• Brian

    "impending audio torture" HAHAHA i don't wanna subject my ears to that bulls***.

  • TE

    hmmmmmmmm... I think floyd is talking about wayne.

  • Static


    You Too? lol

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    mayweather you just worry about getting the chance to knock the dog shit out of pacquiao and leave that music shit alone!!!

  • El Gallo

    Mayweather knocking Pacquiao? What!?....If Floyd wins that fight its gonna be a Decision. After seeing the 2nd round of Mosley vs Mayweather I dont know Mayweather beating Pacquiao...Pac will touch that chin a few times in that fight. Floyd will get KO.

  • yeah i said it

    Pac will kill Floyd

  • Stop*It*5ive

    damn it takes a boxer to finally speak up against Lil Wayne...dats why u gotta love mayweather..nohomo

  • Mtrx

    LOL @ Mayweather. He NEEDS to be the center of attention no matter what he does.

    Shots @ wayne obv.

  • hiphopzpop

    wtf meka & shake, i just commented on the cudi joint, why the fck im i not on the recent comments!?? how the fck else im a gonna get famous?!

  • Blahzah Blah`

    This guy talking about doing a compilation album with big artist, but he can't even get his own label right. Doesn't he have some kind of record label? I see people rock the shirts on that show 24/7.

  • http://www.facebook.com/markwallstreet Psyfer420

    Wow Meka Your A Fuckin' Asshole... G Unit For Life Nigga... Thats Why Shakes Better Then You IOn Music And He Should Be Writin' For XXL... Fuck A Meka!...

  • really

    lol he was definately talking bout wayne hahaha

  • Musikfiend

    LOL @ Floyd taking blatant shots @ Wayne.