• Rubief

    That's weird, seeing Bizarre with his shirt on..

  • White Mike

    D12 are pretty underrated besides Bizzare. Kuniva and Swift, I get them confused sometimes. Proof was the best, but Porter, Kuniva, and Swift are all pretty good.

  • Kevinbh


    Wow.. I seriously can't believe Miley Cyrus did it with Justin Bieber and the made a video of it!!

  • http://NYC zany blunts

    proof>swift>kuniva>kon artis>bizzare

    proof is easily the best... wish he never died... n kon artis is a much better producer than a rapper...

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Ain't that a Nas beat he spitting on? Pretty good verses too!

  • dro

    cracc dun sleep on dis

  • who cares

    I like dis. Always thought da dirty dozen was a lil underrated

  • Doug

    They are all good (except for bizzare) but honestly, only get shine cause of Em. They are solid though..much better than other popular rappers.

  • yessir

    @SHOWMAN3000. yup, black zombies off the lost tapes

  • http://www.thingsididlastnight.com/ Shihaby

    His finger in the picture is creeping me out.