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T.I. x XXL [Excerpt]

blame it on Meka June 16, 2010

The house of Harris put up another picture of Cliff from their interview (which you can check down bottom), and another excerpt (which you can check below):

In the revealing article, written by Ben Detrick, Tip denies the insistent rumors that he supplied the government with pertinent information in order to receive a shorter prison sentence for charges stemming from a 2007 arrest on federal gun charges. “There ain’t nobody, nowhere in naan jail sayin’ I was on they paperwork,” the Atlanta-native told XXL. “Can’t nobody show you no paperwork with my name on it. Ain’t naan judge, ain’t naan D.A., ain’t nobody. But what troubles me is that there’s muth-afuckas out there talking ’bout they think or be-lieve I’m snitching, but riding around, smoking weed and drinking beer with muthafuckas who they know telling. But you want to sit back and talk shit about me on the computer.”

Besides clearing up snitching rumors, the southern rap giant also reflects on the content and direction of his new music, in light of his recent conviction. “I can talk about drugs and guns,” T.I. explained. “And I do. It’s just in a different way. I can go on a record and say whatever I want to say, but I just never done that. When T.I. was threatening you, whatever he was threatening you with, he had. Whatever it is he was saying would be done and could be done. He was telling the truth. Right now, for me to sit here and talk about having guns in my waistband would be a far cry from the truth. It’s not the case. It doesn’t feel like me to kick shit that ain’t a reality.”


  • Unxpekted6

    Why are you posting this? This could have been replaced with some dope ass underground mixtapes or tracks.

  • Unxpekted6

    Is it like protocol for you to post stupid ass shit i cant find anyone caring about?

    If so then this is a governed website? Just curious, because theres alot of WTF posts as of late, i.e. Gucci Mane, R&B, B-Lo (wtf is a b-lo) and a bunch of other, sorry to say, trash.

    I got an idea, I should stop bitching and never come to this site again? No, I would rather you guys improve your content. Will that happen? Probably not. Has it happened, well I would say last year or two years ago this blog was way efficient as a music blog then it is today, especially the quality of the content.

  • Dave Chappelle

    I thought that segment was pretty tight. Tip actually lives what he raps. In hip hop, that is quite a rarity.

  • bous

    LMAO @ Unxpekted6. You’re an idiot. Nuff said.

  • nate.

    “Can’t nobody show you no paperwork with my name on it. Ain’t naan judge, ain’t naan D.A., ain’t nobody.”

    well that’s that point of telling on people T.I., no one is going to tell that you told.

  • Nickolas Reid

    governed website? how much tweak did you do recently? quality of content? … talk to the music industry u fucking brat.

  • Bill Clinton

    “But what troubles me is that there’s muth-afuckas out there talking ’bout they think or be-lieve I’m snitching,”- TIP

    Yes….yes we do..i think it was ur CRIMESTOPPERS COMMERCIAL..U KNO THE ONE U WERE ON T.V FOR?


  • Nickolas Reid

    nate… thats called witness protection.. which they are never protected… testimonies.. plea bargain or not, is public record.. lol.. search my name in public record.. I was recently aquitted, it didnt help the news paper from printing its public outrage on legalized marijuanna.. i was aquitted, and judge ordered to seal… and still? ya.. u dont know wtf ur talking about either.. T.I.s legal situation sheds light on how many people have no fucking idea how this system works here in america. good lord. spend 5 dollars grab his records, and then post those. if u have something to highlight, so be it.. if u don’t.. QUIT SPEAKING ABOUT THE FUCKING LAW.. Sandra Cantu’s killer was her sunday school teacher.. yep, gods disciple raped a small girl with foriegn objects, in her church.. got her drunk, drugged, and sufficicated her with her vag… and then through her in a fucking river… she took a plea bargain.. bitch will no longer get the death penailty.. sealed records.. she must be a snitch? or would the prosecution rather have a conviction that possibly losing a certainty? does our local sacramento news reach nationwide? who knows… wish it did.. might help some of u assholes understand some shit.

