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50 Cent x Floyd Mayweather – Mixtape Daily Interview (Video)

blame it on Meka June 17, 2010

Thankfully Boo-Boo might keep that impending audio torture known as Black Magic in the vaults where it rightfully belongs…

For the original concept of his Black Magic album, 50 Cent said he was inspired by dance music while touring overseas. Now that he’s in the U.S., on the Invitation Tour, the G-Unit team captain said he has a whole other muse for a completely different album.

“I started working on it,” 50 said last week in Los Angeles. “I been working on writing to a concept for Black Magic. … I recorded 19 songs. Then when I got back to the U.S., I started writing to a different concept. I spoke to Em. He called me when I was starting in Detroit.”

Before Fif could go more in-depth about his upcoming album, his friend, Floyd Mayweather — who sat in on the interview as well — announced he has an LP as well. “We’re doing a compilation album,” Money Mayweather said. The boxing champ said he’ll be highlighting various artists on the project. – MTV

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  • Brian

    “impending audio torture” HAHAHA i don’t wanna subject my ears to that bulls***.

  • TE

    hmmmmmmmm… I think floyd is talking about wayne.

  • Static


    You Too? lol

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    mayweather you just worry about getting the chance to knock the dog shit out of pacquiao and leave that music shit alone!!!

  • El Gallo

    Mayweather knocking Pacquiao? What!?….If Floyd wins that fight its gonna be a Decision. After seeing the 2nd round of Mosley vs Mayweather I dont know Mayweather beating Pacquiao…Pac will touch that chin a few times in that fight. Floyd will get KO.

  • yeah i said it

    Pac will kill Floyd

  • Stop*It*5ive

    damn it takes a boxer to finally speak up against Lil Wayne…dats why u gotta love mayweather..nohomo

  • Mtrx

    LOL @ Mayweather. He NEEDS to be the center of attention no matter what he does.

    Shots @ wayne obv.

  • hiphopzpop

    wtf meka & shake, i just commented on the cudi joint, why the fck im i not on the recent comments!?? how the fck else im a gonna get famous?!

  • Blahzah Blah`

    This guy talking about doing a compilation album with big artist, but he can’t even get his own label right. Doesn’t he have some kind of record label? I see people rock the shirts on that show 24/7.

  • Wow Meka Your A Fuckin’ Asshole… G Unit For Life Nigga… Thats Why Shakes Better Then You IOn Music And He Should Be Writin’ For XXL… Fuck A Meka!…

  • really

    lol he was definately talking bout wayne hahaha

  • Musikfiend

    LOL @ Floyd taking blatant shots @ Wayne.