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Slang Editorial: Slaughterhouse x Eminem = ???

blame it on Meka June 22, 2010

In this edition of “Slang,” I talk about why something like Slaughterhouse aligning themselves with Eminem is good for hip hop.

READ: Slang Editorial: Slaughterhouse x Eminem = ???

  • Premise Ptah

    Nice read, hopefully a lil mainstream exposer will do them some good.


  • Mark Twain Fame (MTF)

    random note- When did Outkast split up???…hmmm thats news to me. SMH.

  • CosmosisJones

    I agree. I wannna see them break this stigma that groups nowadays seem to carry. They come in the game with hunger and die out with a quickness. These guys especially have talent and ability to have longevity in the game. I’ve known about Royce for the longest though. Theyre all dope and can come with the heat just about on any track. Everybody has their own list from 1-4 most to least favorite. It makes the music a little more fun when you anxiously await to hear all the verses and decide who killed it the most! Even the solo shit is quality. Anyways, the point is, I agree, hip-hop needs more groups like this….as long as they stay true and dont do any My Band shit like Mek said

  • Pssssst

    if eminem cant get them sales aint nothing saving this group. this is their last chance. wheres max b?

  • Boomerang Slang

    @ MTF Outkast has been split up they jus dont want to admit it. everytime the do a song 2gether now (which isnt that often) it feels like a collab/feature rather then them as a duo. the last true time they were a duo was Stankonia.

    And im not hatin Kast and Wu-Tang are my fav groups!

  • Boomerang Slang

    I love Slaughterhouse! loved the album and think they are all dope emcees. but their solo material isnt very exciting. they need to put their solo careers on hold and focus on the group for a while. I agree wit Meka, Hip-Hop needs more groups!!!

  • stfu

    slaughterhouse kinda failed, there quickly rushed lp proved that, also including joe budden was a dumb move, dude is not on par with the rest of them.

  • Static

    STFU @stfu

    Joe Budden is awesome :p lol

  • Cliche Gahvara

    They already did a My Band, it was called the one and their energy is outstanding, but half the time these cats aren’t rapping about anything at all, nothing I’m this, I’m also this, I rap like this and I’ll murder you this way while stealing your woman ad-naseum. Slaughterhouse is fail the majority of the time. I’d much rather have them apart. Only dude I check for is Ortiz.

  • 1- their album was a lil rushed, but i still like it for what its worth… some of their best songs arent even on the album which is weird (onslaught, move on, wack mcs, woodstock hip hop, and warriors quickly come to mind) compared to some songs that made the album… hey, theres always next album… i feel like the first one was rushed to kinda solidify their existence, nah meen!?

    2- eminem aligning with them is great… hopefully he helps them mold into a more complete group with their own sound and style with even more “chemistry”

    3- word, whats cool about a supergroup is tryin to decide who goes the hardest… altho i tend to side with joell cuz he was my favorite before hand… but still, they each have a shot with each track made n have the potential to do it: royce has a couple of dope albums already, crooked has that hip hop weekly series, block obama (i & ii), and joe budden has mood muzik 2…

  • About “kinda failed”. They came out with one dope album, fuck sales. Also, listen to enter the 36 chambers, much of that album is them spittin freestyles as well. I think it was a bit unbalanced w/ a few more freestyles, but overall, its the same attitude.

  • PS… its true that there hasnt been a good, as well as popular, group in hip hop since gunit and dipset in their prime… n groups are the best… wutang clan forever!!!!!

  • Chris Leven

    @stfu Joey started the group. along with a little help from royce but joey was the main founder.

  • cya

    Can’t really disagree with anything Meka said, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Slaughterhouse signing to Shady would only interest the type of fans who are already aware of Slaughterhouse (thereby negating the Eminem “bump”) and that their album would never, NEVER come out.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Slaughterhouse is a clusterfuck – a continuous barrage of incohesive my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours posturing. There is no balance. They don’t compliment each other as MC’s. Just a bunch of meatheads. It’s a nice concept but a failed product. They’re all great MCs in their own minds. Joe Budden blows. And it’s a career killing move for Eminem to join forces with them. /End Rant.

  • james

    Whatever momentum Slaughterhouse had seems to be slowly leaving due to contract issues. So much for genuine hip-hop

  • @Elmer Fudd.

    Your saying you do not like Slaughterhouse due to their concept of battling for who is best on a rap. But uh, that’s their concept. I don’t know if your saying they should change their concept to something more your taste, but Im pretty sure all four of them have kept their same style of rap their entire careers. So, I don’t know.

  • Em is GOAT Drake is awesome too!

    Meka has a 12 head not even a 4,5,6,7,8, or 11 head, a 12 head!

  • The Real JonnieHayward

    ^ this guy

  • Kerma

    I love those 2 collabing.

    I read a critic write about Recovery talking about how Eminem’s really out of place and doesn’t seem to fit on a track with anyone. (Forever ft. Drake, Kenny West & Lil Wayne anyone?)

    But apparently he hadn’t listened to Session One. Eminem’s pretty much the same as SH – Has corky sense of humour, likes to make songs with no subject but his balls, makes jokes about himself and really really likes to rhyme.

    The collab may be good for hip-hop, but it’s definitely good for Eminem to do some shit with people he really feels, and not people he’d get better album sales with.