  • steelz202

    Double talk from TIP, On one hand he’s saying (in light of his conviction) that he doesn’t rap about guns and drugs the same, but if you listen to F*ck a mix-tape I can’t tell. When I watched T.I on Larry King I was said OK maybe he’s going in a different direction conceptually so I was interested in how that would play out in the music, but the mix-tape was more of the same content. Which is it TIP?

  • Doo Doo Brown

    Unxpekted, Fulltimebitch, & Rezo are in a horserace for the 2DB Dipshit Commenter Award, which is quite an achievement considering how many amazing contibuters post here on the daily. Unxpekted just took the lead.

    And don’t feel bad for T.I. who obviously thought he above the law to be in the situation of having to serve time and now address snitching suspicions.

  • Rio$

    Lol @ rappers just get your money no need to play gangsta

  • TI tries too hard to be hard.

  • *cough* bullshit…. T.I. and every other snitch knows that you can snitch and no go on paper with it. it all depends on who you snitch to.

    PRODIGY got caught with ONE gun and got 3 years… T.I. gets caught with an arsenal and gets 6 months? C’MON SON!!


    there’s really nothing wrong if ti told but like yelling that he didnt is too suspect…i mean shit id tell to get 29 yrs taken from my sentence, i dont give a fuck…id rather be able to live my life then have “respect in the ‘hood”

  • fuck all ya

    fuck yeah….SHUT THE FUCK UP, prodigy got caught with one gun, in NYC you asshole, where I happen to live, and bloomberg don’t play games, one handgun has a maximum penalty of 7 years in NYC I’m sure georgias gun laws are a lot less strict or wherever the fuck ti got busted…leave the dude alone let the nigga make his music, buy it if you want, dl if you don’t wanna buy it or can’t afford it, and with the level of stupidity in your comment I’ll take the latter cuz idk where your dumbass would get a job, and if not just don’t listen to the nigga at all and shut your ignant ass up

  • lonestar_playa

    ay u kno wut i believe tip n some of yall missin da whole point of wut he tryna make. ppl can judge tip for snitchin all they want if u don’t kno da whole truth behind everythang dat happened wit da situation dat got him a year in prison……..SHUT DA FUCK UP. sum niggaz don’t even kno da real meanin behind da G-code n they quik to say tip snitched cuz he only got a year in prison. dis guy iz a celeb! im sure dat dey git certain plea deals dat most regular niggaz dat git caught up in da same situation dat he wuz in don’t! yall don’t kno if he snitched or not……..who he told on? somebody answer dat then ya opinion maybe relevant.

  • 9

    This nigga act like paper work is the end all be all. Like we aint heard of a secret deposition or something. For You slow folks, thats were a certified confidential government informant is allowed to choose a false name to be referred to as by the Judge and D.A., and then allowed to confidentially tell on people.

  • GDC


    You obviously don’t know the difference between NYS gun laws and Georgia gun laws. Plus you don’t know what options he was given. Snitching is public record, NO MATTER who you snitch on. TI had an excellent team of lawyers and the judge gave him a break. I know regular people that received some leniency after getting caught with some shit that will put other niggas away for a long time. In short: get over it!

  • droppinEs

    so the Dr Pepper ads are gone now


    btw to be on topic, I barely understood wtf T.I. said in this interview/excerpt. wtf is naan

  • bambam

    Time for talking is over. I wanna hear this dude’s new shit.


  • MN112


  • Rezo

    His album has some really wack features on it. I can’t buy an album that has B.o.B., Lady Gaga, Young Dro, Mac Boney, and The Dream. I mean are you serious? Those features are beyond wackness.

  • lonestar_playa

    @ rezo…….mayne i respect ya opinion brah but B.O.B.? a wack feature? ima disagree on dat one dere……dat nigga got sum talent…..now he could’ve had sum rawer features on dere like bun b, killer mike, or even scarface but i can settle wit wut he got i guess

  • lonestar_playa

    @ droppinEs…….naan iz a southern slang dat we use in short to say “no other”. remember trick daddy’s “naan nigga” record”? datz all it iz just a slang

  • Michael

    o, lol @ droppinEs i was thinkin the same exact thing