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Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, B.o.B, Young Jeezy, T.I. & Trey Songz Live at BET Awards (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas June 27, 2010

Kanye West performs his latest single, Power, at the 2010 BET awards. Good Ass Job in stores September 14, 2010. Welcome Back, Yeezy. SHAKE UPDATE: Hit the jump for Em and B.o.B performing Airplanes pt.2/Not Afraid, T.I. performing Yeah You Know (Takers), Drake performing Fireworks/Over and a remix of Lose My Mind w/ Young Jeezy. Extra shouts to Chris Brown for doing a helluva job paying homage to the late great King of Pop.


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  • #thankyoubasedgod

  • sideshowRaheem

    At one point it was rumored that Kanye was gonna do a tour called “Ye vs the Volcano” I guess he’s bringing back that concept this time around.

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    ^ Kanye was using the symobolism of the Parable about Moses on the mount. U call your self GOD kanye west ????
    You r not god Mr west

  • And dre

    Really like this track. Let’s hope for more of the same on Good Ass Job.


  • 3rd verse is awkward. abomination of obama’s nation? please nigga……you aint nobody

  • c



  • I think term ‘hater’ should be banned from usage, at least for a year. It gives wackness to much room to breathe

  • Rio$

    what’s a bet awards? did that ever go to real artists

    SMH bet t-pain or gucci win some shit

  • Lioness

    worst kanye performance ever

  • the shoster

    HOLY SHIT! THE CHAIN!!!! OMG. SO awesome!!

  • Raptorsarefriends

    @ Lioness
    I agree. but then again this is the BET awards

  • JRC

    For a minute there I thought I was watching the Highlander THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!! can’t wait for the album though Kanye always delivers.

  • k-rino

    who the fuck is crooklyn p and why is he posting

  • BlackCaesar


    You’re.. you’re serious.. aren’t you?
    There’s so much idiocy in your comment, you should be aborted from the c-section.

  • qp

    3rd verse is awkward. abomination of obama’s nation? please nigga……you aint nobody

    WorldCrysis said this on June 27th, 2010 at 8:50 pm
    I think he was making a reference to when Obama called him a Jackass after the “Taylor Swift” incident…it was hilarious hearing President Obama say that.

  • Was Ye wearing a big Jesus piece?

  • What the fuck is Kanye wearing around his neck? is that a medallion of a gold plated version of the King James Bible?

  • I thought it was just a gigantic version of the pharaoh medallion Nas has with a different chain.

    But yea, this definitely wasn’t Kanye’s best performance at all. Couldn’t tell if there even was a live band, and that corny laughing at the end (yea i know it’s in the song) but the way he was acting it out was dumb. but then again, this is the BET awards…

  • mALiZ

    “Lost in translation with a whole f-ckin’ nation
    They say I was the obamanation (abomination) of Obama’s nation
    Well, that’s a pretty bad way to start the conversation”

    He wasnt dissin Obama….stop reaching

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    Iam 100% right nigga read a fuckin book Its clearly the Ten Commandments story Moses on the mount bro when Moses was getting the commandments but here kanye is “god” (and that big ass jesus chain IS a prop) bcuz he never accends down like Moses did u see in the background were the weather was changeing ? That’s the days passing that Moses had to wait on the summit

    Nigga don’t try to fuck with me unless u got your info straight thx

  • SLIM64

    I liked it lol
    2dopeboyz has become hater city smh

  • dz

    it was aight, lets hear the album already!

  • sideshowRaheem


    Nigga shut the fuck up. I was a fucking volcano not a mountain that’s why there smoke coming out the top.

  • RockyLockridge

    ^^ NO ppl just saayin hes not really that important.

    erm…f the bet awards had no idea it was even on.
    and kanye…this was kinda weak i dunno..if that album is gonna b something speical rite now

  • yaowa

    crooklyn p ? lol

  • RockyLockridge

    oh man some of these comments are cracking me up lol

  • RockyLockridge

    DallasTx_Groveside< if it was a mirror of the moses story cudnt ye also be sayin maby hes Moses? not God? #jussayindontshootmethrutheinternets

  • Marksppl

    DallasTx_Groveside is right have y’all ever read the bible ?

