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Big Sean – High Rise (Video)

blame it on Meka June 23, 2010

Visuals from the third edition of Big Sean’s Finally Famous. When’s the album dropping, though?

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  • bullshitter.

  • zookeeper

    ^ agreed! rofl.

  • Markriz

    Big Sean = Basic ass rapper with SnapBack hats

  • Complacent

    lmao cudi is going to have another album dropping an still no big sean album n another kanye then they will sign someone else n they will drop before sean….stuck on the shelf like one of andys toys

  • jjones

    the song is alright. where the damn mixtape? im guessing he gonna drop his album after kanye and cudi.

  • OGEazy

    The haters have the same thing to say about Big Sean every damn time. We get it now, let his fans enjoy the music.

  • beatsyo

    What is this beat?
    It’s driving me crazy i fucken know this beat?!?

  • MuK

    sample ?

  • 585thaRoc

    ^ ^ ^ pretty sure its an original beat right?

  • cam

    this Niggah is overrated… is flow is so weak!!!!!!!

  • rUSh

    Sean is dope, cant watch for his future projects to drop

  • Premise Ptah

    Maaaannnn Big San is nic, mos def on of my fav new young rappers

    Check out WinNerdsCollide:
    Space, War, and Giant Robots http://usershare.net/expuyspcb5gk
    Dream About Me http://usershare.net/1z74nwu9kdye

  • beatsyo

    Beat is definitely NOT original. Unless the producer just flipped the same sample with the same drum pattern and the same bass line.

  • OGEazy

    You’re on the side, waiting on an audible
    Cause when you’re legendary everything is quotable

    ^That seems pretty above average to me. Big Sean makes entertaining music, put your dictionaries away and relax for a minute.

  • GOD

    Drake hella bit Big Seans style with those “Drake punchlines”. Seans been doin that for a few years now. So obviously, dude isn’t a basic rapper.

  • Alchy

    The mixtape is coming this month, the album comes out September.

  • LC

    he was smoking a pussy ass blunt haha

  • jussayiiin

    lemme hate on sean too cuz drake sounds like him n i jus love jimmy 2 much to admit dat his whole style switched up after he met sean wen kanye was workin on his album…lemme act like i cant tell the difference between so far gone n come back season or room for improvement like i cant do my reasearch cuz i wud hate to have to switch from riddin drakes dick to hoppin on sean’s jus cuz he is killin shit now…u dudes sound gay jus dont become fans wen ff vol 3 drops like sean said “i dont want fans,i wamt believers”.

  • eze123

    Basic If Yall Want Basic Go Here Wiz Khalifa Stop Hatin On Big SEAN

  • suacemoney

    yo is better then drake…might b better than j cole im waitin on the mixtape n fuck all the haters they jus future fans…even if sean smashed ur girl u cudnt deny that he killed dis shit n everything else he hops on,any fan of hip hop can c dat

  • 1- “stuck on the shelf like one of andys toys” is funny as hell
    2- the beat is def not original… its actually botherin me that i cant think of whos beat this is… hhhhmmmm

  • youngscrew

    nice vid

  • huh

    This dude is good as hell and he’s only like 21. He’s surrounded by all the right people and he’s gonna be serious in a few years because he’s already good at this age.

  • pennies

    Song is dope…but that hat is even doper…with that reference to illuminati did anybody ppep the TOSA label on the hat…the O is like an eye, the S is likethe symbol for the dolar, and the A is like a pyramid…Tough hat lol

  • pennies

    It’s a Ti$A hat…didnt wanna sound ignorant

  • cm498

    the album droppin next month, he said so on twitter. he also said hes droppin another mixtape before it

  • Quinton

    lmao big sean 21? he look like he pushing 30

  • tgod808

    @meka post the interview and youd know: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTerCiB61uk

  • Mann Thaa Goat

    lmao Sean been in my tops, his flow is not the most interestin, but his lyrical content is wild. he cold

  • damn yall don’t like this guy. He dope as hell to me and his flow is better than most of the guys doin rap right now.

