that’s still the jawnt.

  • This album had quite a few sick joints on it. “Soon You’ll Understand” and “Squeeze 1st” are two of my favorite Jay joints.

  • SLIM64

    The Dynasty was a solid wildcard album

    shit like hit the posse cut concept spot on son

    Dynasty Intro

    i dont know why niggas slept on dat joint…Camel got it in back in the day

  • raptorfan

    soon you’ll understand is a classic jay record……..”take your time when ur liking a guy, cuz if he sense ur feelings are too intense, its pimp or die” thats the realest advice u can give a girl

  • Drake Hater

    I’m not really feeling “Where Have You Been”. Beanie’s first verse is classic but Jay didn’t impress me that much and the beat was horrible.

  • Bill Clinton

    BEANS verse classic

  • Bill Clinton

    but the dynasty did seem a little forced at some points it was half crack (intro, this cant be life) n half wack (get ur mind right mami). but at that time i did like alot of the beats, but after RD i wanted a WHOLE classic album. that said. this song is dope.

  • Mondo

    follow me on twitter I’ll return the favor! I need some real rapheads on my timeline @raythegrouch

  • Shawn

    There might have been people who slept on it but the album still went over double platinum. I know sales don’t mean shit when it comes to quality but still many people had heard it, is my point.

    “Jay, Beans, & Scarface have collabo’d.. look it up.”

    he said dream collab ALBUM.

    Yeah, I see that now, Shake. My bad.. :D

  • Brett Favre

    Beans & Jay are at there best tryin to one up each other on “Its On” off of the State Prop 2

  • Nerd

    This is one of Jay’s most real and heartfelt tracks, period. It stops me in my tracks every time I hear it.

    I can see why many people might not have liked the Dynasty album when I first came out, because of the hype and Jay’s overall image in the eyes of TrueSchoolers at the time, but it is as solid an album as Reasonable Doubt imo. Not better, just on a similar level of quality

  • Mohammed

    Yeah this is one of Jay-Z deepest songs. You can feel the pain in both of Beanie and Jay’s verses. Beans and Jay were a great combo. They had great chemistry. The Dynasty was a good album. There was couple bad songs, but stuff like this This Can’t Be Life, 1-900 Hustler, the Intro were

  • Mohammed

    I mean’t to say those songs were classics I’m talking about were classics.

  • trinking

    beans on where have you been still gives me chills man..fuckin raw emotion…why cant these two still make music like this?