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Drake: Better Than Good (MTV Documentary)

blame it on Shake June 23, 2010

If you’re like me, you decided against sitting around the tube and watching MTV while they aired their Drake documentary. Figuring the good ol’ internets would provide the entire show, giving you the chance to watch it at anytime you wished. Anyways, the same folks behind Jay-Z’s Fade to Black (Radical Media, where Meka got his start after graduating college) followed Drake around for four months; all the way up until the release of his debut album, Thank Me Later. Part 1 (Is Drake The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Hip-Hop?) is above, while the rest are after the jump…

Part 2: Drake Just Wants People To Be Confident In His Abilities

Part 3: Drake Puts The Finishing Touches On Thank Me Later

Part 4: Drake’s Biggest Fear Is Losing His Producer, Noah ‘40′ Shebib

Part 5: Drake’s Show At Governor’s Island Is Canceled

Part 6: Drake Believes He Gets ‘Everything Good In Life’ From His Mom

Part 7: Drake Sells 446,680 Copies Of Thank Me Later In The First Week

  • PACO


  • I don’t know, the first part was all I felt like watching. Like the ATL show & the Forever performance, and well, Drake seemed kind of depressed. I mean, sheesh, perk up Aubrey.

  • I thought it was funny when Drake called Jay-Z “Uncle Hovy” – still need to watch the whole thing, though. I wonder how this will affect his sales?

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    The most important thing on this thing was a kanye and drake track didn’t make the cd for some reason Wtf that and those 3 songs he released could have made his Cd alot better he fucked Up

  • OnTheRun

    Drake will be hot for a few years then slowly fade out like every artist with that much hype ( Curtis )

  • John

    so a shelved prince paul album from ’95 was released today by paul… unlike this, that is news that interests me. just sayin’

  • 23kid

    It was a good watch

  • Manxter

    I am wasting a minute of my time to comment on this post to hate on drake because he fucking sucks. DEAL WITH IT FAGS

  • drake lost

  • EQ

    Damn this was good! And all the haters that sitting around waiting for a Drake post are examples of how successful this dude is! Luv u Drake muah!

  • D23

    lol ^

  • billy joe

    Is there a download link for this

    I know its early if anyone gets one post it here please thanks in advance

  • Quinton

    Gosh this guy is so annoying…so manufactured

  • Cynthia

    Very interesting to get a view of the man and not just the music….Talented…smart….caring….DRAKE…he will be around for awhile…he has something to say…..

  • Dope documentary. I think it was a lot deeper then people expected. He talked about the personal issues and fears that he has. I think it also gave some insight as to where he sees himself in the industry right now. I still think that It’s Been A Pleasure, You Know, You Know should have been on the album but it’s good to see he’s driven to be a better artist and performer. Sky’s the limit.

  • Makes you respect the guy more. Well at least me.

  • LiL BiT

    I dontt really care watt anyone say Drake is and will always be my favorite rapper!

  • Complacent

    I see the documentary did exactly what it was intended to do brainwash you “fans” even more to think he is the messiah of music through the usual “behind the music” cliches. Probably the same one who bought into the Obama media machine now you see how thats turning out….disappointing.

  • I didn’t know all that about 40. Crazy.

  • ^^^Odds are that you also voted Obama so…

  • Comback Season Drake needs to come back.

  • Raptorsarefriends

    Yo I saw myself there. mom i’m on tv

  • Now My Insane Brain, My 32 Teeth, & Two Feet Creep Like Its Elm Street

    When Niggas Gonna Get t Thru They Thick Skulls That He’s Not Ah Rapper He’s A Pop Artist..

    But Like Sum Dude Said In A Previous Post He’s Not Gonna Be Around For More Than 2 Mo Years Cuz He’s Gonna Fade Away Or Wayne & Birdman Gonna Fuck Him Ova Like EVERYONE Else They Did Present & Past.

  • Bazooka Tooth

    props to 40
    might not be my favorite album but the overall sound idea isn’t bad and is pretty original

  • johnnypancakes

    this is a good documentary

  • LARS

    @LiL Bit lml
    drake is a great artist who made a great album period,
    there’s other artist out just as good if not better just not as marketable or as polished
    j-cole and wiz will blow soon though

  • Well no matter what anyone says about this guy, he cool with me. Fuck what anyone else think.

