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Kanye West – Power (Artwork)

blame it on Shake June 30, 2010

Kanye’s new single is officially on iTunes now. Like numerous times before, I’ve purchased (and advise you to as well).

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Power [iTunes] | Mediafire
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  • town


  • lololol


    shoutsout to D Wo who got it 1st

  • mike902

    i think this may be a nudge to the style of king crimson’s album art (who ye of course sampled on power.)

  • sick. Ye is one of the greatest artists of our time.

  • looks like Bushido Brown’s autopsy photo

  • knando

    once you go black, you go deaf….

  • Hahaha at the Bushido Brown reference.

  • pistolvania

    looks cool. can someone explain the meaning of it???

  • fuck what you heard

  • like my sword against your eardrum

  • sik

    nice…the song meaning fits the artwork

  • Rio$


  • yunggziff

    Perfect, No one man should have all that power.

  • KiD_PRiNCe


    Jesus or God is a King, now look at the picture again and there’s your meaning…

  • diggin it

  • Over2

    its aite, kinda wierd tho, but dope track, i hate the new mastered version, i hope he changed it again…

  • chris_marticus

    sword = marihuana
    kanye head = kanye head

  • Whizzdog

    All over this shit man.


  • trinity1

    *new tweet from @tazarnold*
    “I don’t think Cons got the memo but, my album “The revolution of fashion and weird shit” drops Sept 14th too, lets go!!! #GoodMusicday!

  • Justin

    I have a feeling the music video’s gonna have this art concept. Like some kind of cartoon, I know it’s not gonna have real people in it that’s for sure.

  • And Won

    this shit is ill as hell

  • e2e2e

    power track easily his best work to date


    Say you will track easily his best work to date**

  • DallasTx_Groveside


    lmaoo clam down
    “Can’t tell me nothin” >> Power

  • Rank


    Come to think of it, that could be true… but I really hope not. I mean come on that’s Kanye’s freakin head! He’s saying he shouldn’t have all that Power

  • Kanye should’ve went with the BET Awards Volcano vibe and portrayed himself as Moses with the 10 Commandments on a mountain in my opinion.

    Here’s how I feel about the song though: http://lolitzdo.com/2010/05/31/power-kanye/

    Artistically speaking it’s dope- take it back to Africa!!

  • e2e2e

    lol at the people tryin to figure out the reference in the pic, its about SWORD that no one could pull out expect that lil kid in the end , excalibur or somethin

  • SLIM64

    the sword’s handle is a power button
    am I the only one who caught that?

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Instead of havin whoeva the fuck that is head there, they should had put obama head str8 up.

  • SLIM64

    I like the visuals for sure tho..
    as an artist myself,
    I’m pretty excited to see the Album art..

  • TJ

    the mastered version is here http://thisjustins.blogspot.com/

  • Cuervo

    Kanye got slayed, because no one man should have all that power.
    Also, as SLIM64, I also get excited with the artwork.

  • omg are you ppl serious the artwork is the song “No one man should have all that power” its a pic of a dead king because “no one man should have all that power” duuuuuuh

  • Fuck the mall

    Holy shit, LMFAO @ the family guy reference…
    “Once you go black you go deaf” haha ear sex

  • M.E.A.N.

    Taylor Swift *everyone leaves the gallery*

  • refill

    that is obviously yeezy.

  • Wonder if this has anything to do with the “And this’ll be a beautiful death, I’m jumping out the window” part.

    And does anyone notice that at the end of the 2nd verse of “Power”, when Kanye says “So exciting”, that the echoes say “Sucicide”? I mean, maybe that was a coincidence, but knowing how clever Kanye is, I highly doubt it.

    Any thoughts on that?

  • kofi

    A king obviously unceremoniously dethroned, presumably he became a victim of his own “Power” which is pretty much the them of the song……a not so beautiful death. It’s definitely up to ever person to fin there own interpretation but that what I got from the painting.

  • Allure

    It dropped already on iTunes btw

  • it means once u kill the king u have the power

  • Dia

    glad hes back

  • ghost.

    Yooo go buy that shit.the quality on the track is fkn rediculous.

  • Clint Chudyk

    kofi is the only one with an ounce of fuckin sense in the C section right now, everyone else’s retarded ass speculations made me dumber having read them. Can’t believe how stupid people can be, holy shit.

  • Benjamin annor-larbi

    there is So much symbolism

  • AirRaid

    @Clint Chudyk


  • bbc.


  • added the itunes version in case any of y’all are too cheap to support.

  • tkends

    Dope as fuck!

  • swaggerdup

    kanye is to music, what jersey shore is to tv. fun to listen to but nothin to be taken seriously

  • David

    Damn I’m broke as shit right now.. All I can say is thanks though. I’m eating raman right now..

  • Rank

    Thanks Shake!!

  • Renny

    A sword though Gods head…. really?? Fuck Kanye!!

  • @RENNY
    are you kidding me does that look like god to you??????

  • For anybody saying that is “God”, you’re tripping. That’s clearly Kanye himself.

  • Renny

    So Kanye is saying he’s God then?

  • How I Got Over > *

    That should be your head

  • Very fucking cool
    Reminds me of the Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Rednose reindeer… or The Nutcracker- which I feel is prolly more accurate ha

  • zookeeper


  • pppppppppppp

    plz b no auto tune on the album..his last album was trash

  • check out my music
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  • Sal Donovan

    Kanye West is bitch made. Period. Raised by a woman he has complete female tendencies. Drama queen defined. The track Power is Exhibit A. Stick to producing and stfu for real.

