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50 Cent x Floyd Mayweather x MTV (Video)

blame it on Meka June 30, 2010

“50 Cent is one of my best friends,” Mayweather said. “He’s a great person, great guy. He’s very controversial. He’s surrounded by a lot of controversy like myself. In the rap game he’s taking on all comers. In the fight game, I’m taking on all comers.”

“All comers!” 50 added. “You know what people mistake about Floyd? When he says ‘money.’ When he makes reference to money, it’s not like he doesn’t have a passion for the actual art form of boxing or the skill, because he’s obviously the best fighter out there. And they still can’t find anybody out there who can beat him.” – Mixtape Daily

We’re brothers. We’re happy, and we’re singing, and we’re colored.

  • hahahahaha

    Ross beat 50

    Pacquiao can beat Mayweather.

  • BW

    … give me a high five

  • DC

    Give me a High Five! LoL

  • R

    ahahahahahaha!!! that might b the greatest reference of all time Meka. ”give me a high five”

  • MJD

    Apparently neither have ever heard of Manny Pacquiao

  • Ross got ethered, he just survived we’ll see when those first week sales come back lmao.

  • DopehouseGhost

    Floyd would body Pacquiao…

  • manny better fuck this nigga up

  • RockyLockridge

    … give me a high five< *dead*

  • manny will body floyd… he still making excuses… 50 is going to body ross… with the real ross… lol

  • tatties

    I still don’t understand these 2 guys friendship? They just seem to brown nose the shit (LOL) out of each other.

  • Jackson7510

    Haha Meka’s jealous of the paper these 2 are seeing.

    @ SargeWP – ur a clown. Last I checked he’s still making a ton a music and respected in the rap game. How else is he hoppin on a different remix every week or getting A-list features & producers? And there are a handful of hip hop artists who sell. Your post is an overall FAIL.

  • RL

    Mayweather’s scared. Pac just recently agreed to the testing, and now Floyd’s talking about retirement! My money’s on Congressman Pacquiao!

  • Aaron The Great

    “We’re brothers. We’re happy, and we’re singing, and we’re colored.” – Cmon Meka

  • Aaron The Great

    And if any of you think Mayweather is scared of Pacman, you’re a damn fool.. Mayweather is the best fighter the sport has seen for a while.


    floyd shouldve fought pac-man….but hes scared

  • @Jackson ok if it’s so well liked then why aren’t people BUYING his shit? wheres his singles on the billboard charts? Callabo’s don’t mean shit now a days everybody just dick rides anyone with a buzz. please the only a-list feature he got was Jay-z and that only because he signed that nigga when he was running def jam lmao.

    and the justice league are hardly a list lmao, kayne is but we’ll see.

  • say what you want about 50’s singles but EVERY ONE of them besides “Do you think about me” was on those charts even “i get it in” was in the top 50 or 60 without a video or promo.

  • Idris

    Man, Kanye probably wont do shit for Rick Ross. He is too busy playing Dora the Explorer on volcanoe tops. I’m sorry, but Rick Ross career outlook needs a change of lanes. Messing with Diddy and shit will not make his brand anymore than a wanna-be Biggie. And we seen what happened to Shyne & Guerilla Black.

  • Idris

    Even though, in my opinion, Ross can spit better than both, he is getting himself into a trap the audience doesn’t want to hear. Stop hanging out with a bunch of people and just do your own thing. Doesn’t he have a team to support? Whats with jumping ship and joining B-List squad (Dream Team) instead of trying to put out more works from his own camp like he was.

    But in a way, he is making moves. Just don’t think these are the moves a guy who just got knocked out the box by 50 should be making. Does Hip-Hop really not care that a P.O/Correctionial Officer is talking on crack like he did it?

  • ShootTHEJAY

    Manny over floyd anyday

  • Impulse

    @ idris “Does Hip-Hop really not care that a P.O/Correctionial Officer is talking on crack like he did it?” thats because nobody cares about supporting the real anymore…

  • No, they dnt care about “real” anymore. Cuz ANYBODY could SNITCH (YES I’m talkin about that fake ass mofo TI) and still be on top like ain’t SHIT happened, smh. This game is getting pitiful as the years pan out. They have a great new generation, but we are already seeing bitchassness in Drake (via Lil Kim). So yea, smh. All I have to say 50 is one of the realest dudes we have left, and ppl make it seem as if “Before I Self Destruct” was NOT one of the best albums of last year, when IT WAS. OR like any one of his albums wasn’t good. “Curtis”, may not have been what ppl wanted it to be (like me of course) but it was still a good CD in ’07. He’s consistent ESPECIALLY when he drop his mixtapes to stay in the loop, may I shed the attention on “War Angel LP”? Or “Return of The Body Snatchers Vol. 1”

  • Hackman

    ^HAHAHA – BISD was straight trash. “Baby By Me” is real? HAHAHAHAHA

  • k.p.

    ^^lol…So 50’s real because he runs his mouth for attention? You or 50 lame ass can’t find any documentation anywhere of T.I. snitching. You really think a judge is going to corroborate some rapper’s story for a little dough?

    50 was basically saying that even though all he really brags about is album sales and money, he’s still one of the best rappers and still appreciates the art. Fuck outta here. If he didn’t come out with that Eminem cosign, you can bet his album sales wouldn’t be much better than most other rappers. And lyrically, he’s overrated. He can make CATCHY shit. But overall quality material? Not consistently. So he really needs to calm down still thinking he’s one of the dopest and/or nicest out.

  • i got an excusess

    Pacquiao loses to all healthy pure boxers. He lost to Marquez twice. Morales schooled him for 12 rounds. Mayweather will dominate and make Paceoid look like a straight over rated bum.

  • J-Lo

    Taking on all comers?
    Paul Williams, Alfredo Angulo, Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Paul Williams, Cory Spinks, Joshua Clotty, Kosta Tszyu, Paul Spadafora…? may beg to differs.

    Floyd you go on livin’ life and bein’ happy because you ain’t got sh*t to offer fight fans. If yous thinks you tha best then fight then best, or has all that butt-luv from 50 made you a p*ssy?

  • Justine

    Floyd lay off the steroids, Fif can to do them he’s an actor now. Retire go back to your loading phase, and comeback a weight class higher…
    Anyone wit an IQ 60 knows who is really using steroids and they’re f**kin’ hypocrites.

  • Aaron The Great

    @J-LO Josh Clottey, Miguel Cotto, Kosta Tszyu are you serious???? These guys will get ERASED!!!

  • floyd scared of pac cuz he dont wanna take the chance of be defeated… hopefully they talk him into it cuz it would be a great fight…