  • RichyRico

    after this i give more respect to drake ….fuck yall haters who is in a good situation tu hate in here …no one most of all ,if your paid 10,50 the hours when this dude make 10 x more the money your do you shouldn’t talk shit give the man some respect ..im not even a big fan of him

    Real Talk

  • guest

    cool documentary. thank me later is dope

  • chewy

    co-sign @fase u right

    @dNow My Insane Brain, My 32 Teeth, & Two Feet Creep Like Its Elm Street damn i cant believe how much niggaz hate on this man, i mean i disliked him wen he sighned to yme cause i thought he would be waynes hook making machine and thats it,ive been following his career for so long and up until last year i thought he could be one of the greatest rappers of our generation, then foreva the remake came out and i hated him………..then thank me later came out and it shows that young money has not tainted his music, if u notice only 2 members were on the album and there’s a reason for that,(theother mem,bers are clones cept for tyga and gunz). drake is a musical genius wen it comes to song making and is a RAPPER not a pop artist


    Im a big fan but agreed ^^^

  • chewy

    @Now My Insane Brain, My 32 Teeth, & Two Feet Creep Like Its Elm Street niggaz lik u get me tight, who else did they ever have on ym/cm with a huge buzz lik drakes that they “fucked ova” he’s a diffrent type
    wit yo dum ass name, who would use that????????

  • othug

    worth the watch

  • chewy

    did i type co-sign fase my badd i meant lars
    writing comments on anotha site also got the names mixed up

  • The Real JonnieHayward

    people use the word “hater” way too much on here…especially in Drake posts
    i rather listen to myself than Drake

  • Lime

    good watch … good to let the fans see that youre human …..

  • Ryuk

    While he still isnt exactly my cup of tea, I have much more respect for Drake and his team after seeing this.

  • Quinton

    So because I say Drake just not the type I want to listen to but nothings wrong him I’m a hater jealous because he makes more than me. The president of BP makes more than everybody in this c-section plus Drake combined doesn’t mean I can’t say hes doing a shitty job right now. The guy has a large bitch appeal so of course he has big fanbase that actually purchases cds. If marketability wasn’t a factor dudes like Styles P would have sold 400,000 plus in a week a long time ago. The album is good/decent not genre shaping as worshipers would have you believe. If you like it you like it who am I to knock you. If you listen to Cudi your emo, Wiz a pothead, or Asher a frat boy too many damn categories. Not like Waka Flocka doing 1st week numbers like that.

  • SSM31

    J Cole

  • Shake Jr.


  • SkipBayless

    Drizzzy, Hi haters!!! Platinum in a month and in your faces allllll summer long! Aubrey FTW!

  • chewy

    J-COLE’S GARBAGE????????
    @Shake Jr. needs to change his name cause he fuckin up shake credbility
    i will agree who dat was garbage proably his worst track and thefore worst choice for a single

  • uckyalife

    Wow..Hate is serious, if you don’t like Drake who da F do u listen too soulja boy …dudes wit “street credit” ,that shit dont mean u cud rap it means u jus a hood nigga

  • uckyalife

    i figured it out ..people that hate Drake are like Mayweather haters …jus hate to see a nigga winning …Damn shame

  • I thought this was definitely a cool “documentary”. Drake to me, is definitely as big as you can get as a hip hop artist, in this day and age, because it’s already been done. When you look at people like Jay-Z, Eminem, Diddy…they were definitely the firsts to become superstar musicians…superstar acts…superstar names…while being a “rapper”. They made hip hop, the new POP music.(when i say pop… i mean the category, not the sound)…so now…it’s like, everything has been done over and over. Unless Drake’s sound becomes some type of new sub-genre within hip hop….that rappers are going to follow for years to come…. i doubt he’ll get any bigger than he already is.

    Good Luck to him though.

  • T.Corallo

    Damn the kid J. Cole was supposed to come out to the NYC show??? That wouldve been some tight shit. Fucked up things didnt get to happen that way. O well maybe next time… Carolina stand up!

