• markeith504

    last laugh, track is mad sick, spirit of 94 was sick alltogether

  • http://www.39parkave.com Lala Sugafoot

    I'm from the triangle (NC) and this is all love.
    North Carolina is in the house.

    We don't like Petey Pablo like that in NC

  • Enkaeg

    kaze's dope, good to see something comin out from him

  • Bezze

    Recycled Verse " Guess Who Playing Freddy"

  • prick

    "spirit of 94" top 20 lp for me

  • DEV



    the guy on the right of that pic looks like a rat ...and he a punk bitch

  • The God

    shit is dope #HEMME! SOTC in the building!

  • Slim Jefferson

    God damn. This dude is ILL.

  • http://myspasce.com/donwilsonisdead donwilsonisdead

    dude on the right j.cole? 919 stand up.

  • the 919

    recycled verse? its a reference dumb ass! Shouts out to Nicki Minaj!