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J. Cole – BET Interview & Performance (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas June 28, 2010

Up top J. Cole sits down with BET to speak on finishing up his album, producing, Pharrell, No I.D. and more. Then after the jump you can check his performance over A Star is Born (that was cut short while airing last night). Check the new verse.

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  • godson

    great verse, good reception from the crowd, his debut album is gonna be something timeless and special.

  • dgoc91

    can somebody post the mp3 to the star is born video

  • M.E.A.N.

    props to j.cole hope dude does get a grammy.

  • Mtrx

    Out of all the newer artists out there I want to see cole make it the most. You can tell he puts a lot of work into his stuff and really loves hip-hop and knows the history of hip-hop.

  • Cuervo

    J. Cole is gon’ be big man!! I can’t wait till that album drops!
    That new verse on A Star Is Born is sick!!!

  • DG

    Props to J cole for deading all this BS about 1st week sales. he spoke the truth about people talking about your album 3 to 5 years from now and a lot of these dudes who moved all those units are no where to be found

  • new verse is ill as hell. cant wait for the album, shit i cant wait till he releases the albums name

  • J. Cole is that nigga period

  • The Real JonnieHayward

    even NYC/BROOKLYN cant hate on that performance

  • dj schmutz

    J. Cole > Drake. Period.

  • this dude credibility is mad humble and real

  • Wow. That new verse was real ill. See, this makes me even more angry that they cut him off early. SMH.

  • oh my gaawwd he went in on that new verse. smh at the golf claps the crowd gave him… frontin like they werent impressed.

    but anyways Cole is the man. im cheering for dude to find success in the future. i hope his debut will turn out amazing

  • Rezo

    Cole signed with Hov, mostly wears black, and stays talking about the devil in his verses..just saying

  • Rezo

    This is dope, check it out….


  • What a garbage ass rapper…..he reminds me of 50 cent

  • -__-

    lmfao so he cant use the word Devil?? did u actually listen to the words?? wow fag u fail.. and oh yeah Drake + J.Cole on same track would be classic.. just saying :\ instead of comparing and trying to stir up and speculate beef, think about how beautiful a collabo would be.. i think Drake and Cole are phenomenal and i hope and wish both of them a successful career.. they are a breath of fresh air to the mainstream bullshit

  • wowzers

    and you reminds me of a faggot that types bullshit on the CPU.. step it up and quit hating.. u either listen to garbage ass music or have no taste in good artists

  • Cloud 9

    WTF??? @WorldCrysis get tha fuck outta here wit dat bullshit go listin to waka or gucci mane plz. dnt even kno wut tha fuck hiphop iz. how tha fuck iz he like 50 cent. all 50 raps about iz money women and clothes. J. Cole dnt rap about none of dat bullshit he raps about life. but yo simple minded ass might need to stick wit them other weak ass artist. when u need tha real go listen to tha Warm up. GTFOH

  • dude killed that shit

  • -_-┻WTF

    tooooo short performance

  • J. Cole does mention the devil A LOT. Just like he uses “nigga” wayyyy too much.

  • MJBanks7

    That last verse went too hard. On the real though dude gonna change the game when his cd drop. Even if the numbers don’t show things is gonna change & that’s real.

  • ShakeFixIt

    J. Cole murdered that 2nd verse..goddamn!

    Clap for em’

  • Rezo
  • Solroc21

    J. Cole is gonna have a bright future man. and that new verse was dope, and he killed the performance with ease……Niceeee!
    It’s “Cole World, No Blanket Son.” – J. Cole>>>

  • Ryuk

    2nd verse was really something else. too bad he was in a room with bougie ass black hollywood types. Fuck em’

  • ShakeFixIt

    Can someone download this video/audio and put it on Youtube? I can’t seem to figure out how to download it

  • thefuture

    hey off topic entirely but does anyone have kanye & grav

  • thefuture

    hey off topic entirely but does anyone have kanye & grav – line for line… it’s from 1996, some original ye and I cant find the file online.

  • holy hell. someone rip the MP3. that shit was ridiculous.

  • @Rezo and pretty much anyone who claims that Jay-Z is Illuminati or a Mason.

    Do you realize how pathetic that makes you look, and how truly sad it is for Hip Hop or even African American culture, where people can’t believe a Black man or a rapper can become so successful without being part of an ancient underground society that ‘controls the world’. That’s the epitome of the inferiority complex that Hip Hop has, not believing it can be bigger than itself, and consistently falls into stereotypes and cliches and complacency, almost trying to destroy its own chances at greater success.

  • TimeLess

    First time ever on c- section,that new verse made me write dis..this kid is really good,May God Bless his career,Amen!

  • dj schmutz


  • J. Cole has to blow up, he must.

  • ShakeFixIt

    2nd Verse:

    “Dear Lord, what am I here for?
    Is it the girls or the money or is there more?
    I know the world about to come to a limit (?)
    So before it does let me finish up my sentence
    I see him never grinning, as if he’s winning
    Because this is the bottom of the 9th inning
    I’m coming back like light skin and
    What a sad sight looking at my gas light
    Damn man I just threw ten in
    Look 5 dollars doesn’t get you what it used to
    And look love don’t mean what it used to
    And everybody and their momma on youtube
    Is it just me or is this unusual?
    Don’t want to lose you
    Just want to reach ya’ll
    So let me slow down, to the beat ya’ll
    Put the remote down, move your feet ya’ll
    One time for the boys holdin heat ya’ll
    Keep that tucked before somebody get hurt
    Seem me I’d rather cut let your body get work
    Now if you was the last man walking on earth
    Turn this up, clap your hands like you’re at church”

  • oldclassics

    Kansas – Dust In The Wind

  • ck47

    can anyone rip the audio of the video?

