• YeaDat

    real nice smooth track

  • zack

    dope track that builds. perfect for a boss toke session with tha homiez where u hit some cubans too.

  • Tony Soprano

    ...*clicks on link to download after one listen, where they do that at?

  • http://twitter.com/airjustinn AirJustinn

    I'd like a toast to........

  • Chameleo Salamander

    This beat is real ill and it's good to see Trade staying active but Freck killed it. Unexpected collab

  • OGEazy

    Just downloaded the tape. So far it's sounding good but who knows if it'll hold up.

  • quickfast

    where the heck has Freck been? he dropped American Terrorist then went MIA

  • http://www.toofortunate.com/blog LikeJordan45

    This shit is dope, props to Shake for the cover art + an ill beat and solid features. Also you can check the tape on the Fortunate Ones blog "Too Fortunate" by clicking my name