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Bishop Lamont – Flashy (OG Version)

blame it on Shake June 30, 2010

Originally leaked as a potential Detox record w/ Dr. Dre and Snoop vocals. Now, unleashed in it’s original form with verses from Bishop (recorded in ’07).

DOWNLOAD: Bishop Lamont – Flashy | Mediafire
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  • Gordon B.

    Shit goes hard, if he never comes out with a album I’m gonna flip.

  • chris_marticus



    check this flow and instrumental . i need an album soon,this summer or something

  • about 4 days late shake, nice

  • wow on top of being super late, u posted a version that has bishop talking in the beginning and end …i got da one without that bullshit…smh!

  • sterling

    wtf happened to bishop.. i feel like i never hear about him an i thought he was going to be the next big thing. got all his mixtapes. dude can spit. shame that he tryin to act or whatever more then push his shit, look at wiz and curren$y going independent and doing shows/tapes isnt always a bad look muh dude.. fuck a major.

  • westwestya’ll

    Bishop is still going to big big. His talent is unmatched. Whether its 2005 or 2011, his shit is gonna be dope regardless. Keep doin it bishop

  • ouchhhh

    he won’t blow up, he’s already 31 years old. when is the last time a 31 year old rapper blew up suddenly?

  • hey fulltimeboss, where are you from??? i want to beat your bitch ass.

  • Never heard the original with Dre and Snoop….where can i hear that?

  • dubsmith

    Bishop is that dude

  • Game

    Never heard the original with Dre and Snoop….where can i hear that?


  • lol

    this beat is my head so much now flashhhhy

  • HeathenHavoc

    this IS the original… Dre and snoop would of been on the DETOX version… (I think) from what I understand…

  • mikesoundsnice

    Bangin. Bishop is the biz… This dude’s beat selection is always on point, too.