    ….Anyway i don’t really like this song I can’t wait for the album tho

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    ^If he was Moses he would climb the summit to reach god because that’s where he is on top
    …..here ye starts off on top so he’s “god” it’s as simple as that.
    Iam not beefing iam just telling y’all what it is and I fuck with kanye he’s a dope rapper.

  • Where’s the Jeezy ft Drake?


    So Good Ass Job is droppin Sept 14th? If so Cudis album is gonna get pushed back cuz I thought it was droppin on that date, which is cool cuz the new Ye album will be fire

  • Man_On_The_Moon

    Kanye killed it!! He is back and all the haters can hop off really, Kanye is real hip-hop!!!

  • shawn p.

    he look like an old kool and the gang cover.

  • MrCrockett

    thats all i wanted to see.fuck the rest of the show

  • Kurtis Blow is that you ??

  • SHIT WAS DOPE!!!! ahaha LOVE THE HATER COMMENTS, keep em comin NIGGUHS!!!!

  • M.E.A.N.

    niggas reading to much into this, it was a dope kanye experiment slideshow hschool project, but that nigga chris brown though brought MJ back to life for 90 seconds, best performance.

  • G-Funks

    Kanye went Extra Travolta with that look.

  • JonesDeini

    Okay Ye was the prophet Moshe (Moses)and he was wearing a bust of Horus around his neck.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Sorry Kanye but the performance was wik wik wakkk 4real!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slim Jefferson

    Dope. How can people say that Kanye ain’t important though? For real?

  • shawn p.

    these are the breaks!

  • RockyLockridge


  • Nick Curcio

    “he’s back, he’s back.” all i gotta say is

    when did kanye leave?

    kanye is hip hop

  • mmkayy

    kanye wasnt gr8 but it was far from wack..

  • VTP

    Keyshia Cole fucked up that B.O.B. song “Airplanes”. That’s what happens when you try to steal the spotlight and you can’t perform worth a shit live.

  • King Geezy

    They bogus as hell for doing J. Cole like that. Show the Allstate sign 30 seconds into his performance and cut to commercial 1/3rd through the first verse. smh Fuck BET!

  • Brocho Cinco

    Eminem = The highlight of the Black Entertainment Television awards

    Does anyone else find this funny??

  • Kandice

    if you didnt like it lol go to bet.com/musicmatters learn all about him

  • thetruth

    that new kanye track is awful cdq version and live version…shit id take his last album over this

  • MarkGeez

    Yeah that was bullshit how they did Cole like that.

  • Damn BET shit on Cole, what’s up with that? That was the dudes first big moment and you do him like that? I’m tight right now…

  • TI really fucken sucks live. Real talk. Bring out a hype man to give yourself time to breathe.

    Same shit was during grammy swagga like us performance. Poor little skinny bald TI in big-ass glasses gasping for air

  • Chew


    I think Kanye was feelin’ himself a little too much though. I still really like the track, because it’s an interesting perspective of what Kanye has upon the world that shunned him as quickly as they accepted him.

  • Anybody else notice Prince walking out during his own tribute? Ouch!

  • breezy killed that shit i think he got his female fan base back with that one.

  • lxlnethinglxl

    performances were nice. B.o.B was lookin kinda like lupe on his. still pretty dope all around

  • RockyLockridge

    ^^yea cb crying worked like a charm
    the crowd were like “punched who?..aww hes so cute”

  • smh

    FAIL its a fucking VOLCANO not a mountain so that just shuts up everything you said

    you are a fucking hater dude, first you call kanye a nobody (becuase you dont understand obama nation line) and if kanye is a nobody wtf does that make YOU.. a piece of shit hating behind a computer and then you hating on tip and i aint even a tip fan

    3.who in the fuck at bet edited this shit they fail, they up there blocking out words that wasnt even curse words

    4.they did j.cole wrong as hell, showing the all sate sign for most of his perfromance then cutting to commercials, same way mtv did wale and cudi last yr and lupe the yr before that fuck mtv and bet

    5.the VOLCANO (*cough DallasTx_Groveside cough*) and the screen in the back was dope but ye voice messed the performance up he sounded weird

  • smh

    @Derek Jeter
    damn he did shit i would of too trey songs was doing horrible that shit sucked really badly

  • Chris Brown killed that shit but that was a bitch cry he was doing. That was no man cry that’s for sure. It’s one thing to get emotional but he took it a little too far.

