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Kuniva (of D12) – Lights Out

blame it on Shake June 16, 2010

Kuniva takes some time out to reflect on the untimely death of Proof. Off his upcoming Midwest Marauder mixtape. Also, hit the jump as Bizarre speaks on the upcoming D12 mixtape and album.

DOWNLOAD: Kuniva – Lights Out | Mediafire

  • Rubief

    That’s weird, seeing Bizarre with his shirt on..

  • White Mike

    D12 are pretty underrated besides Bizzare. Kuniva and Swift, I get them confused sometimes. Proof was the best, but Porter, Kuniva, and Swift are all pretty good.

  • Kevinbh


    Wow.. I seriously can’t believe Miley Cyrus did it with Justin Bieber and the made a video of it!!

  • proof>swift>kuniva>kon artis>bizzare

    proof is easily the best… wish he never died… n kon artis is a much better producer than a rapper…

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Ain’t that a Nas beat he spitting on? Pretty good verses too!

  • dro

    cracc dun sleep on dis

  • who cares

    I like dis. Always thought da dirty dozen was a lil underrated

  • Doug

    They are all good (except for bizzare) but honestly, only get shine cause of Em. They are solid though..much better than other popular rappers.

  • yessir

    @SHOWMAN3000. yup, black zombies off the lost tapes

  • His finger in the picture is creeping me out.