  • Renny

    Omg… Wake Up People!! These Are All Tricks from the you know what, If Kanye really down wit Jay in that shit I wouldn’t be surprised seeing this image… Plus it’s pretty obvious, it’s in the Clouds!!

  • 214Reppin

    This video will be EPIC

  • this website should be shut down….buying the iTunes version and posting it for everybody to download without buying….im reporting this site…bad choice

  • prk

    The track is a summer banger like none before it.

  • RIKO

    I aint gonna buy his shit..i done bought his first 3 albums.he got enough money he aint need no support…i support the artist who need support Rakaa Pack Fm Fashawn etc….

  • UUMMMMMM! I will not be buyin this.I aint feelin this shit one bit nor was i feelin that beat from the recent video.Everybody was diggin that shit!!! queen drumbreak and a wack sample.

  • New Kanye West Ft. Blaze The Sky


  • Paiva

    this song is really good. im not gonna buy the single. I’m just gonna download it for now and then buy the album when it drops.

  • Merckushio

    why would anyone buy it when we already got it for free?cuz the drums are more clear? Cuz the 808s are more clean? FOH. Kanye is a ho.

  • Busy

    I sense alot of estrogen, hostility and dumbassness going on in the c-section… jeez, the people who think the picture is portraying jesus need to be assasinated John F. Kennedy style and those who decide to leave retarded/hater like comments need to somehow mistake a 12 gauge for bong and kill urself… The artwork is dope and shows alot of symbolism and IS NOT very hard to comprehend. “No one man should have all that power…” sums it up quite well.

  • Renny

    I sense alot of estrogen, hostility and dumbassness going on in the c-section… jeez, the people who think the picture is portraying jesus need to be assasinated John F. Kennedy style and those who decide to leave retarded/hater like comments need to somehow mistake a 12 gauge for bong and kill urself… The artwork is dope and shows alot of symbolism and IS NOT very hard to comprehend. “No one man should have all that power…” sums it up quite well.

    Busy said this on July 1st, 2010 at 3:38 am

    Smh… Man, that’s what they want you all to think. All of you must wake up!!

  • kal

    Lol @ kanyewest fan

  • ruthless

    lol you guys are idiots FUCKING SHEEPLE you totally missed it!! When Kayne is talking about no one man should have all that power he’s not talking about himself! lol this is a homage to THE LIGHTBRINGER himself lol
    you guys really have your EYES WIDE SHUT lol
    As if his BET performance didn’t spell it all out for you but you’re too stupid to see it LOL

  • e2e2e

    im jus going to say the opposite of what everyone is thinking to troll the trolls …<

  • RockyLockridge

    Funniest comments ever.

  • eeee


    The tagline in the song is “no one man should have all the power”

    think about it.

    the sword is Excalibur.

    you know.. the sword that only one person on the face of the planet is able to use.


  • tatties

    Shake… why bother putting up the mediafire link etc if you want to folk to buy it?

  • Cappa

    can u internet niggas stop babbling and just explain your theory on Kanye and this artwork?




  • For those still wondering or confused … “ultimate power leads to demise.” That sums it all up, its not THAT complex.


  • Charlie

    This shit is straight fire, and the artwork is the best we’ve seen in a while.

  • Pssssst

    i just dont care. its crazy how some of you actually do ahahahhhahahahahahahaahahahhhhahahaahaaaaahahahaha wheres max b?

  • whodat?

    Curren$y_ft._Wiz_Khalifa_-_Scaling_The_Building.mp3 http://usershare.net/kyks8bwtzblz

  • Mtrx

    firrreeee, wether you like him or not you can’t deny that he makes great/cutting edge music. SUPPORT! Sept 14th!!

  • shitoh

    uhhh, im i the only one who thinks this track is wack?

  • thetruth

    ^^^ no i cant stand this track, give me college dropout anyday

  • Renny

    “the picture is a illumniated sign of their belief that God should be not God and how he is dead to them cus the background is like the heavens at the top is says power, God is king and the man had a kings crown and a sword through his face , meaning they want him dead or he is dead to them because they have chosen satan, they want people to be … See Moreblind thats why they are subliminal messages, they are putting things in our brains thats why their songs are soo catchy you cant help but sing them, dnt be blind now the time is now because as the days go on its only going to get worse” – The words of S. Coleman

  • The artwork means the king has to much power so his ass got kilt

  • BMF

    no idiots….its jus cuz hes MARTIN LOUIE DA KING

  • I can’t wait for this album!!!


    If you really listen he say”looking down at my jesus piece thinking no one one man should have all that power.theIR trying to kill the image of jesus it may be the one they call the black jesus of the 5 percenters.(NOT THE PEGEANISM JESUS WHICH IS ALL HOROSCOPES MEANING….JESUS AND 12 DICIPLES=THE SUN AND 12 MONTHS) notice the sword is a cross.notice that kanye wore the crown of thorns on a rolling stone cover,Its a metaphor an on going double meaning,but if your dumb enough like the average justin bieber or gucci mane fan then you would comment on if you like it or not not realizing that this puppet,the all black era,all black hennesy,all black remy,BLACK cognac,jay-z,all black everything,….ALL BLACK GULF OF MEXICO DUE TO OIL ,ALL BLACK PACIFIC DUE TO CHINA OILSPILL, IS AN INDICATION THAT THE END IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.AND GOD SAID THEY WOULD TURN ON HIM IN THE END.