  • j

    Did J. Cole perform? If so upload it pleasse


    what happened to j.cole?

  • kingdarius

    chris brown murdered that performance but went a lil overboard with tha cryin shit………..he cant thank BET for saving his career tho

  • @smh

    first of all it is not the right logic to move attention from kanye to me. “kanye is a nobody” he is definately not a nobody, but he is not THAT big of a deal, and yes i got that line, and that is exactly why it felt so unnatural and awkward and everything. He does not hold any weight as a social activist what so ever and stands for nothing (unless you count himself and narcissism) and will not be remembered 10 years after his death for him to make those claims.
    you saying “you say kanye sucks….who are you!!” is like drinking piss and making excuses that some other people actually not only drink piss but also eat shit. It is retarted and demonstrates lack of any debate or logic skills on your side.
    3rd, TI DID sick live. he performed exactly HALF of the song, because he was gasping for air half his lines. Meanwhile before mentioned kanye didnt stumble once. and dont even get me started on eminem.

    you are one of the reasons term “hater” should be banned from existance

  • kingdarius

    i meant CAN thank BET

  • I mean TI DID SUCK live

  • robertTHEallen

    chris brown won with this one

  • Busta could’ve had the dopest verse in history and i wouldnt have known what the fuck he said.

  • BBoldt

    Airplanes sounded like SHIT without Hayley Williams.

  • screw chris.

    patti & janelle >>>

  • Y3K

    The fuck were BET playing at with J. Cole’s performance?

  • MisterCharisma

    Chris Brown is the ultimate phoney.

  • kno1youlove

    I think I hate everyone on this site.


    ^ cosign

  • olugbam

    ^^double cosign

    Whatever, I just laugh with it
    ___Cause today’s fan is tomorrow’s rap critic___
    One day, they giving you the thumbs up
    The next, they telling 9th to go and switch his drums up
    The best is what they expect
    But why they won’t let the music just be what it is
    Is anybody’s guess

    Phonte was talking about the c-section before it existed

  • chris_martian

    MJ [email protected]:28 lol!!!!!!!!!! JONH LEGEND LIKE ” WHERE’S MY BLUNT¿ ,I CAN’T REMEMBER,AH GOD SHOW CHRIS”

    homie,for real,CHRIS BROWN KILLIN IT, i get emotional too,man is MJ,michael’s music is the most amazing

  • JRoc76


  • kno1youlove

    @olugbam Very true.

  • A-2-Da-D

    we need to get a CDQ of the Drake Lose My Mind remix

  • ^Please.

  • Mtrx

    Kanye killed that shit. Sept. 14th!!

  • Antonym

    Can someone please tell me which video this J.Cole snubbed happened on.


    Someone needs to get that Drake remix pronto


  • mmkayy

    yeaa props 2 Chris Brown but srsly i bet the main reason he cryin cos no one shows him love.. jut sayin

    ohh and if yall think some ppl on here are haters yall neva been to Nah Right so stfu

  • jay

    man I hate black evil television they straight up played J cole cant wait for that dudes album he is a great artist liked eminems performance kanye was straight cant wait for good ass job

  • Derp

    So we now know the remix J Prince was talking about on twitter “Drake just hopped on one of the most hottest tracks right now”, Lose My Mind remix prolly coming soon.

  • Billy

    yea BET did played J.cole but you can see his performance which didnt get air here->http://www.bet.com/video/1174396 other than that the performances was dope.

  • J_EaRLy



    In theaters after he can’t stand on (h)is ankles..

  • Man, I give two fucks what everyone say, Chris Brown put his heart into that performance. Anyone else couldn’t have done a michael Jackson tribute like that. Any if they chose anyone else for the tribute, I bet they would’ve cried like that too. I cried watching. It ain’t about being a punk, it’s about having respect for MJ and letting him know you love him. Best performance.

  • Billy

    yea and theirs a new J.Cole verse also in the video also. I saw the video posting in http://jcolefans.com/..

