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J. Cole – The Last Stretch

blame it on Shake June 15, 2010

On this day — one year ago — J. Cole hit us with The Warm Up. And as a token of his appreciation to the fans, he let loose of a new freestyle.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – The Last Stretch | Mediafire

  • ab44


  • iknow

    “I don’t know what the hell that is”

    hahaha. Like he just bootlegged it.

  • Present and future

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  • The Warm Up Was Released Today Last Year ?
    & TML Dropped Today …..

    Let The Comparisons Begin .

  • OGEazy

    I’ll download this before I even take a listen!

  • johnd

    “this the last step, im a half step from legendary”

    how real is this

  • Dat niglet

    In the end I hope J.Cole reigns supreme in this hip hop world.

  • ck47

    Lupe’s version >>>

  • Hagar

    “Pay dues like a hair salon” = FAIL.

    J.Cole is more of a half step away from a 9 to 5 than he is from legendary.

  • Now My Insane Brain, My 32 Teeth, & Two Feet Creep Like It’s Elm Street

    Nice, aint really go in but this nice

  • johnd


  • ck47

    anyone got a working link to the come up and the warm up

  • Now My Insane Brain, My 32 Teeth, & Two Feet Creep Like It’s Elm Street

    @ Ck47

    Jus go on datpiff.com

  • Mtrx

    Nicee, The word play is ridiculous. Cole>>

  • timothycarter

    awwhh shiet lyrics without bitches money and corny bs

  • brownboyz4

    Just keep dropping shit just like this I’m glad u not over doing it like most dese dudes do basically doing n dropping a song wit anyone just to say they did giving us some ol half ass music

  • Co-sign timothycarter….My nigga J. Cole is the truth..
    Btw its been a minute since I posted any of my shit on here cuz I’ve taken yall advice and worked on my skills so lemme kno if yall feelin my new shit right quick..


  • trinity1

    GOTTTTTTTTTTT… DAMN *downloads*

  • BlackThoughtisthetruth

    Good track, but after hearing Lupe no one can touch it. Don’t get it twisted though…Cole is a beast.

  • Rezo

    From a huge J.Cole fan’s perspective I have been disappointed with his recent freestyles/songs. I feel like either he already used up his good shit or he is just getting lazy. If you compare all the stuff he has released in the last few months compared to the his first 2 mixtapes then you will realize his material has really fallen off. This ‘freestyle’ is pretty good for an average rapper but it’s disappointing for J.Cole.

  • dbreezyLSU

    straight heat

  • Mohammed

    He killed it.

  • sik

    atomic bombed this shit.the album is gonna be crazy! cant wait

  • OGEazy

    Rezo what would be the point of dropping his best material right now? He’s given hip hop a lot of compelling music for free. First he needs a release date, and second he really needs another push from Jay-Z. His first two tapes were amazing and his fans haven’t forgotten those releases.
    I wouldn’t be concerned about J. Cole running out of good material, falling off, or watering down his music. I’m much more concerned about his music not getting the promotion it deserves.
    (I’m still STILL still showing people who J. Cole is, I mean what the fuck?)

  • AJA

    He killed it. If you think he didn’t then you don’t get the lines.

  • EvoX

    Really interested in hearing how his album is gonna turn out and sound like. J. Cole supporter

  • ovechkin yo

    easily the best new rapper around. dope song…

  • LOL Rezo is just showing up what is about to happen with Cole like it happened with Drizzy… “OMG his old shit was better than his new shit, he should go back to his old shit” STFU NIGGA, ARTISTS PROGRESS AND WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AS THEY WERE, GET WITH IT OR GET GONE “You want my old shit, buy my old album”

  • yup

    ^^^ it’s not progressing if you’re not getting better.

  • RappishWayz

    Even tho J. Cole did his thing(as usual) on this I must admit that a friend of mine actually killed this beat a while ago, posted back from December of last year.If he learns I posted this he’d prolly be mad since he’s gotten so much better since then but fukk it(I thought it was dope).He’s from out here in Sacramento,CA workin on his first full mixtape/street album right now,coming in a few months(I think).My boi’s dope, check it out
    Sean Wonder – Angels http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC2B6kKe3qI

  • Boomerang Slang

    @Rezo yea he might be saving his best material for his album. i hope so

  • Now My Insane Brain, My 32 Teeth, & Two Feet Creep Like It’s Elm Street

    Ion think j.cole fans are gonna turn out like drake fans bcuz drake got way too commerical and way too cocky and ppl jus realizin wat he really is a pop artist with nothin 2 say, j.cole always have a message or sumthin 2 learn in his songs i’ll be surprised if he water dwn his lyrics and material

  • Could’ve been better.

