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Drake – Show Me A Good Time x Climax Live (Video)

blame it on Meka June 23, 2010


Say what you want about that guy, but you can’t be too angry at this. In the middle of “Show Me A Good Time,” Aubrey breaks into Slum Village’s “Climax.” SMH at how quiet the crowd got when he jumped into that song, though.

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  • webeethem

    Goos shit drake. them kids don’t know good music and this dude is their age. SMH!

  • George Clooney

    Wow. HOW did he do that?

  • OGEazy

    This is why the dude sounds so depressed in his music. Even he knows that his fans are terrible and don’t know their history. They just want the new radio single packaged for them.

  • Slim

    drunk as shit

  • mmkayy

    lol @ Drake fans.. wha u expect he got dudes cryin & shit

  • TheHateThatHateMade

    i’ll bet all those bitches think thats his song

  • chasna


  • KC_Mafioso

    A horrible crowd, they dont understand good music.

  • Zlatko

    I guarantee not one person in that crowd knows that’s SV. Everybody googling those lyrics and trying to find the Drake song that it’s from.

  • cbobb

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  • this was actually kinda dope

  • toofuckinreal

    maybe it was the crowd since its a microsoft event? i don’t know but reguardless of the crowd i think slowly but surely drake’s live performance is getting better and i like that he’s putting artists like SV, DILLA, Dead Prez, etc influence in his music. I think that style works for him a lot. Like right when he got into “Climax” you could see him gettin more into the zone, its just the crowd didn’t seem to even know that song. but i feel u drake keep that shit up!

  • somebody tell me slum village’s best album. I got a bunch of their tracks but I don’t have a specific album. I just need they best album to rock out to.

  • roc aware

    drake ain’t a problem for jay z

  • roc aware1

    drake ain’t a problem for jay z


  • horussky

    Classic Slum = Fantastic Vol2…
    Then I’d say Trinity if you like Elzhi.

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    I LOVE SLUM VILLAGE….ppl should def expand their perception of hiphop

  • killin’emdaily

    drake, unlike his fans, knows his hip-hop. i’m a huge ghostface fan and he used a ghostface line on fancy. i was like “damn…i thought he only listened to young money and the degrassi soundtrack…”

  • appreciate @horussky. im about to download and make a cd now

  • sax

    Fantastic Vol.1 is the best SV album to me..dat raw shit..i remember buying Vol.2 in like 98 r 99..lol i was in 7th grade lol…SV was my segue from NO Limit to better stuff lol..im hyped that drake is up on it too..a lot of cats try to ride the SVilla bandwagon to give the credibility but i think Drizzy knows wassup..good shit bruh

  • GOD

    I’m not a huge Drake fan, but at least dude pays homage to the greats. Got my respect.

  • Onederin

    That was pretty dope, no doubt. I like when rappers pay homage. Fuck if the crowd doesn’t know. I doubt you would have fans with a wide range of knowledge about hip-hop music at a Microsoft event.

  • haha…nah Drizzy, that hip hop you knew is long gone now…smile for the cameras and perform your shows, but don’t think to many real heads are gonna be in the house.

  • GR

    He’s, in my opinion, the perfect gateway for youngsters to get into some classic, underground sound. Remember that he’s been on his underground shit for awhile.

  • Fuckouttahere

    i swear people got shit twisted, people think that you have to be a gangster or a thug in order to be considered real and its funny how everytime i read a haters comment about drake its always “he aint tough” or “he aint a gangster” well hell drake dont TRY to be!! for yall dumb mothafuckas it is possible to be a rapper and talk about real shit without mentioning fighting, killing, or dealing drugs

  • HR

    much respect slum vill all day

  • erw

    Got much respect for this.

  • OnniBeats

    no he didn’t… first he does one hell of a great song of SV and then says hes repping “Young Money Cash Money”?!?!

    that shit ain’t match.