• Pssssst

    joe buddens pussy bodyguard still making music? wheres max b?

  • iHateLames

    Nice. Can't wait until his "The New Museum" album dropping later this year.

  • TJ

    dope shit from mickey as always

  • dank nugz


  • cru jones

    damn - he's fuckin killin !

  • KiD_PRiNCe

    He killed this karaoke instrumental of Power lol Where's the REAL one??

  • Tone Ikasu

    " Ask alejandro I got ladies goin gaga for me" Dope.
    Mickey new tape gonna be on constant rotation. I can already tell.

  • ZL

    I'm actually surprised that more ppl haven't jumped on this beat. When it came out I thought everyone was gonna be all over it

  • http://www.imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    i fuck with mickey but ill be damned if he doesnt sound like a complete faggot herb on his intros when he says "yeah..its mickey!"

  • Dia

    this rapper named rob roy did his version earlier, both are tite