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Royce Da 5’9″ On Slaughterhouse, Eminem, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake June 23, 2010

Royce chops it up with DJ Whoo Kid about his versatility on the mic, The Bar Exam 3, the future of Slaughterhouse, his relationship with Eminem, losing Proof and more.

  • Okay Royce I want to see you and Em do an Album together straight fire!

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  • Premise Ptah

    Good to see him and Em worked that shit out.

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  • decapitatah

    LMAO this was the funniest shit ever

  • Rezo

    There have been 150 different Royce videos/quotes about Shady. How about people shut the fuck about it and wait until it actually happeneds? This is almost as bad as the 200 J. Cole interviews talking about how CLASSIC his album is going to be yet there is no date, track list, artwork, features, or anything else besides videos of him talking about it. Stop oversaturating people with the same shit over and over. Let other people who are actually doing something get some shine.

  • Royce needs to hop off Shady’s nuts. Was he even that close to Proof? Royce always comes off as that annoying kid in high school who tries to fit in with the cool kids by acknowledging one of their friends, whom they know nothing about.

  • decapitatah

    R u bein serious? you obviously know nothing bout royce. Him and proof were close especially after the D12 beef when they were in Jail together deading the beef. They mad close so shut the fuck off

  • SutterKane

    Theres nothing going on in hip hop right now then Eminem and Slaughterhouse joining forces

  • GTA3


    cosign 100%

    If you ain’t from the D and didn’t personally know Proof or Royce then stop gossiping like high school girls.

  • james

    he talks about slaughterhouse in past tense…weird

  • prk

    Eminem And Slaughterhouse is the only news coverage i want all summer. No drake or jcole, just eminem and slaughterhouse.

  • Gordon B.

    People usually find Whookid annoying but I love his interviews, he get’s the guests comfortable and have a good time, non of that awkward shit.

  • being one of the original Royce fans (you kids might not remember badmeetsevil.com) its good ish to see Royce connecting with Em and them.