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Ron Artest – Champions

blame it on Shake June 19, 2010

I got Wheaties! You don’t seem excited… I’m leaving.

You already knew I had to post this haha. New single from the The People’s Champ. Say Queensbridge (and hit the jump to see the 2010 NBA Champions on Jimmy Kimmel).

DOWNLOAD: Ron Artest – Champions | Mediafire






  • long live the Knicks.. once we land Lebron, we will be confiscating that crown.. that is all, bithces..

  • Is it Artest spittin’ this?, He would make a dope ass artist Haha lmao!

  • **bitches..

  • Camaro

    I got love for Artest but this song is just hideous. This makes Shaq Fu sound like Illmatic.

  • Fritsche

    its actually not that bad.

  • AD

    Shit is cool.

  • PACO


  • aNYgiant

    lol better than i expected….but that hook/chorus is wack as fuck lol

  • Now My Insane Brain, My 32 Teeth, & Two Feet Creep Like It’s Elm Street

    They Neva Shouldnt Gave You Niggas Money! Moment

  • cmon now

    na yo.. i fuck with it. RonRon>

  • djSTO

    Sounds like the fruity loops default drums hahaaaa

  • AJ

    This >>> A lot of other rap music that’s out right now.

  • byahbyah

    You would think a guy with millions could get a real good engineer and producer and put out something that sounds a lot better than this…

  • ace*

    This IS actually pretty damn good.. yall hear me? hello?


  • dirtysixchambers

    are you guys really hating on artest for this song lol? dude is one of the funniest guys in the nba, this is obviously a joke as were all his previous tracks.

  • Will

    I love how they always clown on DJ & Sasha.

  • Man this shit is hella decent. Stop hating. At least it ain’t Kobe rappin. This is theme music, I give a damn what y’all say. I could see this in Elite 11 or 2K11 this year. Why not?

  • kid chris

    homie recorded that a year ago…365 days to perfect wack.

  • 421

    lol @ the thought of the knicks winning the title with lebron

  • blazer_nation

    Sounds like he’s trying to channel Juelz Santana’s vocal tone.

  • Eddie Arkadian

    As good or a lttle better than anything else on the radio nowadays…. But that still isn’t saying much

  • Boomerang Slang

    that interview had me weak lol

  • really

    i like ron but nigga dont rap stick to b ball

  • Jedi

    this is actually pretty good,I’m shocked. I agree with AcctuallyBrown

  • pretty bumpin!

  • D. $cience

    Better than I expected…he better come right. LAKERS CHAMPS 2009-2010!!!!! Ron Artest created an anthem for my team! *Passes out on the floor with his Laker gear on*

  • what hat is shannon brown wearing?

  • Wilson

    come on now, dont take this too seriously, take it within its context, this shit is cool and actually better then a lot of tracks that have come out this year.

  • kobe

    prof x…nigga…the knicks will never win

  • this is the best song I ever heard him on…an everything else he’s done is wack, so he didn’t have anywhere to go but up.

  • Mtrx

    Im surprised, This actually isnt that bad…

  • Hub525

    Prof_X yes because Lebron has won plenty of ships….NOT!

    Ledance needs a closer because he’s not one. The Knicks are better off going after both Wade and Bosh.

  • chris

    He’s a helluvalot better than Soulja Boi

  • GR

    Acknowledge Me Please!!!

  • Jay-Z


  • 3l

    This is actually cool. I don’t know why cats are trying to act like whatever’s on their box is that much better. Same dudes talking about this being wack are the same cats riding Jeezy, Gucci, & Cam hard—yeah, I said Cam’ron.

  • Musikfiend

    long live the Knicks.. once we land Lebron, we will be confiscating that crown.. that is all, bithces..


    No way Lebron’s going to the NY FAILs, lol.

  • Musikfiend

    That song isn’t bad either.

  • M&M

    lol hey no lie but…. He went in on that song!!!

  • JaySole

    This song has shocked me from Ron Artest. I thought this song will be pretty lame and funny but this track is decent and actually pretty dope! This is worth a download especially since im a big lakers and Ron Artest fan! Congrats Ron Artest!

  • Nas

    Can you say best new artist of the year???

  • M. Hannah

    Dude, why is this joint actually pretty decent? Man, seriously, like Ron Artest could get this mixed better, do a video for it, and this would do well right now straight off the big win and current hysteria…

  • This is actually decent. Fix the beat and get Clef to sing the hook.

  • Purple Tape only build for cuban linx…

    lyrics about basketball is just not for me

  • Kanye East

    Great interview

  • robertTHEallen

    this couldve been much worse

  • Hemo03

    i don’t get why hes asking for a moment of silence for the champions..isn’t a moment of silence for reserved for those who passed away…either way song was meh

  • am

    realest on the court

  • Winky

    Lol its funny how this is better than most shit you hear out nowadays. Not bad Ron.

  • Yatti

    Yo I thought this shit would be trash but he isn’t bad!

  • datboijon

    its a pretty good song. i think u ppl need to realize that this song isnt meant to be some nas illmatic shit, its ron ron expressing himself, and compared to the shit he did for michael jackson at least hes making progress

  • E Mitch89

    Lol people are gonna hate regardless….somebody who’s life has no relevance should never be able to judge anyone that does ANYTHING relevant….lol but thats just my opinion and its no more important than anyone elses…Go Artest!!!! One of the greatest defenders of all-time!!!!!

  • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

    Doesn’t Artest hold the record for lowest soundscan numbers on an album, like, ever?

  • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

    He pushed one, that’s right one, album.

  • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

    Sorry, that was he sold one album the first week.

  • Don’t want Lebric, gimme D-Wade. As for the song, ehh not bad considering he’s not a rapper.

  • M. Hannah

    @Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

    Actually, I think that title goes to Troy Hudson.

  • Strange Famous

    lol Ron Artest > Coochie Mane

  • Brian

    i’d like to thank my psychiatrist

  • T-Dot

    wow.. track goes hard

  • The KNicks will still be shit with Lebron. Lebron will never win a ring, y’all dudes gas that muthafucker up too much. Same with Shaq, to think he can help win a title these days…

    Y’all some funny ass dudes.

    Long live the fuckin champs, we taking number 3 next year. Best believe that shit!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Kimmel said “I’m sorry to hear Pao got deported” lmao funny shit!