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AlBe Back – I Like It f. DMC

blame it on Shake June 25, 2010

Two new joints from the homie AlBe Back!

DOWNLOAD: AlBe Back – I Like It f. DMC (prod. Jared Lee) | Mediafire
BONUS: AlBe Back – Fairytale (prod. Chop) | Mediafire

  • CABNumber

    ¡ Ay Caramba !

  • One Minute Show Dude ! I didn’t knew he rap

  • BBoldt


  • cozer

    i want that shirrrrrrrrrrrt

  • northeast215

    i thought dmc’s music days were over because his voice got fucked up, the shit he’s put out for awhile just hasn’t sounded good, but he killed this shit…..i hope him and run can get back together and drop some new heat, run’s last album (Distortion) was only like 20-somethin minutes long but it was fucking fire, go check it

  • George Clooney

    This shit is wack, and dude sucks somethin awful. DMC should quit tarnishing his legacy. This does not sound like one of the greatest rappers of all time on here.




  • david

    George Clooney- Not all artists want to make music for people like you who only want music with some complex lyrics and meaning and shit, i like listening to tracks with stories/meanings or some kind of narrative too, and complex lyricism always shows artists have skills, but music like that is only really good when you’re on your own, if you’re in a club most people want to have a good time and go a bit crazy, thats what its like in england anyway, i dont wanna go out and hear some complex lyrics and shit when i’m trying to get with a girl or chill with the people i showed up with, i wanna hear something loud and something i can go crazy to, this is the type of music you would do that to, there are different purposes for music, some is for when you are at home alone or with a few people (this track is NOT

  • david

    this track is NOT for that scenario, and then there’s music that you wanna hear when you are out at night and wanna go wild to, this IS for that scenario, this track would be insane live, i dont know how old you are or if you’re not the kinda guy that gets out the house and listens to live music, but if i was gonna go to a club this would sound a lot better than any mainstream music like drake, and it would sound better than a lot of socially conscious music etc, you just gotta listen to the song and think of what the purpose of it is not everything is for fans to sit down in peace and listen to and for them to analyse lines and quotes

  • Urban Hill Records

    *no ignorant comments after that post….haha


    I’m Sorry niggas rapping over some guitar hero shit is corny DMC is a legend but 1st verse is asscheeks, He’s crazy loud and obnoxious ..and yall gon call me a hater but so what…its my opinion..