  • SSM31

    What happened with J Cole?

  • Kandice

    Who cares they didn’t show J Cole he’s garbage
    All that matters is the right artist had the best performnance
    My boy Drake and My Girl Nicki straight had performces of a lifetime

  • asdasd


  • WeOutBiiiitch

    J. Cole fuckin killed that 2nd verse… Fuck was/is BET doin?!?

  • tkends

    you can see kanyes chain up close on his new site

  • didnt see drizzy performance till now.
    hes already a good performer.
    minus the singing.

  • spooky

    I don’t really feel they did J.Cole wrong really. They had him in the new artists to watch category, which makes sense. Remember, most people (BET core audience) don’t really know who he is. It’s not like he has singles out that he could have performed. I mean really, does anyone like Who Dat? Plus he doesn’t have a strong team behind him. Jay wasn’t there… I don’t even know who else is on RocNation?? That’s one thing Young Money has going for them. Whether you like it or not, if you know one person on young money, you know all of them.

  • tkends

    J. Cole is THE FUTURE

  • M&M

    I agree with everything esle expect the Chris Brown part. The man did his shit, big props… R.I.P. Michael Jackson

  • spooky

    Oh yeah, what was up with Nikki lip synching??? You supposed to be a rapper?

  • @DallasTx_Groveside How is it the parable on the mount, first off, he is on a volcano, not a mountain. How is he god, he’s on the volcano, not in the sky. He doesn’t cast 10 commandents, there’s no ref to the staff turning into the snake, none of that. And Chris Brown kilt it, so anybody hating on him, rly needs to fuck off, MJ was his idol, and his all-time major influence, and I blv they were friends too, so when he finally gets to tribute him after a year, and considering all he’s been through, he cried. DOn’t give him shit for that

  • Cam’Ron

    I hate to break to all you J. Cole stans but he’s fucking El DeGARBAGE.

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss” Stan fka Answer Me!

    Where are the ciphers ???

  • mmkayy

    ^thats BET hip hop Awards

    kanye’s skinny pants wasnt tight enouf.. needs to be tighter *smh

  • Asafo

    T.I went IN on this shit…dude is ill. And yall chill on that Kanye shit..I swear niggas throw some fancy videos up on youtube, and everybody of a fuckin theologian, and symbol reader after watchin dem shits. And that chain wasn’t Jesus or a damn Bible, it was an Egyptian Pharoah…I don’t kno how tha hell u saw Jesus or a Bible when u looked it it.

    That is all

  • lol, WHAT IS KANYE DOING with himself… that shit was awesome… hahaha what waaas that..? Props for keeping things interesting for sure

  • Jay

    Drake loves that Octobers Very Own Letterman! I would too tho sick letterman!

  • ck47

    Random Royce sighting

  • wow dallas grove side w,e the fuck u are
    i know for certain u are an idiot he is on top of a volcano
    the songs name is POWERRRRR volcano is one of if not the most powerful force in nature, along with everything in the back round
    and standing at the top also plays in to the whole Power theme…
    fucking idiot

    dope performance tho!!!

  • Idris

    All the folks speaking hateful aren’t fans. You aren’t even critics. You just speak out of spite, and it’s sad. I’d feel sorry for ya’ll, but you just spew evil shit all day. But anyway, I’m happy for everybody, it kinda sucks though that J. Cole didn’t get his spotlight. Seems they do this to all the new up and coming artist who aren’t in a place like Drake is (i.e Nikki).

    But whatever, B.E.T ain’t been shit for a while.

  • The Real JonnieHayward

    Chris Brown was so emotional because he wanted to be apart of the MJ tribute last year but BET rejected him because of the Rihanna incident…MJ was a fan of Christopher’s too so it meant alot that he finally got to do this

  • The Real JonnieHayward
  • Strange Famous

    Hmm are those croc’s tears? If not that moment just showed how timeless and relevant MJs music is. Man in the mirror was released in 88′ and 22 years later…

  • RockyLockridge

    WorldCrysis< y does ur names link go to gay porn?? neva reading another post from this font. ever.