  • coco thai.

    I’m not a huge drake fan but I did find this really interesting. He’s being himself and I can’t even hate on that.. so props to him

  • yeah i said it

    was he really going to bring j. cole out to perform with him?

  • chef

    drake is bitch rap. boring.

  • Yeah I think J.Cole is overrated just a good rhymer who can’t put songs together. Drake is a walking genius take notice now because he knows how to put songs together perfect. J Cole picking songs is like Canibus when it comes to beat selection. He missed the boat on “Lights Please,” Higher comes out on some obscure mixtape but plays way better than Who Dat single wise. Jay is all about Rhianna and Kanye cole is the new Young Chris of Roc Nation.

  • Slickg_ZKC

    Real talk, 40 is a fuckin survivor. I give prayers to him. multiple sclerosis is not joke.

  • Brother Man

    Men the way he ended the documentary was gangsta. Can’t front on that.

    The problem with J.Cole is that he doesn’t seem interesting as a person or in his music anyways, just plays that regular dude from the Ville. I hope he proves me wrong with the album. I just want to be entertained damn it!

  • the documentary speaks for itself, fuck yall haters
    Drake doin his thing, album was great, i bought a copy
    and the documentary is very touching good stuff

  • D23

    yea i definately think the word “hater” is getting used WAY to much by drake dick riders, some ppl jus cant get wiith drakes songs about random shit how “great” he is on the mic n jus his image its not hate theres no reason for anybody to hate on drake out of all the actual important and relevant people.so everybody needs to get drakes dick out of ur mouth and realise that people just dont like his music

  • SkipBayless

    D23 it’s not about the people who simply don’t like his music, it’s about the people who actually HATE the dude. Dudes who don’t like his shit but comment negatively on every Drake post. I mean i’d figure by now you would know if you dig his shit or not, so why click and comment if you know you don’t feel his shit. the word hate is being thrown around cause there are HATERS who troll the fuck out of his shit, and it’s annoying as hell.

  • Dova

    We don’t need anyone over analyzing why drake is this or that. People are either gonna hate or love Drake and there is no changing anyone’s mind about it. It is true what he says in the end of part 7 video. They’ll be a new and improved Mega rap star in the horizon to replace the current cream of the crop. It’s inevitable. Enjoy while it lasts.

  • Stephanie

    I really liked this shit. Suck a dick, haters.

  • LiLBiT

    I am very aware of The other artist you mentioned plus more and yes , you are correct their skill level is either close to it , just as well, or maybe even better . however wat i said was “drake will and would always be my FAVORITE rapper” i didn’t say he was the best. And even though he is my FAVORITE i wouldnt say he’s betteR than J. Cole because i know J. Cole is better then him lyrically . and even though drake is my FAVORITE rapper i wouldn’t say everything he produce is flawless. Therefore im not dick riding but i will say that Drake is my FAVORITE rapper ! :)

  • plex_simplicity

    worth watching. opened up how i view him as a person
    of course hes a good artist. def a wise guy. the fame and fortune is never promised. i feel as though hes trying to not let all of it get to his head. respectable

  • fosho


  • yes

    Yeah Drake can’t rap. Talking over beats isn’t rapping.

  • penis

    Lil B > Drake

    Drake needs some Nasonex

  • is this the toilet

    Drake has the most annoying voice ever!!!

    He’s gay too, I had backstage passes to his show up in Columbus from a couple months ago, and totally saw him sucking another man’s dick. Like balls and all were in his mouth.

  • Gucci is so much more entertaining than Drake. He’s got a better flow, better lyrical content, and can sing better. Plus he’s hella sexy! : )

  • Melrose

    He looks exactly like Sid from Ice Age, in the still shot of the second video. haha

    I like Drake btw. no “hating” here.

  • You bloggers kill me. J.Cole- Who Dat
    is a good choice for a single. Its a cool
    track. How can anyone not feel that joint?


