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Bun B – Trill OG (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake June 17, 2010

Cover art and tracklisting for Uncle Bun’s upcoming album, which drops August 3rd. Features from Young Jeezy, Drake, Pimp C, 2pac, Trey Songz, Raekwon, Yo Gotti and more.

01 Church
02 Trillionaire
03 Just Like That f. Young Jeezy
04 Put It Down f. Drake
05 Right Now f. Pimp C, 2pac & Trey Songz
06 Countin’ Money All Day f. Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti
07 Ridin’ Slow f. Slim Thug
08 Speak Easy f. Twista & Cedric the Entertainer
09 Lights, Camera, Action
10 I Get Down For Mine
11 No Competition f. Raekwon (prod. DJ Khalil)
12 Let ‘Em Know (prod. DJ Premier)
13 All A Dream f. Latoya Luckett
14 It’s Been a Pleasure f. Drake

Shouts to Nav. And yes… track 5 is really dope and will feature unreleased vocals from both Pimp C and 2pac.

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss” Stan fka Answer Me!

    Just gonna be like his past albums….

  • dmarks

    That’s a lot of features. We’ll see how this turns out

  • mistertwol

    ^ and still better than Detox

  • woot

    oh shit finally its gnna be dope!

  • OB_5

    he got a Pac verse?

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    SMH Paul Wall’s CD is lookin better than this IMO

    The tracklisting for Heart of A Champion is below:
    1. Take Notes
    2. Showin’ Skillz (feat. Lil’ Keke)
    3. I’m On Patron
    4. Round Here (feat. Chamillionaire)
    5. Im’ma Get It (feat. Kid Sister & Bun B)
    6. Stay Iced Up (feat. C. Stone & Johnny Dang)
    7. Pocket Fulla Presidents (feat. Andre Nickatina & Mitchy Slick)
    8. Ain’t A Thang (feat. Jim Jones)
    9. My City (feat. Dallas Blocker & Yo Gotti)
    10. Smoke Everyday (feat. Z-Ro & Devin The Dude)
    11. Live It (feat. Jay Electronica, Raekwon & YelaWolf)
    12. Not My Friend (feat. Slim Thug)
    13. Still On
    14. Heart Of A Hustler

  • BW

    this looks dope, just when you think there’s no more unreleased Tupac verses

  • ferreal, finally….. def lookin forward to it…. too many features IMO tho, but we’ll see….

  • LOL, yea… 2pac seems to have enough unreleased verses to fill up a 160 GB ipod… i mean, i wonder if any of the ones that are left are even that good… well, we’ll see this one when this drops…

  • Huh?

    what happened to Gladiator? That shit sounded tough on the mixtape.

  • whoa.. paul wall feat jay elec & raekwon!!?? that really interests me…….

  • monroe

    damn alotta wack features for a really dope artist.

  • JonesDeini

    Artwork’s a bit uninteresting. Tracklist is feature heavy but he’s never been a solo artists by nature. I think the supporting cast should hold their own weight this go around plus beens in a more focused/hungry place than he was on II Trill (with Pimp passing and all). Excited to hear that cut with Raekwon and that Preemo joint. Hopefully this’ll be the legacy capper he needs to certify him as one of the GOATS.

  • Shake & Meka’s Homie

    A Preme track and 2 Drake tracks? Niiiiiice….Under Pressure freestyle on the way Shake & Meka.

  • ck47

    should be good

  • LonestarTev

    folk who already heard the cd say ITS A CLasic minus 1 or 2 tracks (yo gotti gucci mane track)
    but they say the production is KILLER

  • Rio$

    umm drake ruins it, only being 14 tracks ruins it and –> 05 Right Now f. Pimp C, 2pac & Trey Songz<– WTF still a bun b fan but idk about this one

  • dexb

    alot of these features im gonna guess are straight chorus feats. no verses. but this cd looks dope. except track 6

  • DJ LP

    Not going to lie that Paul Wall tracklist looking alot better than this. But I’m still waiting for this album.

  • Antone

    can’t wait.

    UGK 4 LIFE!

  • L

    Only thing I’m interested in is Put It Down.

  • he likes working with drake… damn haha
    Album should be Raw Bun never disappoints
    R.I.P. Pimp C

  • Magee

    Raekwon + Khalil beat = awesome. For being from the South, it’s awesome Bun B is eraching out to such a variety of emcees. Same w/ Paul Wall. Should be sweet.

  • d.will

    looking forward to it especially the Pac feature homie said its an unreleased verse so yeah, he keeping UGK alive
    R.I.P Pimp C

  • robertTHEallen

    brothers birthday, bun bs album. should be a good day.

  • FuckWorldWorld
  • Busy

    i assume “its been a pleasure” is the joint drake did but with Bun on the verses?…

  • killacali1234

    This cd looks dope if it’s the actual track list..fuckin pac is on this shit…sheeeeit

  • ThisGuy

    To those bitchin…

    I got 2 words for the rap game, FUCK YA’LL!!!- Royce

    Fuckin Pussys..

  • kuci06

    thats not the cover

    thats just the album logo artwork…

  • Drake Hater

    Not too excited about this cause Bun B is usually just the same old Bun B, still will be worth a listen though like all his stuff. “No Competition” f/ Raekwon is what I’m checking for!

  • Juanka

    I’m looking for that 11th track with Rae and a Khalil beat…

  • J.G

    Drake kills his been a pleasure verses.. wonder which one he’ll keep… i think that was meant 2 be a jeezy track

  • AJA

    Looks better than II Trill. Whatup J.G. ? :ninja:

  • I’m pretty sure It’s Been A Pleasure was a Jeezy track. So whichever verse he shouts Jeezy in will be cut out. Tracklist looks nicee though.

  • JusTGip.

    Track 5 and 11 are the only reasons i will get this alnum.

  • O

    II Trill was amazing

  • FrankieD

    This album looks dope! Its time for a break from this watered down trash out now. I got it downloaded it for free at newrapdownloads.com.