New Kingdom – Naked Time (FreEP)

blame it on Shake June 24, 2010

After sharing the stage with the likes of Asher Roth, Janelle Monae, B.o.B and Saul Williams; the Los Angeles based band — consisting of Noah King (vocals), Oren Yoel (the man behind most of Asher’s Asleep in the Break Aisle on the keys), Joe Rausch (bass) and Evan Turner (drums) — releases a free seven-track EP (and video) for fans of that rock, soul, pop, funk and sexy shit.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Stepped On the Scene
02 Burn It Down
03 Red Walls
04 City in Water
05 Booze
06 When Can I See You
07 Questions

DOWNLOAD: New Kingdom – Naked Time EP

  • risen357

    ill be the first to say this cover is gangsta

  • SMH

    Ill be the first to say that the first comment is gay

  • Cheep Chris

    Music is dope, feeling it

  • Rezo

    Shake, you censor Rick Ross man boobs but you won’t censor a man’s naked ass? I understand it’s a cover but let whoever wants to download it look at his naked ass. lol

  • qp

    All I seen was the title first and then I scroll down and see ol’ dude standing in the buff like it’s nothing lol caught me off guard, it’s hilarious

    With the cover beside, the music is bumping from what I’ve heard so far. Real nice

  • mr. fate

    these dudes are incredible. shake you need to post their video, that shit is insane

  • “these dudes are incredible. shake you need to post their video, that shit is insane”

    that shit is hilarious! i included a link in the post above.

  • Faydo

    These guys kill it and their music video is bonkers!

  • The REAList

    (2)DOPBOYZ or (A)DOPEBOY Conspiracy

    I’m here to shed light on my theory of the “2dopeboyz” Shake & Meka.
    We all have seen pictures of Meka, he is indeed a real living entity. How many of us have actually seen his counterpart “Shake”. Would it be so inconceivable to believe that “Shake” is nothing more than Meka’s alter ego that he uses. It is never Meka who responds to hate from the bloggers, it is Shake. This could be Meka’s way of taking out his frustrations through his made up blogging parter, Shake. Meka could very easily turn his alter ego in a virtual counterpart and allow this made up blogger to absorb the blows 2dopeboyz takes. Hate is always directed at Shake, making Meka seem as the favorite between the two when really Meka is the ONLY dopeboy. Could (2)dopeboyz merely be (A)dopeboy???

  • donny

    homo…..music is average at best

  • Vic

    naked in the street with a 40oz, gangsta.

  • kirk franklin

    [email protected] realist
    that actually makes sense.
    and oh yea dope music:]

  • Emo Cancer

    @ The REAList – are you new here? Not sure why you care, but what you said isn’t true. Meka is the saltiest of the 2DB and the weaker link by far. A fish outta water in NY and a snob who talks shit and then changes his mind as popular opinion sways. And there are pictures Shake & Meka out there. Shake has a more open mind to music by far, but he get’s a little soft and girly at times (see Lupe situation & some of the R&B shit) and he’s a Lakers fan. In any regard, both Shake & Meka stand in the shadow of KNOWxONE. If KNOWxONE had his own site that’s where I’d be. That said, I appreciate the work that all contributors do here…I mean, they really don’t give a fuck what bloggers think, and they providing music that’s provided to them.

    Back to the post – these guys aren’t bad at bad.

  • Emo Cancer

    *at all

  • Xero

    i’ll be the first to agree with the first comment

  • thetruth

    dude moves like the lead singer of the greatest band of all time “At the Drive In”

  • thetruth

    i would of bought this EP if they made a cd version of it

  • rhames

    This shit is banging son! New Kingdom is legit.

  • Sam Flow

    His ass is…strong!! (dont worry, i am a female)

  • DK

    @Sam Flow Lmao! music is pretty good

  • thundercat

    That video is wild, dope music too, for real.

  • AC

    There was already a group called New Kingdom, they have an album titled Heavy Load. The song ‘Cheap Thrills’ is the shit. You bitches should check it out.

  • And Won


  • And Won

    Bleh this singer hurts my ears, a lot.

  • yumm

    Wit dem big ol’ ass cheeks. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Rezo

    Real talk, if that ass was on a chick, I would wanna hit that. lol

    Not bad. Too bad it’s a dude for real. But from the visual aspect of the cover, it’s definitely attractive. But more if it were a chick.

  • 111111111111

    The REAList < sorri to blow ur bubble, there are pics of shake n meka out there. u must be new to the site.

  • mr. fate

    uh this shti’s fucking dope

  • chronwell

    New Kingdom already exist. They from NY and they did 2 records in the 90s and toured the world.Paradise Dont Come Cheap!

  • Saul Good

    The music is good but the video is ridiculous. Damn. It’s great when you find a band that’s not trying to please anybody else. Just being real. I gotta love them for that alone.

  • Onederin

    Finally got to listening to this. This shit is dope. Hope they continue to make more music.

  • Stax

    Hot shit!