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Add-2 x The Roots (Video)

blame it on Shake June 24, 2010


Although the quality of the audio isn’t that great, it’s still great to see the homie Add-2 making moves. I can only imagine how awesome it would feel for an upcoming emcee to be given the chance to rock alongside Black Thought. One of the best to ever do it. Be on the lookout for some new Add-2 music soon and be sure to cop The Roots’ How I Got Over if you haven’t already.

  • Yeah I cant lie I’m a little jealous. Black Thought >>>> other emcees. Props to Add-2 congrats dude! you are 1 lucky bastard

  • Digitek

    Big ups to Add-2 ..Shake I think you mean the ‘audio’ isn’t that great, the vid actually isn’t too bad ..but I can barely hear these cats

  • Justice

    Can’t wait for “better days”…….

  • “Shake I think you mean the ‘audio’ isn’t that great, the vid actually isn’t too bad ..but I can barely hear these cats”

    yea. thats what i meant.

  • OnTheRun

    still waiting on Add’s mixtape. On another note, How I Got Over is incredible.

  • Kandice

    a dream would be for an upcoming emcee would be working with drake the dream ti nicki or wayne…the roots who under 45 listens to them?

  • OnTheRun

    @ Kandice, you don’t know what you’re talking about. This is real hip-hop, not ringtone hip-hop. And i’m 15 and a big Roots fan.

  • McNyce

    check me out
    lemme kno if u dig or if u dnt
    criticism is always welcomed

  • Kandice

    Why is it all rappers who don’t sell considered real hip hop shouldnt it be the other way around…all this black thought if you actually think he could out rap wayne or drake must be out of their minds…be foreal i listened to the how i got over album almost got to work late because i fell asleep it was so boring..this is coming from a true student of hip hop

  • Mann Thaa Goat

    ahaha whoever this Kandice is is about to catch hell smh, shouldn’t have posted that one

  • OnTheRun

    McDonald’s > Drake.

  • Great to see my homie Add rockin’ with not only the greatest Hip-Hop band, but one of the greatest bands of any genre, PERIOD. Be on the lookout for my broski Add-2’s upcomin’ mixtape “Better Days” featurin production by me and other dope cats. ADD WHAT UP, B?!

  • isaac_a

    come check out “Beautiful feat. Ben Tolsen” single off upcoming mixtape by b.chenz. free download and support! jam!


    free download! love and peace yall!

  • How I Got Over > *

    hahahahah Kandice stop speaking your ignorance

  • 1woRd

    dont pay that dumb bitch no mind..anything Kandice posts just disregard it…she knows shit bout this genre

  • Proud of you bro! Glad to see you hard work and faith paying off!

  • bucknasty

    how do you fall asleep listening to Black Thought and not fall asleep to Drake’s “flow”? smh

  • YoungCosby

    Kandice, you’re as dumb as two armadillos trying to have rough sex. For you to proclaim yourself as a “student of hip hop”, Black Thought and all the other “rappers who don’t sell” are your favorite rappers emcees.

  • Gerrio

    Finished version of Dre’s Under Pressure has leaked.


  • Britney Spears

    Wow just wow @ Kandice.

  • Teton

    Good to see Add-2 making moves. @ Kandice I bet you think learning, thinking, & reading are boring too. Young Money = fail even if a million witless sheep buy their albums. Props also to On The Run for being only 15 and appreciating the Roots, one of the greatest groups of all time in any genre. Most youngens have the Kandice mentality.

  • Bakke

    “this is coming from a true student of hip hop”
    Comment of the year?

  • The Real JonnieHayward

    @Kandice go listen to The Roots album Illadelph Halflife if u think Drake or Wayne can outrap Black Thought…and please go read a book if u think How I Got Over is boring,,real hip hop = hip hop with substance, soul, feeling, and meaning to it

  • ZigZags

    @Kandice the sad part is Drake himself would slap you for saying that. Props to add-2!

  • Shouts to ADD-2 that’s the lil homie…Chicago reps well! Check out me an ADD’s joint “Holy Grail” on here Agacee x ADD-2

  • bf

    LMAO @ZigZags


    I’m sure most of today’s emcees would pay their respect to Black Thought and The Roots.

    Kandice my friend, you seem to have fucked yourself here LOL

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  • fukyouandyomom

    now featuring KANDICE in this weeks episode of random acts of fuckery… @kandice. kill yourself

  • vis


    Ontherun said “McDonald’s > Drake.” lmao true.

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