  • random

    drake is pretty cool he did something different and made an impact but cole is getting some crazy buzz after dropping that who dat video on BET cant wait till the debut in october cole world

  • Young Dub

    between so far gone and thank me later 40 easily became one my favorite producers. And this is comin from a kid who listens to Madlib, Dilla, Pete Rock, Preemo, 9th Wonder, and Damu the fudgemunk.

  • Britney Spears

    This is girl pop music. This is not hip hop. Good day.

  • TE

    Very good Documentary, The album is great, if you cant appreciate the album your perspective is messed up. Fucked up about 40’s situation though, he makes great music.

  • jjones

    he looks like hes getting the jay-z stage mannerisms more. documentary is straight.

  • Geebz

    drake says nigga in his songs and has some bar pondering getting shells from a hater. drake is half white jewish from the suburbs of toronto. when the fuck has his child tv star ass ever had to walk around saying nigga? and that mood he gets in on some of his songs trying to portray the fact that he’s some “hard-ass, fuck the world and all of you” type of dude yet is a complete 180 in interviews? c’mon son

    fuck a drake. nice 16s don’t save him or anyone from being fake as fuck as a real person, no matter how “real” dude tries to front as. he is an industry puppet pop star who happens to know rap. his album was a pop album with rapping on it. drake is a justin bieber is a miley cyrus is a nicki minaj is a whoever the fuck else has perverted real artistry and distorted music.

    music is not entertainment, music is not about money. music is art, dumb fucks.

  • Now My Insane Brain, My 32 Teeth, & Two Feet Creep Like Its Elm Street

    @ Chewy

    Nigga stfu “niggas like u get me tight” u think igive two fucks how u feel bout my comment? no but anyway nigga juvenile & B.G had hype like that and sold hella records for cash money nd manny fresh got fucked ova for producin & they was like brothers. You think that stopped birdman 4rm fuckin them ova?? FUCK NO! kno ur shit for u bash someone, & stop actin like u on drake payroll nigga u act like he’s ur momma u niggas on his dick somethin aful like & iKno why ur name chewy u always chewin on some artist balls & dick

  • Strange Famous

    If you can’t respect that, your perspective is wack….

  • Now My Insane Brain, My 32 Teeth, & Two Feet Creep Like Its Elm Street

    And one last thing yall needa stop praisin this nigga like he’s God like. as soon as a nigga give they opinion bout this dude the ova the top drake lovers who has a huge man crush on em say he’s a hater. NO nigga his muisk is jus borin overall yea he has some decent tracks (but those tracks always has a feature) but he jus aint no fuckin musical genius like u dum fucks sayin stop drinkin his kool-laid, if u like good for u but if a nigga dnt like all his songs why the fuck u care

  • Sebastian Mariussen

    Drake.. I like hi’s relaxing way to talk, and the way he likes to live.. But – I think that there is to much singing and sometimes Drake doesn’t keep up with the things he made with YM on his/theirs mixtapes compared to Thank Me Later. But still it’s a great album. But I still hope Drake will make a more “slammin” album/mixtape next time.

  • Adi Pre

    Amazing documentary…Was a lot better than I expected…Props to Drake! The 40 bit was deep too.

  • Dan

    Good documentary. He seems cool and tries to stay humble despite all the hype. Good luck to the dude.

  • RSX

    40 > Drake


  • Mohammed

    Great documentary. Shows a glimpse at how hard the industry is and to maintain your relevance. The last part was my favorite cuz they broke that down. Sucked that the free show got cancelled, he would’ve brought J. Cole. That would’ve be special. His mother seems to be a very caring and great person. Plus, 40 seems to be strong even with it’s sickness. I think Drake gonna be here for a well. How long he will stay we don’t know, but we’ll see what happens

  • billy joe


  • nahright

    fuck cashmoney bunch of recycled garbaged

  • Gordon B.

    Aight this gave me some new insight on Drake, still don’t like his music, haven’t even DL’d his album because I strongly feel it would just be wasting my time.
    The dude is ok though, can’t hate on him.

  • JackDaRap

    You guys sit here and say the “he’s manufactured”, he’s this and he’s that, but you can’t be manufactured when everything that he raps about is TRUE SHIT! He not talking about moving keys, or talking about being the biggest drug dealer, or any of the other shit that these rapper talk about and are not doing…so he can’t be manufactured!