    “They want dancers, they want lighting, they want effects to make them seem exciting, but BDP come with the cheapest and preform miracles like Jesus…”-Breath Control Boogie Down Productions

  • Mohammed

    Chris Brown performance was the best one. I thought Kanye’s was good but I was hoping it would be epic. It would’ve been better with live instrumentation. The performance would’ve been liver.

  • Braniak

    Kanye looking straight up homo wtf has hip-hop come too??

  • Hernandez

    This is Black Entertainment Television, right ? So why does Eminem is singing with B.o.B. ? Not a hater I love Eminem, but I just think it doesn’t make sense.

  • Red suit, on top of a volcano, which a huge Horus piece??? hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • http://www.kanyewest.com/home/ for pics of the chain and ring he wore during the performance.

  • brownnation

    Brown University’s own music blog! BrownNationStation.blogspot.com! See how the Ivy League knows music!

  • LG711

    kanye west was getting his LL’ on you see the strut?? im BAD! lol… ass for the moses mountain stuff get over yourselves i dont think its that deep. might think he is above everybody but not in the moses & god all that shit seriously the song sounds like the performance.

    oh Chris Brown killed it gah-damn

  • Micah

    it was a king tut piece, white suit the volcano was the red reflecting, wasnt really that serious, he rapped his song POWER dont you think the theme of the song has anything to do with the performance UNDERSTAD the theme of the song THEN apply it to the performance dumbasses, eminem had mic issues or something, nikki fail for lip synching

  • Static


    That waz a very racist way to look at that…

    Eminem is a rapper, a genre of music that appeals to blacks. therefore he Entertains Blacks

    Black Entertainment Television

  • @ Micah – http://www.kanyewest.com/home/ tell me if that looks like King Tut to you…



  • RockyLockridge

    Hernandez< black entertainment..refers to things of african american cultural origin, eminem taking part is like an african american taking part in an italian cooking contest, if ur the best their still gonna let u cook and take part, eminem happens to be great at a music genre originating from african american culture, why cant he do that? shud black ppl not be allowed to take part in a cowboy dancing contest?

  • DatGuy

    Is Ye wearing skinny jeans???

  • FAH-Q

    Eminem had the best performance, he sounded the best live. T.I.’s was pretty damn sick as well, with Travis Barker on the beats. B.o.B always does pretty good live as well.

  • B.J.

    First before any of you got shit to say about my comment, think clearly about the difference between Hip Hop and Rap. To be honest, Hip Hop is what Artists like Kanye West, J.Cole, Jay Z, etc(Not Including Drake) are doing. Rap(Retards attempting Poetry) are obviously commercial artists and therefore do not realize the true essence nor meaning behind the Music Itself, only to be mostly profit and can’t see the true nature of music itself. I say Kanye West’s performance was really good but Of course you guys may have seen other performanecs and may think that they’re the best…however I think that’s one of the top for me. Drake just confuses the Hell out of me…I mean you can’t even compare him to Lil Wayne because Drake is like a Cyborg, Half Human, Half Robot being under the Influence of Cash Money/Young Money’s Poison Music like a Epidemic. Honestly I think Dirty Money just lost me completely…I mean their performance was good in all, but through the years ever since Biggie Smallz died, Puff isn’t really doing that well and I mean for the 2Pac Fans and all, I believe that they just need a breakthrough artist like J.Cole or Jay Electronica, Possibly even Wale to make Roc Nation become one of the Greatest Labels ever…since It’s obvious that’s the best Real Music source itself. Trey Songz…Eh I’m not too much of a Fan but Chris Brown is Cool. Tyga(From young money/cash money) with the video “Deuces” is good but Tyga is just like Drake to me…I think Phonte & 9th Really need to help Drake get back to Real Music and just go sign to another Artist besides Lil Wanye…He’s what started the corruption of Hip Hop into Rap and is a disgrace to what Music really stands for…It’s just bad music period. Now J.Cole is really good in a way, and I think he just has as much If not better potential than Drake himself no question. Alicia Keys is one of my favorite R&B but I think she’s heading for a Rude Awakening of course…I mean she got Drake to do one of her Songs/Videos…That’s one thing I never saw her do at all. Overall the BET Awards wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for but it was good….that’s all…just good and nothing more.

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