Ron Artest, The People’s Champ (Video)

blame it on Meka June 18, 2010

Fuck what you heard, this was the best moment of the NBA Finals. Ron-Ron FTW. SHAKE EDIT: I’m partial to the post-game press conference (after the jump). Fucking classic haha.



  • jerseyfresh


    thats his post game press conference, which was even better

  • I still can’t believe he thanked his psychiatrist LOL

    Artest might be one of the weirdest athletes ever, he is right up there with Rodman.

  • @jerseyfresh haha… i was thinking the same shit!

  • LV

    “Where’s Ron Ron?! Ron Ron’s with Kobe instead of me?!”

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Ron Ron is fucking crazy…

  • Mohammed

    Ron Ron is that dude..

  • lmao

  • Gudda C

    fucking love this guy. You can tell how much he just loves basketball.

  • Iron Fist

    That guys is entertaining…thats is all.

  • mek & shake, how soon before you guys post the leak for “champions?” lol!

  • The Real JonnieHayward

    yo Ron’s a clown lol dat press conference was entertaining

  • I’m happy for Artest.

  • jerseyfresh

    he jus had me dyin wen he called out his daughter for starin at him

  • F a laker

    where’s the single

  • D. $cience

    Say Queensbridge!!!! Ron Artest came thru for the whole squad!!!!! Trevor who???? Oh yeah…Traitor Ariza is now a Rocket boy. Hahahahaha!!!! *Stuntin’ in my Kobe jersey*

  • Belize

    Ron is my idol

  • Big_E

    this dude Ron is my nigga… you can just tell he’s grown from his Pacers days and though he’s still got some things loose up there he’s as real as they come lol.. glad he stepped it up these last couple of games

  • sik

    fuk u ronny!

  • sik

    lol jk but im glad he admitted and apologized for fukkin over the pacers

  • Blackaristocrat

    Good for Ron Artest but it’s still #FUCKTHELAKERS

  • lmao ron artest a funny ass nigga lol

  • 421

    artest was the difference, showed up when it mattered most

  • Point Blank And Simply Said….


  • nba

    hey 2dopeboyz crew….get off the lakers dick damn…nba is rig’d

  • Renaissance

    ^^ RIGHTT!! seriously its done and over we get that the lakers won now stfu and lets get on to more important things..music 8)

  • sean

    “like common and kanye you can say I’m blessed/
    peace to ghost, raekwon, and ron artest”
    -AZ “still alive”

  • djSTO

    Looks like he needs to go see that psychiatrist some more

  • Hennesy at halftime!

  • ant7867

    Ron Artest is a funny dude.He is crazy but it seems like he has a good heart.I hated him before he became a Laker but after awhile i begin to see how he calmed it down.Rondo pushed him and back in the day he woulda tossed Rondo lil azz.He did hit him with a Elbow so i guess Ron still got a lil Queen Bridge in him still!!!

  • Chappelle would have killed this in a skit…

  • ^^^ co-sign..its moments like these where i wish dave chappelle still had a show

  • ferman

    ron isn’t crazy, he’s real, everybody else is crazy.

  • Idris

    Aint nobody more candid, and honest than this nigga. He’s talking that barbershop talk all the time.

  • mistertwol

    lol man Ron’s a very charismatic person. His energy just makes you wanna smile along.

    Too real.

  • rich

    The mike tyson of basketball… ron is that dude

  • Ron is a fool haha

  • def the best part about the lakers winning _ kuck fobe