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J.Pinder – Sky Is Falling

blame it on Shake June 18, 2010

Something new from the Seattle emcee.

DOWNLOAD: J.Pinder – Sky Is Falling f. Choklate | Mediafire
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  • I don’t even need to say this sucks, just listen to it. lol

  • dwayne wayne looking ass… biting drake’s flow… no go… probably bought more copies of thank me later than crooks did… http://theedopeshow.podomatic.com … check it

  • streetsinhere

    garbage! THE HOOK IS NICE.

  • Jamesspeakstruth

    track is nice.the fuck yall talkin about “biting drake’s flow”? how? dude dont even sound like drake. gotta show love for the emerald city.206 stand up. GOODS holla! FREE MY NIGGA FELIX!

  • Goddamn you are some hating ass motherfuckers. Pinder is dope and dude is continuing to develop his sound. Saying that he’s biting Drake is just baseless. Biting how?

    Check Pinder’s Code Red EP & Backpack Wax mixtape and get your motherfucking weight up.

  • Camaro

    I don’t like it.

  • drm

    @deven thats what im saying…fuck out of here to those dudes up top with all that hate.

  • jarrod

    After hearing this I have become a believer! This guy is the truth! I need to hear more of this shit! So fucking ill….drake? Hahahahaha not even close…this cat needs to keep puttin shit up. And this comming from someone from jersey! J.pinder on the come up!

  • DallasTx_Groveside


    ^ jarrod = j.pinder himself.

  • jarrod

    DallasTx_Groveside = Dallas…. nuff said

  • gonna go with nope on this one, its not that its garbage or anything, its just that i would never listen to this track ever again……..is that better for u sensitive ass faggots up there tht think every negative opinion about something is “hate” ?? fuck outta here fagggots ppl can have opinions that are different from urs and it doesnt make em haters…ppl needa quit with all that calling ppl haters shit..fuckin retards

  • GR

    i like the beat. Kinda overproduced, but i love the stuttering synths. hook is good too. The rapping is too average though for me to listen to.

  • More good shit from J. Pinder. Stealing Drake’s flow? That’s laughable. You’re just saying that because Drake is the only rapper you know

  • It’s alright. Nothing special but still alright. I’m sure he’ll drop a few hott tracks eventually.

  • Casmlove

    Hatin ass faggots Code Red was fuckin ill. Everyone sound like drake to you cuz he your bf and shit. Even tho he straight up mimics wayne, and wayne copies every rapper known to man. You talk shit now but you’ll be buyin his shit later when all your friends ok it for you

  • Strange Famous

    this is fucking dope!