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Slang Editorial: No Country For Old Men

blame it on Meka June 16, 2010

In today’s post at the house of Harris I talk about what could have been of 2Pac if he were alive today.

READ: Slang Editorial: No Country For Old Men

  • Dfrye

    Tupac ==== Most overrated rapper ever.

  • lamefuckingtags

    ^^^ You’re pretty fucking stupid.

  • Bill Clinton

    personally, i think pac like no other rapper at the time was a representative of the “struggle” in america as a whole, and morespecifically for african americans, he i think wud have gone into politics/social community work ultimately.

  • Kevinbh


    Wow.. I seriously can’t believe Miley Cyrus did it with Justin Bieber and the made a video of it!!

  • lamefuckingtags

    Lol maybe social work but politics?? with his rep/rap sheet… don’t think so.


    100% agree with you meka, if you dont your dumb. pac would just be another old ass dude not getting as much respect as he deserves.

  • Royce 5 9 is the perfect example of where 2pac would be in 2010.
    Slayin beats, making fun of skinny jeans, and showing motherfuckers how to deliver a verse.

  • madConsumer

    love the Burlington Coat Factory rip LOL
    just the other day I saw some Makaveli jeans

  • Dj ILL One

    Meka hit the nail right on the head. Pac will always have a degree of relevancy,but the new generation would`ve been”On To The Next One” The ones who were there from “2Pacallyps Now” to “Seven Day Theory” would be saying Pac is one of the dopest,and underrated. It`s just the changing of the guards. Him and Biggie would`ve gone through the same thing as our otehr hip hop legends.

  • ???

    DAROCKNESSMONSTAH no 1 can predict the future..hjay is still relevant y not pac? y cant he have gone another route?

  • Musikfiend

    I really think Pac would’ve went further & further into acting. Dude was hella talented he might have been another Will Smith.

  • robertTHEallen

    was pac good – well duh
    but would he bee seen as goat if alive – unlikely.
    hed probably be the 5th member of slaughterhouse…
    and you were on point about rock the bells, my group of flunkies dont wanna go because “its full of old ass lyrical freaks”

  • justcallmejuice

    i don’t think Jay’s fell off as much as people think he has… he’s evolved. he’s rapping to a different demographic now… he’s not going after the street thugs anymore, he’s going after the hustlers from the 90’s that are working jobs now, or the kids that were in high school when he dropped Reasonable Doubt who are now working on wall street… i can’t fully relate to the G450’s and flying to St. Tropez for a weekend, but i do recognize that lifestyle. i’d rather hear Jay rapping about that high-life than to hear other dudes rapping about all their bling/rims/making it rain…

    it’s like what he said, ‘you want my old shit, buy my old albums’… i got nothing but respect for that.