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OnCue – Friends

blame it on Shake June 22, 2010

Another one off OnCue’s upcoming project, Cuey Sings the Blues, which is presented by 2DopeBoyz, Mick Boogie, Terry Urban & Christopher Truth. Look for a Vado-assisted joint next.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Friends (prod. CJ Luzi) | Mediafire
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  • Premise Ptah

    Beat mad nice


  • OnTheRun

    Wale & 9th – Back to the Feature http://www.mediafire.com/?znqmdqkcizg

  • HonorRoll


  • AD

    Very real track

  • Aljo

    “I don’t mind restrictions or if you’re blacking out the friction”

  • Dope

  • OGEazy

    What’s with the Back to the Feature post? That came out at least a summer ago right?

  • Cuey rocks it once again!

  • brooklyn stand the fuck up huh!

    man THE KID GASHI will eat this dude

  • dope beat but i cant dig dude

  • tim

    HAHAHA the kid gashi your a fucking joke

  • VB

    SICCCKKKKKKK!!!! Very Fresh

  • thank you never….

    thats what you thinking my boy going to be a monster!

  • The Real JonnieHayward

    dope…def better than that Jared Evans dude

  • BrOOkLyNZz FiNeSt


  • terror

    the kid who? go away

  • VBon

    This shit is deffinatley dope…

  • BrOOkLyNZz FiNeSt


  • Renfrew757

    Ok so i have to believe dude’s fav rapper is Jay Z because he is trying SOOO hard to sound and rhyme like him. Not even hating on the dude, he’s not worth hating on. I’ll pass. again.

  • The Hype Man

    tell gashi to stick to youtube, I just listened to one of his songs…Amateur hour has already passed so brooklynz finest can you please step away from the computer

  • BrOOkLyNZz FiNeSt

    Those YouTube songs r not anything close to whats comming so please stfu thats y your (The Hype Man) that be hyping this pussy telling him hes nice lol

  • thetruth

    mad dope track beat bars are ill

  • jeff

    NIce.. Just sounds funny to me to hear someone deliver lines like Jay Z in beach chair. The same way I have a hard time listening to Drakes faux southern accent and drawl. Overall this is dope. I look foward to the lp.

  • cose13

    this is dope, can’t wait for the project to come out. Hope he does a video for this song!

  • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

    Stop spamming that messengers track. No one wants it. You’re just creating a situation where people will avoid your music, you know a situation opposite to the one you wish to bring about.

  • milly

    gashi who?!?!??! no one cares

  • JanuaryLove

    I fucked with this, and the other record he had was cool too, let’s see what he does next

  • earlzhammon

    there are too many comments on here for this lame shit. stop frontin kid

  • The comment section is full of haters tonight. I guess anonymity is a hell of a drug.

  • SkipBayless

    fulltimeboss with another negative comment.

  • mc

    HaHa this kid is a joke.. he should quit while hes ahead.. don’t have high expectations for this lame.. he gonna drop to the floor and be spat on by real lyricist. From Brooklyn, dont know you, never heard of you.. where about in Brooklyn do u reside at??? Get better punchlines, ive seen better punchlines in my junior highschool prom!!

  • JanuaryLove

    pretty sure he said “moved” out to brooklyn…mmm….listen…. “mc”

  • Chris

    This is definitely death cab for cutie sampled. Just give it up…messed up a perfect song.

  • Chris

    Song is dope, looking forward to the mixtape. You’ve got to respect someone who raps about their reality instead of gun busting/pushing drugs. He keeps it REAL to him while other rappers keep it fraudulent.

  • wayy to many people hating on this joint. shits dope, brings a new sound.. Watch, this kid is gunna blow




  • Chris

    Delmar, your song was decent. But how do you call something a “summer SMASH” with ZERO YouTube views? Humble yourself.

  • stan lee

    this shit is raw as fuck

  • kirk franklin

    very nice artwork.

  • ;]

    He sounds black lol

  • CJ Luzi

    Yeah, it’s a Death Cab For Cutie sample.

  • AudioDax

    this shit is dope. for real. He’s speaking about his reality and he knows how to talk about it well. And CJ Luzi on the production is nice. Dope recreation of Death Cab.

  • SD

    Its a real fresh sound. Much respect. Where can I get more songs?

  • Owlrika

    so raw, so deep, so epic.

  • ExMcCloud

    Bars are deep especially by todays standards…And shout out to the dudes promoting those Whack NY MC’s up there…lmao…Thats why none of you are on now you talk so much shit about other cats you not working on your own sound…The only niggas from NY popping outside of Hov is Skyzoo and Joell Ortiz…And they both borrow the Detroit Hip-Hop Sound so stop HATING and commenting on shit if you have no VALID reasons to back your dislike for an artist…Dope beat btw also the Luzi kid is Nice

  • calibaby

    Alright i saw a lot of comments on here …. this song wasnt that serious…im sure he is commenting on his own shit ..what a lame this song is really not as good as his first song. and the kid gashi who”???????????

  • swiftrig1

    Dope record

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