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Sha Money XL x XXL (Video)

blame it on Meka June 29, 2010

The newest Def Jam big wig speaks to XXL on Kanye, Sigel, Banks, 50 and Big K.R.I.T and how they all fit into his aspirations for success in his new Def Jam position.

  • mdot214

    WHOA he said Sigel got a record deal when he’s ready to record…. Sha Money is a good businessman smart moves by Def Jam

  • i commend sha for signin krit, but leave the rest of these old ass niggas where they at. yayo and banks is both washed up, and wont ever sell like they did before, beans ehhh he wouldnt be a bad decision musically, but he’s old too. sign some young niggas with talent.

  • come on son

    the mo`fuckin chain

  • AirRaid

    Signing Beanie Sigel…is not a smart business move.

  • its the new talent u can bank on as they have a strong online presence and are marketing themselves. no disrespect to beans but Lil B is worth more

  • Your standard rap fan is not on internet c-sections like these. Beans is still better known than Lil B. No one I know even knows who Lil B is but they know Beanie Sigel…for whatever that’s worth.

  • OGEazy

    Are there any good unsigned rappers out there? Too many young MCs trying the same formula for a new hit single, while the conscious rappers don’t have enough commercial appeal.

    I know they make a lot of dough, but it’s gotta really suck to sort through all the garbage tapes on Datpiff and the thousands of e-mails with the hope of finding the next big one.

  • dopeSir


  • these old heads ain’t supporting major label second string. Freeway doing great indie. some of the vets do better away frm the big machine

  • krits gonna do numbers, the rest of them old nikkas need to stay on the shelf..Beans,Redman,Banks etc…they done.

  • Dexter


  • @tut mane…
    Fuck off. No one knows who KRITS is either besides in these internet chatrooms.

  • youngmoney

    f the haters

    banks is def not washed up he can still write them hits listen to beamer benz or bentley thats one of 2010’s hardest songs

    i hope sha works something good out for banks on def jam

  • hay

    Audio: Skooda Chose – “Heir Chose” http://tumblr.com/xqxcfitul

    best new lyricist in the game period!