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Big Boi – You Ain’t No DJ f. Yelawolf (prod. Andre 3000)

blame it on Meka June 29, 2010

Many heads were waiting on an Outkast reunion of sorts; this will have to do for now. Off Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, dropping July 6th. UPDATE: Was just asked to only stream the song. Sorry folks.

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  • David

    Shit homie. This albums is gonna be crazy.

  • David

    Shit homie. This albums is gonna be crazy.

  • chris_martian

    you kiddin me ????????

    rap album of the year no,rap album of the decade maybe,NO JOKES,hands down

  • Ray L.

    album leaked everywhere guys… I would’ve copped the album with cash but summer school is being such a bitch right lol.

  • the album is hot it leaked late last night

  • Where is that Big Boi mixtape that was droppin’ today????

  • come on son

    album leaked a while ago…meka *insert the username*

  • chris_martian

    the web needs new slogan


  • Dj Drama


  • I liked all the other leaks, this one not so much.

  • M.E.A.N.

    this shit is crazy

  • joshchrome

    I LOVE IT when i pre order something and all the leaks and singles are so damn hot. i just listen to a bit of them, then it builds up for the album. dayyym

  • Micah

    i knew andre was only goin to produce on the album, but the album is dope, good music as usual


  • Meka & Shake’s Homie

    Is it just me or is his flow off mostly through the song?

  • Meka & Shake’s Homie

    Beat is Hot as Fuck tho!

  • Dre
  • I guess Big Boi’s management never heard of Internet Download Manager.

  • RockyLockridge

    not gonna listen till i cop the album , how all my kast albums have been heard. in their entirety.

  • Meezy

    Sir Lucious much better than Thank Me Later. Recovery and Sir Lucious best albums of the year so far. I’m fucking w this shit…be in the car on repeat all summer.

  • recognizejohnnyblaze

    track is dope, album is (2)dope… AOTY? good chance.

  • Probaly Shouldn’t Know
  • Veezyy

    The album is FUCKING crazy! Heard it recently and it is just mind blowing. It shits on Recovery and TML. After hearing it its an instant buy. And I haven’t felt that an album was worthy of my money since OB4CL2. People, believe the hype!

  • dopeSir

    lol its RETARDEDLY obvious to say this album is better than thank me later. Big Boi is a legend, and he SHOWED THE FUCK UP.

    rappers don’t show up these days. nigas need to take lessons from sr. lucious, still makin classics.

  • tatties

    I can’t get jiggy with this shit.

  • i cant wait for this!

  • madvillain

    The beat on this is FUCKING CRAZY. I wish 3 Stacks would rap more often, though.

  • Clint Chudyk

    Andre fuckin murdered that beat holy shit!

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    This album is fucking amazing. This has been a good summer for music so far.

  • GhoSt

    I certainly wasn’t feeling yellow wolf, but big Boi Rapped amazingly well on this beat. Andre 3000 dollars needs to rap again, i would be tickled.

  • dc

    link to album download?

  • chris_martian

    this website name is because the 2 DOPE BOYZ IN A CADILLAC outkast song¿¿

  • chris_martian

    shake u still got piercings in your lip??

  • Idris

    Big Boi went in. Period.

  • the album CDQ 320br is leaked anyways so yall can go check it out

  • and i find it so funny haha how everybody grinds rick ross’s nuts so fucking hard for having so many features, but big boi has just as manyy and nobody seems to “notice” shows how full of shit haters really are

  • chicodusty
  • chris_martian

    rick ross is rick ross,BIG BOI is BIG BOI,gives security,he’s a real classic rapper,if he have much collabos,he know how

  • pillsbury dopeboy

    the difference is big boi has proven he can carry a song by himself..ross not so much

  • ryan

    That last part of the song was hilarious

  • bobbysworldjbk

    ahhh i wanna buy this..but…no moolah due to summer school =(

  • Onederin

    Gotta get this.

  • yadida

    lol you can’t come up with 7.99 for this album because of summer school? that’s a weak ass excuse, i’m sure you can scrape together some change you got laying around if you really wanted to..this album is more than worth it

  • Yeawolf sux. sorry. end of story. take that shit back to the sticks. fucking redneck rapper. come the fuck on people.

  • whodat?

    Curren$y_ft._Wiz_Khalifa_-_Scaling_The_Building.mp3 http://usershare.net/kyks8bwtzblz

  • hey Marcus

    hey Marcus…

    NEVER compare BIG BOI to RICK ROSS(?????) Guest features or not, Ross is a fake and a carbon copy. Only time Ross is worth listening to is when he raps on sampled beats.

  • Listen to the full album here http://fileblaze.net/soundblaze/sf/show/FkSj

  • Stub Farlow

    Whoa now…that’s the kind of shit I’ve been waiting for!!! Cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails!

  • Agree that there are a lot of features on this album, but Big Boi just dominates the songs. Look at another recent feature heavy cd, Thank Me Later, where the features either parallel or outshine Drake. Thats not the case on Sir Lucious Left Foot with the exception of maybe “Be Still,” which I feel may be a leftover track from Monae’s last cd session.

  • And whats with all the Shake hate above and recently? Regardless if hes white (he is), he still graces you guys a website that is up to date with the latest music. Im not saying everything here is exclusive or released here first, but it is a place that rounds up everything going on in the hip hop community. Be grateful for that.

  • ace

    yela could rode that flow ssooo much better..

  • ace

    i mean yela coulda rode that beat so much better..flow was off

  • RIKO

    EMINEM SOLD 800,000 first week..smashed Jay-Z Blueprint 3 first week

  • Nuri

    Yela Wolf hurts this song with his retarded flow.
    But the beat is nice.

  • “Yeah I’m pale but I’ll impale you with my Impala…”

    Yelawolf smashed this. Sorry…the flow was different, but dope… haha

  • Dia

    big boi has still got it, and yela sounds good

  • Hood vet nigga

    Yela that nigga!!!! JEEEEEEEEETSSSSSSSSS!

  • RockyLockridge

    big boi a beast!!

  • I don’t know what yall are thinking saying Yela sucks. Yela killed it.

  • yaboy5134

    crazy song, crazy beat

  • GR

    siiiick beat like no other. Big Boi made sure that Yelawolf didn’t show him up on his own album. He came fucking hard on that track!

  • Resident

    Great album considering the fact that some of this material is three years old.


    Teflon Don has guest verses on 7/11 of the tracks. Big Boi’s album has 3.5/15 (Too Short lived up to his name on “For Your Sorrows”) The majority of Big Boi’s “guests” are just doing the hooks. Big difference.

    Argument fail.

  • whodat?

    Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot : The Son Of Chico Dusty (Album) http://usershare.net/szdt5bykn1er

  • Tha Phantom

    take that off^^, smh, cornball