  • gully

    The thing is its so REAL u have to love it…no complaints if he keeps rapping like this.

  • Micah

    man this track was dope, just raw energy which you dont hear anymore from these artists, still spittin the raw material, nothing money motivated “hot fire like dy-a-lan ” lol “my brother got him a interview, but he cant get a ride” -and thats no punchlines thats some real shit to be spittin

  • OGEazy

    Hey Shake I want to put this on the Zune and I think it deserves it’s own Album Art. Is there any chance of that happening?

  • Nito

    Damn time flys then

  • oneandonlyCODY

    Drake who?

  • JD

    awwhh shiet lyrics without bitches money and corny bs

    timothycarter said this
    WTF? Plenty of bitches and money in here\
    Good none the less

  • We need the album.

  • Lupe’s version was not better than this version


    I told yall niggaz that A. Hole would eventually play himself out before his album drops. he’s become tired and boring in a short amount of time. he has nothing left in his verbal tank. he’s his own victim of over-hyped and over-exposure of self-serving interviews. he’s a below average artist with a very limited MC range. he will FAIL!

  • based

    only real niggas can understand Cole

    cole keep the heatt coming

  • based

    cole might be sending shots at drake on this

    “niggas couldn’t fill my shoes couldn’t even try em on
    showed yo lil ass love that’s how you take it 2 faced niggas couldn’t even tie my shoes laces”

    you know how cole was wishing drake the best on his album and shit and saying he hopes drake sell a mill and shit.

    but drake did that 9am in Dallas over Coles Who Dat and he did that bollywood flow freestyle shit

  • AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT HEARS HIM AND J.COLE ARE GOING AT IT ON THESE RECORDS. WTF IS GOING ON!?!?!?! ARE YOU GUYS NOT LISTENING TO THE MUSIC!?!?!?!? On Who Dat cole play’s the sound bite “Who else want’s to mess with Hollywood Cole?” and then Drake says it over on the first line in Bollywood Flow and then continues to go in!!!!! and then on this record ya’ll don’t hear Cole saying niggas is singing but he’s from a different world. Then listen to what Drake says to him about that on Bollywood flow. Some one please respond and tell me i’m bugging?!?!?!?

  • J.Cole and Drake are coming at each other do you guys not here it?

    WTF!?!?!? Is any one else not hearing this?!?!?

    Listen to Bolly wood Flow when Drake says to who want’s to mess with HollyWood Cole? and then continues to go in on him??

    and it has to be because of this shit??

    this nigga cole saying niggas is singing but he’s from a different world

    and this nigga Drake brought all that shit up on Bollywood Flow

    ya’ll niggas neead to learn to listen better.

    Some one please respond if ya’ll hear it?!?!?!?

  • sorry for the no spell check

  • Estrada

    Boss Movement

  • Youngsimba

    Make sure to watch J. Cole performing tonight at 7:40pm streaming live on Jcolemusic.com

  • oneandonlyCODY

    I can rap better than drake hahahahaaahah

  • J.COLE IS THE NEXT JAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • SSM31

    @NYCityKid: Naa your not buggin ive been noticing that shit too…

  • justcallmejuice

    i’ve noticed that beef for a while… i’m just really surprised about Jay’s line from Light Up though… talking about ‘silly dudes coming at you’, when it’s Jay’s up & comer that’s doing it.

    thing we didn’t hear about from that Bollywood Flow track, is if J. Cole & Drake were both in the booth, and someone had mentioned it. or Drake is havin’ J. Cole’s back. it could really be perceived a number of ways…

    i just can’t think they’d actually be that stupid to be feuding, when they could use each other to gain that extra step on the competition.

  • BlowUp

    J.Cole is a monster… and i don’t think Jay was talking about J.Cole when he said “silly dudes coming at you” Drake + J.Cole + XV + Big Sean = A Classic Record.. hopefully one day we can get it.. and for the dudes that hate on Drake, i ask why? is it cause he was in degrassi, or because he’s from Canada.. if the dude loves the game and can spit why hate? u should be congratulating dudes for stepping up and elevating the game instead of hating or talking shit. I know Rap and Hip Hop is all about street but come one now, if the dude is talented, he shouldn’t rap? anyways fuck haters.. get money!!