  • Mikael

    The sample reminds me of Kanye’s “Drive Slow”, just differently flipped. Oh, and I can totally hear some of Van McCoy’s “The Hustle” in there too.

  • mannie_K

    dude is weak, he aint come up on no grind, this n*gga being cosigned 100% his sh*t is real suspect!

  • huh

    and he’s cosigned for a reason you fucking retard

  • bossy22

    fag shit, BITCH

  • It’s coming out in JULY. [mixtape] He said it on his twitter, look on mine & u can find the “retweet.”

  • Yatti

    Why does he have sunglasses on at night?

  • DAVE


  • LARS

    “better than j-cole”
    now thats the funniest shit ive heard in awile

  • Killa Cam

    okay so i’m a heavy big sean fan and i got mad respect for him because i got to kick it with him and he was a cool dude but this video coulda been a lot better especially when hes on GOOD music and has kanye backing him. but the track was dope but he coulda gone in a little harder because we’ve all seen him do it
    and sean is my nigga but look at 2:08 haha he looked like a crackhead when he hit that blunt hahahahaha

  • Mtrx

    Bettter than J cole? NAHHH. Bites Kanye’s style a little too much and his voice is a little nasally but its dope. Better than most the shit out there.

  • This was just a little video for a mixtape freestyle.

    I wouldn’t expect them to put a whole bunch into it. The song has been in rotation for me for a good minute and the visual was cool.

    Hopefully that tape drops soon. Something tells me a mastered version of “Made” with Drake will probably drop too…and maybe a video, so Sean can capitalize on Drake’s buzz at the moment to usher him into more people’s radars.

  • pr3st0n

    beat kinda sounds like that Lupe Daydreamin sample

  • this nigga voice annoying as fuck

  • BoogaBang

    …… big sean’s a blood now… they got bloods in detroit? weak… and yeah drake bit his shit i thought about that toooo…. and he killed that Say You Will beat……
    “you are not half of what i am.. and can’t be it…
    you are just 100 and 1 percent…. b-itch…

  • Fresh


    Big sean is the dopest humblest katt i ever met. yall niqqaz some hatters. better ge with it bitch, D-town! Westside!

  • realdeal

    what does being humble have to do with anything.. i’m suppose to like dude cause he’s humble, bullshit…in the scheme of things sean is an average rapper at BEST.. his appeal has more to do with KANYE then anything else!!!!!

  • OGEazy

    ^No his appeal has more to do with Smoke and Drive, Who Knows, Getcha Some, UKNOWBIGSEAN, Million Dollars, and so on…
    I wasn’t up on Big Sean until his 2009 mixtape, but I had no idea about the Kanye cosign until I started looking him up.

  • vancity

    ^ co-sign

    do your homework before you hate. you’re making yourself look stupid. sean is humble, talented and affiliated with G.O.O.D music. simple as that. i swear some of you have nothing better to do then post and hate. smh.

  • youngrasheed

    This is the same beat from Embassy’s “My Life”….I like there joint better

  • youngrasheed

    I still think Big Sean is dope…..but here’s the original…. http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2009/04/14/embassy-music-board-my-life-prod-don-cannon/

  • Mattattak

    XV + BIG SEAN + j Cole = Future Of Hip Hop

  • gymkrow

    Regardless..yall gotta give it to him. Hes in a place we aint whether its basic lines or not..hes nice to me. If there was an elite mixtape, he’d be on along with Wiz, XV, Fresh Daily, Cudi, Joell Ortiz, J Cole, Tiron, The Cool Kids, and more..hes nice, period. Might have his off times on certain tracks but so did everyone else at a point in time…every one else

  • If anything…Big Sean’s got punchlines for days.

  • Bigsean, huh? If any of you guys have ipods or w.e. download supa dupa lemonade. On the song, in 1:07 I believe he’ll say “you can hear my tires burning” if you play it back, he’ll say “burn this bible”. I don’t get it, he talks about God positively in his other songs, yet he’s talking about burning bibles. Why all the good rappers gotta’ fuck with the illuminati?

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