    Base you opinions on whether or not he has Talent and talent alone. and he definitely has TALENT! Ask yourself this question…does he make good songs? if your answer is yes then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • i watched it on mtv.. its not that great when everything is edited.. i liked this documentary.. i went and bought thank me later.. i think its pretty legit. No Lie. I Appreciate this documentary alot.

  • Jus2fuXwitcha!!

    Drake is a fuckin twinkie! And any man that likes him is a ballet dancin’ twilight watchin queen!

  • JackDaRap

    “Call me over-rated or creative or too jaded, because any way you put it bitch I made it!” -Drake “Show Me A Good Time”

    “Call me over-rated or creative or too jaded, because any way you put it bitch I made it!” -Drake “Show Me A Good Time”

    “Call me over-rated or creative or too jaded, because any way you put it bitch I made it!” -Drake “Show Me A Good Time”
    Nuff Said, HATERS!

  • JackDaRap

    @Jus2fuXwitcha!! Any Man… just might like GOOD Music!

  • Jus2fuXwitcha!!

    mission accomplished!
    Someone else who has nothin better to do!
    WAste some more time stupid!

  • ~Benni

    This documentary is great man.


  • tc

    drake ain’t bad, but he ain’t jay z.


  • CROOKED I >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “DRAKE”

  • JackDaRap

    @Jus2fuXwitcha!! You’ll probably be that guy at 50 with cornrolls (braid) riding in your car listening to latest gangsta rap album, with the newest rapper rappin bout what he aint got or what he aint doing)…GROW UP, YOU SOUND really immature in your musical taste, Expand your musical taste past rap music!

  • Gramington

    this was a good documentary, but for people trying to say this says so much about drake’s greatness u need to rememeber that if it wasnt twisted to make him look great it wouldnt have aired. n the fact that dude is a actor makes it hard for me 2 believe him anytime he looks emotional. think he’s a good guy n makes good music, but he’s an actor.

  • Maya

    documentary was really good, made me look at drake in a different light.
    no- he’s not the second coming of christ, but he made a solid album and always spits better than average. anyone that says anything else is hating.

  • steve

    ****ATTENTION!!!! Become a fan of: Drake is a total F A G. on facebook if you (like many others) think he is a total F A G. This is a real page I just started. Feel free to come up with 5 reasons you may think he is not a fag… if you are able. ******

  • jay


  • Jus2fuXwitcha!!

    @JackDa Rat

    When people read these comments they’ll see you just proved my point. You just couldn’t ignore a stupid comment.
    You are the guinea pig in Aubrey’ anal passage.

    Now reply with something even more stupid!
    I admit I have nothin better to do. You try to act like you gotta take a few secs outta ya BUSY day to comment on some faggot ass drake performance.

  • Da_KiDDfromTO

    Drake has a swag that most artists do not have, and its been known before this Doc. Being from T.O , you make it THAT much Tougher on Yourself to prove that a Canadian kid can be in this THE GAME with all these rappers that now legendary, and hold his own.

    CALL it Manufactured, CALL it PoP, Call it what you will. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING RAPPER/ARTISTS in the Game WANTS THAT. they play it off like, like nothing. but EVERYONE Wants to be the BEST. When your the BEST, The Media and the ENDORSEMENTS come with it.

    This kid is Hungry and is in a good situation.
    Drake “Drizzy” Rogers, Do Your Thing Kid

  • The REAList

    (2)DOPBOYZ or (A)DOPEBOY Conspiracy

    I’m here to shed light on my theory of the “2dopeboyz” Shake & Meka.
    We all have seen pictures of Meka, he is indeed a real living entity. How many of us have actually seen his counterpart “Shake”. Would it be so inconceivable to believe that “Shake” is nothing more than Meka’s alter ego that he uses. It is never Meka who responds to hate from the bloggers, it is Shake. This could be Meka’s way of taking out his frustrations through his made up blogging parter, Shake. Meka could very easily turn his alter ego in a virtual counterpart and allow this made up blogger to absorb the blows 2dopeboyz takes. Hate is always directed at Shake, making Meka seem as the favorite between the two when really Meka is the ONLY dopeboy. Could (2)dopeboyz merely be (A)dopeboy???