  • Strange Famous

    Brilliant verse added. Crowd sucked ass.

  • Mtrx
  • The Real JonnieHayward
  • hahayo

    Here’s the mp3 – http://usershare.net/w1kp0bna7swu

  • RockyLockridge

    MellowMarsh< THIS.

  • RockyLockridge

    WorldCrysis< y does ur name link go to a gay porn site? ignoring all ur posts from now on. peace.

  • TheBlackGuy

    The live band set it off perfectly and that 2nd verse was something vicious… big ups to J Cole! Looking forward to his album without a doubt


    Cole IS nice on the mic.

  • Y3K

    Fuck that crowd.

  • Danity Cane

    I fucking love you Jermaine.



  • And yall say Jay-Z dont do nothing for him…..

  • YeaDat

    im about to go to del taco and get 2 egg and cheese burritos and hash browns YEEEE

  • MarkGeez

    @ J.Wordz he dont

  • And dre

    Cole shits on Drake man. Just a matter of time before he blows up for real.


  • Sam Flow

    wheeeeeeeewwww!!! If Cole & Drake really do make that song 2gether i would DIE.

  • Dee

    Thanks MTRX and hahayo for the rip. Does anyone else think its kinda a slap in the face for Cole to get all this hype about performing and then perform on the little stage and then get cut off?

  • think

    lame how they cut him off only 15 secs into his performance…trying to shit on him

  • Mohammed

    That 2nd verse was pretty deep verse. It’s a pity tho that BET cut him off.

  • R

    ya kinda wack they cut him off but great performance/opportunity regardless. clap for him

  • BlackThoughtisthetruth

    I wonder if J.Cole’s hunger got even more deep when he saw Drake and Bobby Ray kill it while they cut his time off on the side. I hope J.Cole blows up. He has serious potential. Can’t wait for the album

  • Boomerang Slang

    J Cole is right on the money. Drake is cool no hate but i dont think anybody will be talkin bout Thank Me Later in 10 yrs. Maybe So Far Gone tho


    let me break it down like this….A. Hole will FAIL! he seems even more out of touch in his interviews right now than before. he’s talking about delivery 5 classics, when he hasn’t even delivered a classic single yet. his production skills is also very limited and to be honest..WEAK. I’m not trying to hate on dude, but he’s probably the most over-rated rapper I ever witnessed. I don’t blame A. Hole for talking all the shit he has, because he needs to promote himself with confidence. he just comes off arrogant and stupid in his interviews. his stage performance needs the most work, he can’t rock no crowd at all.

  • Boomerang Slang

    There u are! I really dont think anybody cares what u have to say anymore dawg. theres nothin wrong with sharing ur opinion but u take it to a whole new level like u were put here on this earth to hate on A Hole. shit is suspect

  • BlackThoughtisthetruth

    So MF true ^…Clap for him, Clap for him

  • timmy

    I thought you had given up dickriding A. Hole when I didn’t find your comment among the first ten. Guess you were on lunch break then. Seriously GET A LIFE! I don’t think anyone gives a flying fuck about your opinions.

  • Twitch

    NYC/BROOKLYN lost…
    J. Cole>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • SkipBayyyyyless

    NYC/BROOKLYN loses all credibility when he talks about J. Cole

    your hate is WEAK kid. step your game up

    -Skip Bayless the diabolical hater

  • Dee

    Call me crazy but I think NYC/Brooklyn has a point. Now don’t gt me wrong, I love all of J Cole’s music, but I think the fact that he hasn’t really released anything in a while comes off as arrogance. He’s acting like the rap world is on their toes waiting for his music, but in actuality he hasn’t won over any new fans since the Warm Up. If he doesn’t release something real soon, I’m pretty sure he’ll get overlooked by Kanye, Cudi, T.I., etc. and lose his shot to expand his fan base and get the respect he deserves.

  • Absolutely awesome performance.

    Been a fan for time and always kills shows I’ve seen on the internet; dude is here to stay.

  • boogie

    That crowd was wack…J cole did his thing.

  • ben

    clap forem

  • Amp

    Man I am constantly impressed by J.Cole, he brings SO much HUNGER to the mic. I’m a huge fan and I don’t want to sound like a hater, but I hope he doesn’t make it to the top TOO fast. Cause I think his desire to make it gives his music that edge that makes it so enjoyable to listen to. you feel me.

  • Dope. Here are the lyrics I posted on my blog.

    “Dear Lord, what am I here for?/
    Is it the girls, or the money or is there more?/
    I know the world ’bout to come to an endin’/
    So, before it does, let me finish all my sinnin’/
    I see the devil grinning, as if he winning/
    This just the bottom of the 9th inning/
    I’m coming back like light-skinned and/
    What a sad sight, lookin’ at my gas light/
    Damn, man, I just threw ten in/
    Look, 5 dollars won’t get you what it used to/
    and, look, love don’t mean what it used to/
    And everybody and they momma on YouTube/
    Is it just me or is this unusual?/
    Don’t wanna lose you, just wanna reach y’all/
    So let me slow down to the beat y’all/
    Put the remote down, move ya feet y’all/
    One time for the boys holdin’ heat y’all/
    Keep that tucked ‘fore somebody get hurt/
    See me, I’d rather cut let ya body give birth/
    Now, if you was the last man walking on Earth/
    Turn this up, clap ya hands like this was church/
    Hey…and clap for him…”

  • mike


  • appreciate the post. very informative – look forward to more!

  • based

    cole is something else man watching this just gave me chills

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