Jim Jones - More Than A Hustla (Video)

Featuring Sen City.

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  • Looks like a 1998 DMX video and this song is just really awful. I can't believe they made a video for this disaster.

  • Bill Clinton

    was jenny being a douch again at the end of the video?

  • WoW

    That was funny at the end their lol Jimmy told that man wassup.

  • Unxpekted6

    This is worse than Royce's version and that version was fucking garbage, so yea

  • That bitch a 1:10 would get soooo Mole ested

  • chick at 1:13 is hella fine but other than that...

  • Jay Cole

    corny niggas do corny things! Fuck Jenny

  • Musikfiend

    Dude at the end on the bike was killin it.

  • Shake this is the type of buffoonery that deserves the infamous "RAoF" headline

  • Rude Jude

    Does this nigga Jenny got button fly jeans?

  • the ruler

    only thing we really care about after watching this is...
    who is the girl?!?!

  • BBC

    yo this is the worse shit ive ever fucking heard, i used to dig jim jones but damn nigga, hang yo self

  • MartyMar

    yeah who's the girl!?


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