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Tunji – Towards the Future f. Deacon the Villain (prod. Cook Classics)

blame it on Shake June 18, 2010

It’s not very often that we get new music from Tunji (happy bornday btw). So when it drops, you’ve gotta make sure to grab it and throw it on your iPod immediately. I’ve been bumping an unfinished version of this for a few weeks and have been waiting for that mastered shit. Finally Tunj comes through and hits me with the real deal. First single off his Still Rising EP. It’s a celebration bitches… the Lakers. The World Cup. Summer starts this weekend. Let’s get it!

DOWNLOAD: Tunji – Towards the Future f. Deacon the Villain (prod. Cook Classics) | Mediafire

  • DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle

    oh my lawd DOPE

  • 111113323

    love the beat

  • wamp wamp

    great summer song

  • TimmWith2Ms

    Tunji definitely holding it down. Love that Cook production as always. Happy b-day my man.

  • this is niiiice. never heard of dude, but i’ll look for more from him.

  • “ive been bumping an unfinished version of this for weeks”

    lmfao…seriously stfu with that 10 yr old me first shit shake, shit is not a good look..be more of a G like meka

    meka > shake

  • dt

    tunji is keeps it crackin cRiiit

  • mr. fate

    damn…that was fire. definitely checking for this cat now

  • Bakke

    Damn, no one’s doing hooks like Deacon, I honestly don’t think even Nate Dawg can fuck with this man’s hooks.

    Cook Classics brought some real nice production on this, and Tunji’s dope as always. A bit sad that they won’t be continuing with the dopeness that was Inverse right now, but if this is what we got in store, I’m looking forward to more solo shit :D

  • Cupcakesss

    @ KEI OPENS DOORS if you like this song by tunji DEFINATELY look up his Inverse work. Inverse = him and toby (also really dope) they’re two of the realest that spit and make real amazing music

    Great song Tunji soo pumped for Still Rising!!

  • robertTHEallen

    he just got himself another fan. this is the kind of music i miss hearing

  • OGEazy

    Wow I’m really baked and I just got lost in that beat.

  • M&M

    Lmao!! oh shit… in the pic he looked like Jigga so I thought I it was a Jay-Z leak. Dope track track btw

  • mmm

    lol…it’s been out like for 2 months, from Cook Classics – Towards the future album at Goontrax, Japan

    I have already posted a youtube link in some Cook related post, but nobody cared…

  • And Won

    Dope song

  • Nutt

    Oh shit. not this is smthn seriously dope.

  • Nutt



  • Ricki Lutes

    wow this song is awesome! ive been waiting to hear Tunji’s solo music and this song was worth waiting for

  • dizzelo

    this shit is dope.

  • sam sneako

    VERY impressed with this joint. More please???

  • kangal

    dude Tunji is amazing. I would really like to hear this verse on a different beat.- something more breakbeat and hiphop. This beat sounds like a commercial for K-WAVE jazz brunch..