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Slang Editorial: Hey, What About The Rest Of Us?

blame it on Meka June 15, 2010

In today’s post at XXL I talk about some of the artists I listen to.

READ: Slang Editorial: Hey, What About The Rest Of Us?

  • Micah

    big k.r.i.t shows promise also, i would like to hear more tho

  • OGEazy

    Recently I’ve been playing so much music I’ve forgotten about because there’s so much Drake posts that I need to escape from it all.
    I support his music and all but it’s too much.

  • I like that article….You really kno ya music man….

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    yea that MSTRD is dope…k.r.i.t. shit is solid…so far just looking forward to pilot talk and that Gibbs/Alchemist project Devil’s Palace as far as non-mainstream acts go

  • Groucho

    Devil’s Palace & Str8 Killa No Fills will be fire. Pilot Talk too.

  • Ryuk

    Been listening to Shads TSOL pretty heavily.

  • Ryuk

    Oh and Smoke DZA like crazy.

  • robertTHEallen

    legit point.
    and motherFUCK the beatz surname. i enjoy the music of those who use it, althogh ski > swizz most of the time, but ive got a personal issue with mister kaseem dean. impregnating my woman and shit…

  • Faubs

    word up to TSOL. been bumping that consistently. also a MAD slept on album/tape is j. ferb’s ‘chase the dreams, not the competition.’ that’s real shit.

  • superlative post you keep