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The Boondocks: Pause (Video)

blame it on Meka June 21, 2010

Apparently, Tyler Perry catches wreck in this one. Props to Yardie, as always.

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  • joe budden is a faggot. he makes a good music though. he suck mens dicks nevertheless. pause. fuck outta here

  • burd

    i really did not like this episode. it had its moments but overall it was just stupid. same with this whole season, i mean its still pretty damn hilarious and has an episode here or there that i really enjoy but overall its been a pretty big disappointment. i feel like maybe it had to be dumbed down and thats why its the last season idk still a good show

  • think

    ^hell no this season is the best one so far ain’t shit about this dumbed down, if anything he’s going harder than he’s ever gone before

  • same name

    ^def goin harder than ever..

  • ^ pause..

    it’s not the first season, but it’s decent.

  • swagger

    ^ LOL

  • Boomerang Slang

    hell yeah Aaron is goin at everybody and every stereotyoe in this season. He’s goin hard. no homo

  • o’realy

    “goin hard” is the gayest expression i’ve ever heard. and just because you say “no homo,” doesn’t mean you don’t still sound fruity as hell.

  • Marcus B.

    Goin hard only sounds fruity if you think like that….*smh*

  • J_EaRLy

    [||] that smh…



    aaron mcgruder goes in hard for 22 minutes straight

  • brianwuzhere

    Thank you for saying “no homo” Grandad. That really meant a lot to me.

  • Ruffski

    “At the rate grandad goin he gonna need to tattoo no homo on his forehead”
    *PAUSE* lmfaooooooo

  • #NoHomo

  • Cliche Gahvara

    All y’all missed the point.

  • CJ

    This was one of the best episodes of the season. Besides it being hilarious, he went hard on some of the same critiques I have of Tyler Perry, his movies, and the messages in them. I think a lot of people missed Aaron’s point about “pause” and “no homo”

  • BrownGirlWonder

    I really loved the Rocky Horror picture show refrences.. I also understand his critique of those homo erotic coonish Tyler Perry plays. I do however question how this show and the hip hop community as a whole deals with the issue of homosexuality. Throughout the ep it the act of being gay was presented in a very negative manner.

    I really think it is the views of the black community that support men like Tyler perry who hid the obvious and lie. If the community was more tolerant there would be no need for the closet.

  • BrownGirlWonder

    Also for people who claim the masses are not understanding what Arron intention was in “pause” and “no homo”, what do you think he was trying to say that the folk of the C section don’t understand?

  • Purple Tape only build for cuban linx…

    if the only had cam’ron saying no homo in this episode it would of been so dope lol

  • Lee

    What do you mean “deal” BrownGirl? How does one deal? You either are gay or aren’t, and you move on. You CHOOSE to deal (or associate) with homosexuals from that point on, but the only negative manner was how forceful the gay guy was, and every fruitloop I ran into is very forward with their homosexuality (which can be annoying if and since they often have to force the issue and be the center of attention)

  • Scribe

    I’d let Tyler Perry rub me down with lotion anyday. No homo/

  • Teddy

    I wonder if Homosexuals say “No Hetero?”

    Like “Yo that girl has a great ass! No Hetero.” lol.

    I would love to see ?Tyler Perry’s reaction to this.

    Also Huey has been getting his ass kicked alot this season. He only really kicked ass in that Kickball episode. But everything else, he gets face fucked. “No Homo.” Im just sayin. Those lightskinned super model dudes shouldnt have been able to kick his ass like that. I mean even Riley got some hits. Granted they slipped off their glissining rock hard sculpted abs, (Pause) but he got some hits in none the less. (No Homo.)



  • Best ep so far.

  • Daddy Kilo

    Too fucking funny. Funniest ep this year probly ever. He went in. no homo

  • insecurities are gay

    Remember when people could speak without having to say “no homo” as if everyone assumes there is a gay meaning behind everything that mentions the word “hard”

  • Idris

    The point was, this no homo, pause shit is getting out of control. Almost to the point that everyone is insecure about their sexuality. Its just lame. And no, it’s not always obvious who is gay, and who isn’t. Some folks are obviously flamboyantly homo, and then you got others who aren’t all out there. Just the same way you got dudes obviously out there, hollering at every chick that walks by – and then you got the everyday folks just gettting by with what they get.

    By the way, Tyler Perry needs to stop fronting. That whole homo-erotic thing is very weird. Especially since it’s done like “whatever”. Come on, man, thats hella unusual. I lived in Atlanta, and thats a very homosexual place. Don’t know if Frisco or Atlanta is more gay, but Tyler Perry had that place on lock…Just saying. Aaron had a point.

  • vibeout

    I tap Grandad. [II] way homo.


    All Homos should be killed… straight up..

    If you are BLACK, you have no business being gay. Gay culture and practice is indigenous with European people and Euro practice.

    If you’re BLACK say no to HOMOs…
    Because its against your culture, history, nature, and YOUR GOD!

    Peace 7

  • JJBlue

    “these niggas is too glistenin” haha

  • hmmmm

    Hip-Hop and black culture needs The Boondocks too much obvious bullshit goes unsaid because nobody wants to be seen as a “Hater” but if it’s wack it’s wack and Tyler Perry is wack…Jesus told me that lol

  • straightman

    Hey “BLACK GOD” “Gay culture and practice is indigenous with European people and Euro practice.” you are SO FULL OF SHIT.

    So gays cant enjoy life cause its against their “history” and “culture” BZZT stupid reason, next

    Its against nature? And voluntary celibacy is natural?
    Against God? A god who punishes otherwise good people for deviant mating practices is not worthy of worship IMHO.

    And I know no one will believe me but I’m a STRAIGHT MAN who does not personally like gay practice or culture. I just (gasp!) believe strongly that if it makes others happy we should live and let live.

  • killyourself

    “All Homos should be killed… straight up..

    If you are BLACK, you have no business being gay. Gay culture and practice is indigenous with European people and Euro practice.

    If you’re BLACK say no to HOMOs…
    Because its against your culture, history, nature, and YOUR GOD!

    Peace 7”


    Ha! Oookay. Good luck with that.

  • Contemplation

    yoo most of y’all aren’t catchin the point this season & one of the reasons why it’s the last season. Aaron can’t be blatant about it since Sony is distributing this show (probably to monitor it, since it’s a threat), but he’s exposing the illuminati. In this, they were worshiping Jesus because they wouldn’t say that they were worshiping the devil to mass people, but in actuality, that’s what they do in the media & mainstream music. So keep ur eyes peeled for these wild crooked niggas, Pause. BTW, this episode was funny as shit tho.

  • this , was one strong episode ! and maybe ppl should pay attention to what they watch , im not saying tyler perry is not funny but , crossdressing ! i dont think thats what you want children watching ! aaron mcgruber ! is exposing alot !

  • rich

    granddad you didnt say no homo