  • Jamesspeakstruth

    i noticed he didnt mention anything about his boys Oliver or Niko…….

    Anyways….ive been liking dudes music since Comeback Season..(room for improvement wasnt all there)…..and i bought TML….the haters can hate..but they still aint stoppin Drake from doin what he’s doin.so have fun gettin urselves amped up! 1!

  • justmusic

    Straight up…… I give Drake props for being honest and humble. He’s doing something right now that very few of us will ever have the chance to do and/or understand, and he’s real cool about it. Whether you feel him or not, he isn’t inflated like he could be and this documentary definitely attests to that.

  • Wow this is what everyone was sooo touched by… lol jk Drake is Ill!!!! Haters your missing out XD

  • you’re***********

  • Jay

    I finally seen it on MTV and I have to say it was a great documentary; even tho im not a big fan of TML I still like the person behind Drake and how every comment he gave the interviewer was on point. I hope 40 pulls through his illness!

  • DanniT

    This shit should give all the haters an alternative option to watch Drake as an artist. I respect dude crazy as hell. He is just doin what evry body in here wishes n dreams about seen. So, im happy fo dude!

  • JD

    Damn The hype for dis dude is crazy as fuck

  • Slimcognito

    Im about to watch it.
    Cool dude, dope album, Drake will do some great things in his life Im sure of that.

  • #

    D23 it’s not about the people who simply don’t like his music, it’s about the people who actually HATE the dude. Dudes who don’t like his shit but comment negatively on every Drake post. I mean i’d figure by now you would know if you dig his shit or not, so why click and comment if you know you don’t feel his shit. the word hate is being thrown around cause there are HATERS who troll the fuck out of his shit, and it’s annoying as hell.

    SkipBayless said this on June 24th, 2010 at 2:38 am


    THIS… i thought i was the only one who noticed this shit..
    its every damn post bro.

    i DONT click on anyone i dont listen to/like.. word on my life i’ve never understand the point in wasting time to repeatedly have the world wide web know how much i dislike an artist.. its pointless.

    anyway CO FUCKING SIGN.


    Download link for this?!?!?!?!?

  • Paiva

    this might be the best documentary i’ve ever seen. the fact that he is so emotional and that he cares about his fans and all the people is amazing he is so talented and he gives us everything he has and there are people out their that hate him and don’t realize who he is. they don’t give him a chance it is truly amazing how stupid people are and don’t see greatness when they see it and i don’t see him falling anytime soon like 50 cent did because he cares too much and has too much riding on his career to flop and his work ethic is too great for him to allow himself to

  • sfuse

    I think a lot of of the so called “haters” don’t hate Drake as much as they hate his “fans” & success.Grown ass men don’t want to go see/listen to there favorite artist with screaming 12 – 16 year old girls (unless their R. Kelly) And we like to cheer the underdog so once Drake starts to become the winner they want to tear him down. You don’t have to like dude but I would bet that a lot of the “Haters were Drake fans last year. I went through the same thing with Trey Songz. To parapharse Phone of Little Brother “I love Tryes Music I just hate the chicks that love it”

  • Read review of Drake’s Thank Me Later on Hip-Hop’s Forum. Voice your opinion. Spread the word.

  • Paiva

    to all the people who hate drake, his music, his fans, his success whatever. stop dick riding the shit out of your faggots like soulja boy and gucci. or eminem. realize that drake is good too and eminem is not the only good one out there.

    ****TO ALL HATERS*****
    | The STFU Truck ||l “”|””\__,_
    | _____________|||__|__|__|]

  • Justthinkaboutit

    LOL @ the jealous failed rappers who love disrespecting someone who actually made something of their lives.
    LOL @ the ignorant, immature, Ebonics-loving, train-wreck posts.
    LOL @ the many, many cowards who hide behind their computer screens with elitist attitudes.
    LOL @ getting pissed off when your reading this because you know I’m talking about you.